Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Have You Seen My Forebrain?

It's all part of the vast left wing media conspiracy, don't you know? If there is anything, that's more intellectually BORING, than this auto-pilot reaction to EVERYTHING that dares challenge Conservatives, let me know. Today, unaware of irony it seems, the NP attacks the Goodyear story, referring to it as a "witch hunt" by the Globe and Mail.

Yesterday, I listened to a radio talk show, discussing Goodyear's predicament. What was amazing, the common theme of Conservative supporters calling in, discounting the substance and instead, with singular zeal, going after that "left wing" rag, known as the Globe and Mail. Clearly, and this view is furthered by the unabashed conservative publication, this whole story is really about a media, bent on destroying the Harper government. I actually turned off the radio at some point, amazed at the sheer stupidity on display.

If you want to see the true ideological bent of a particular publication, or more correctly, a sense of "fair" analysis, there is nothing more indicative than a election ENDORSEMENT. Beyond comical, to the point of concerning, that people actually think the G and M is an organ of the Liberal Party. A paper, who's television cousin went out of it's way to undermine Dion, a paper that CHOSE Stephen Harper in the last election. There are always differing "opinions", and then they are bottomline considerations, that cut through the fog of debate- endorsing Harper obliterates any feeble counter, as to bias, in fact, probably more powerful that the OPPOSITE is true. How anyone can actually argue the Goodyear story is another example of the left wing plot, given the clarity of objective FACT, is just stunning. More than a testament to "bias", listening to this counter nonsense, really tells us that common sense isn't that common after all.


Dr.Dawg said...

Your first link is to your own post.

Steve V said...


RuralSandi said...

Okay now -

Toronto Star - left
Globe and Mail - centrist
ALL others conservative, where's the Liberal media bias?????!!!

What a bunch of idiots, really they are. They are so gullible. Harper says there's a liberal media bias and the sheep believe him - don't bother to check things out.

Steve V said...


It's a crutch, and the worst part, it's imported from the States.

Anonymous said...

Well, when the exposure is so stunningly idiotic and it is vital to change the subject, ANY target will do.

I expect some full frontal assault on something totally unrelated in the coming days, with streamers and press releases.

When your science and technology minister refused to answer a question on basic scientific practice and theory "on religious grounds" then goes on later in the day to clarify in a convoluted fashion that makes it sounds like he believes in something distantly like evolution because he's developed a callous (read the clarification carefully and see if you come up with a better explanation), then you have a problem.

Big guns anywhere and everywhere. Take out a hospital in Nova Scotia by accident if it will change the channel.

Must not let the public see what total dufuses we all are!

That's the basic mindset.

And it's disgusting.

(rant over ;)

Gayle said...

Oh Steve - you miss the point. The conspiracy is much deeper than you realize.

You see, the Globe and Mail only endorsed the CPC because they wanted Dion to lose badly. That way he would have to step down and the great exulted Ignatieff could step forward. In this way the Globe could ensure the country is governed by the liberals for many years to come.

I am surprised you did not see that. :)

Saskboy said...

It's not about common sense, it's about saying the opposite of the truth until the opposite becomes "fact".

Steve V said...


I feel so silly, they do think 3 moves ahead don't they? My bad.

Good rant.

I've had the misfortune of listening to Charles Adler a few times recently, quite fascinating in one sense. Let's say three or four times, and EVERYTIME I've put it on, there's something about bashing the CBC. Maybe just coincidence, but this seems like a massive pre-occupation, then all the little minions from "Adler nation" (ego much?) call in and talk of left wing media conspiracy, on and on. It's like some weird validation society, where all these oddball paranoids gather to reinforce their own delusions. It really is bizarro world, but I've stopped listening, because it's just too much in large quantity.

Saskboy said...

"It's like some weird validation society,"

That's how many blogs can get too, using language unique to their clique. A certain one named after roadkill comes to mind, and they kick Muslims and the CBC, sometimes both on the same day. I've given up on Adler and Gormley the last couple years, as it's not convenient to listen to them any more, nor very fun when they cater simply to the stupid in our country.

RuralSandi said...

Well, you kow what they say - those who don't trust anyone can't be trusted themselves.

What paranoids.