Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brain Kramp

It really has become the most amazing spectacle, that speaks to the true nature of this government. Despite a call for decorum from the Speaker, the Conservatives have been busily searching for low brow loopholes to continue their character assassinations. While the other parties applauded Milliken's new code of conduct, the Conservatives griped. So bent on their nonsensical attacks, that are utterly meaningless in the grand scheme, the Conservatives actually invested energy looking for ways around Milliken's new habit of cutting off personal attacks. I wonder if Pierre's constituents think wasting time on ways around high signal debate amounts to "getting the job done"?

Today, we witnessed another installment of the Conservative smear machine, so clever the way they snub their noses at Milliken. Well, it would appear the Speaker is just as committed to having his wishes enforced:
Tory MP warned of suspension over Ignatieff attacks

OTTAWA -- Commons Speaker Peter Milliken has threatened to suspend a Conservative MP if he continues making personal attacks against Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

Daryl Kramp received the warning after accusing Ignatieff of hypocrisy on a number of issues.

Milliken told MPs several weeks ago that he would no longer tolerate them using members' statements, which precede question period each day, to engage in personal attacks.

He began cutting off MPs who ignored his ruling.

To avoid being silenced, Kramp and other Tory MPs have taken to issuing scathing assessments of an unidentified politician, whom they identify as Ignatieff only at the very end of their statements -- when it's too late for Milliken to cut them off.

Milliken's warning suggests he's willing to take more drastic measures to put a stop to the personal attacks.

I know the official Liberal position has been to ignore the schoolyard tactics, and I understand the logic. That said, there is also some merit to highlighting this silly dance between the Conservatives and the Speaker, in the name of gutter politics. There's a reason we haven't seen more high profile attacks directed at Ignatieff, so it might be to our benefit, demonstrating to Canadians just what this government thinks important during an economic meltdown. This has become farcical, and the Liberals might be wise to turn these attacks right back in the Conservatives face, as an example of misguided priorities and mean spirited partisan crap.


Adam M said...

I totally agree.

Let them keep talking and then show the public what they've been doing all this time in the House.

RuralSandi said...

So, trying to save the mega money in the Con coffers by using taxpayer paid time to attack.

Do they know how pitiful they look?

If you watch, the other MP's smirk, giggle and nod, nod in the background like a bunch of grammar school class clown. Adult supervision is needed.

Steve V said...

The thing is nobody really knows this is occuring, it's pretty much obscure. I guess the Liberals think it's best to just leave it alone, not draw attention to something nobody sees. I would argue, given the public mood for partisan crap, not to mention a general sense that parliamentary debate is unsightly, a major turnoff to most, that maybe it's time the Liberals start highlighting. In that way you make the distinction, you draw a disconnect between real concerns and wasting energy on schoolyard attacks. Maybe gritgirl could do a video, with these clowns uttering the nonsense, being reprimanded by the speaker, while jobless figures and other horrible indicators scroll across the screen.

sjw said...

And here is the perfect score to highlight the clownish antics.

RuralSandi said...

I didn't notice - was Kramp in the House today?

Anonymous said...

The more they do this during members' statements, the more they show themselves to be unable to be duly elected servants of the public.

They want to dig their own graves, so we let them and if the people vote them back in, then that damns the electors too!

RuralSandi said...

Just thought I'd check - from Kramp's own website:

March 6, 2009

Kramp announces $900,000 investment to promote economic development in North and Central Hastings

Bancroft -On behalf of the Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry and Minister responsible for FedNor, Prince Edward-Hastings M.P., Daryl Kramp today announced Government of Canada funding to the Community Futures Development Corporation of North and Central Hastings and South Algonquin, totaling $900,000 and funded through the Community Futures Program.

....buying vote time.