Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Canada Not Impressed With China Adopting Canada's Approach to Climate Change

Mind boggling, the Conservatives have the nerve to criticize China for offering an "intensity based" approach as a way to reduce GHG's:
Environment Minister Jim Prentice is playing down the climate-change pledges made Tuesday by Chinese President Hu Jintao at the United Nations, saying Beijing has yet to commit to clear targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The contradictions are everywhere. Canada doesn't have any plan at the moment, apart from it's intensity based mumbo jumbo, soundly rejected by every single environmental expert. We now wait for Obama to tell us what to do, as a default position to justify INACTION. We have consistently resisted doing exactly what we now ask of China, using China as an excuse to do nothing. Prentice is now biting his own tail, stuck in some ridiculous hypocrisy REVERB.

Canada is essentially asking others to do what we're not prepared to do, and only when they do what we won't do, will we consider doing something. Bzzzz, bzzzz. Countries that propose the exact same arguments that Canada has presented with it's past "leading the world" plan are now offering nothing, even though by arguing that you are NOW saying to the world that we were NEVER offering anything, validating the MOUNDS of criticism directed at you over the years.

Is this shit for real? I mean, seriously, how can this clown go to a mic and not get drowned out by hysterical laughter?


marie said...

The only Canada not impressed is Harper and his Parrot braindead MP's and most of his supporters. If Harper gets away with this one, may god help us all.

They haven't learnt yet that it is not nice to fool around with mother nature. For all those deniers, if your hanging on to a limb because of rising sea waters, hang on because your on your own

Kim Leaman said...

"Mind boggling" is a Constant theme with the Harper Government's approach to far too Many issues. This is but one of them.

Their seemingly Intentional denial and neglect of the Facts of Climate Change, make this Government's Record on the Environment among the most Boggling aspects of this Prime Minister's Tenure.

There are Very High-Level meetings this Afternoon as the United Nations General Assembly, discusses plans to get moving on Climate Change, and to do it Soon. There will be many World leaders there, and Eight of them will speak out about their resolve to move Quickly on this Plan.

Harper will not be One of these speakers.

Harper will not even be there in the Audience.

Harper will, however, be back for Dinner, and a Photo Opportunity, so as to be seen schmoozing with the very speakers he did Not deem important enough to warrant His time this afternoon.

Boggled yet?

In my Opinion, Harper is an Embarrassment and a Vacuous Plodder, but is Still supported through thick and thin by those with similar agenda's.

It begs the Question: What would Harper have to do to lose his grip on his Followers?

Through daily Embarrassments, and Countless instances of Incompetence, the Harper Right remains Stoically committed to helping him change this country in ways that will make it largely Unrecognizable by most of us.

This of course is one of Harper's stated goals, and as Mind Boggling as it may be, his Flock is willing to aid without question in the reaching of this goal.

Such Faith-Based following of a political movement, is a very dangerous situation, and Strangely these same followers will point to other Faith-Based Regimes around the world and Decry their Evil.

All I can say is that 'Mind Boggling" is the best description I can find for this phenomena.

thanx Steve, for shedding light on this Paradox which is boggling Canada's Future in the world.

ottlib said...

"What would Harper have to do to lose his grip on his Followers?"

Lose power.

Malcolm+ said...

So tell us about the Liberal plan to address climate change.

As I recall, it involved two steps:

1. Sign Kyoto.

2. Do Nothing.

Even if Stephen Harper weren't an antedeluvian doufus, there is no way he could have met the Kyoto targets because of years of inaction by Dr. Donothing Dion.

marie said...

Malcome, Dion would have done plenty had he won the 2007 election. Everybody laughed at him but IMO, he has more class and smarts than the PM and his clueless goons. He also had the respect of many countries which Harper has not. How anyone can believe this man after all the boners hes done is beyond me.

Climate Change is very real and only a denier would say differently

Mark Richard Francis said...

"So tell us about the Liberal plan to address climate change..."

Ah, the 'but the Liberals...' defense rears it's head.

I agree. The Liberals did a bad job, but at least they weren't GW denialists pretending they gave a damn. The Liberals actually had several modest initiatives going on.

Harper canceled them, and replaced them with crap.

Still, I suppose if the Conservatives ever get caught with its hands in the government coffer cookie jar the retort will be '..but the Liberals: ADSCAM!!!'

Of course, there is the current issue of $36 million of our money being spent on partisan ads for Harper. They're spending our money telling us how great the 'Harper Government' is for spending our money. *sigh*

Government should be held to a high standard, not the standard of maybe-being-better-than-the-other-guy-was.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to stray off topic, but are there really no polls at all this week?

I know the confidence vote held for Harper and company last week, but I still think if the cons favorite pollster had something juicy, they would have trumpeted it by now.

Is anyone reporting tracking polls this week?

Tomm said...


It took incredible courage to stand up to the Chicken Little's, Goredian's, and Grade 6 Science teachers in 2006. Yet it turned out Harper was right.

The intransigience of China, India, and the US, doomed Kyoto to being nothing but a billion dollar money transfer to collapsed Warsaw Pact economies, a Western European showcase, and a lottery win for carbon trading middlemen.

I can't believe you still think Harper was wrong not to pay the Czech Republic $600 Million as our penalty for missing the targets.

There should be a check off box on our tax return's so you and David Suzuki can pay a little extra to help those poor countries get back on their polluting feet.

Today, China is an environmental disaster. To pretend Canada and China are on the same page, in the same chapter, or even in the same book is laughable.

Tomm said...


You don't want to see new polls. You really don't.

Just keep repeating that Ignatieff is having another good week because he is no longer propping up Harper, and take ten deep breaths. You'll make it through the winter this way.

Steve V said...


I didn't vote Liberal exactly for that reason. I voted Green and for you clowns ;)

Steve V said...


Harper wasn't right, he hid behind Bush to justify his lack of resolve on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Vacuous Plodder:}

Thank you. Well stated. How do you pull the strings?

CanadianSense said...

Steve V.

Green Shift plan were removed from the Liberal Website.

I don't see any alternative.

To be fair many countries signed Kyoto and did nothing. Rick Mercer did benefit from those CBC commercials.

China/US account for 20-40% of CHG?

Canada 2%?

How does it benefi Canada if we transfer billions to the new "crisis" in transferring our wealth to buy points?

Do our lakes, streams become cleaner? Does more recycling happen if we buy carbon offset credits in a third world country?

Why not clean up our own backyard and provide safe clean drinking water.

How much will it cost our infrastructure in Cities/Reservation?

Internal documents released last year by Environment Canada said that pollution from waste-water systems in communities across the country were putting human and environmental health at risk. The federal department estimated the municipalities would need at least $10 billion to $20 billion in investments over the next two decades to clean up the facilities with a long-term funding plan to reduce pollution.


Jon Pertwee said...

"Green Shift plan were removed from the Liberal Website.

I don't see any alternative."

Umm, the Liberal website is paid with Liberal dollars and the Stimulus website was paid with taxpayer dollars.

Big difference.

Steve V said...

Sorry to be blunt, but you really are an idiot. Shooo.

CanadianSense said...

John P.

Do Liberals print their own currency?

According to elections Canada only citizens can donate to political parties.

Taxpayers get refunds when they make donations.

Political Pay Subsidy as well are from taxpayers.

Can you link the alternative Environmenal Policy on the Liberal website?

marie said...

I found this web site by Girl Grit that might interest some of you It's called the Liberal Video depot. Just goggle to find the site. She has the latest video on the Vote with harpers buddies, in Harpers words if it were the liberals, his coalition buddies
I don't know if anyone knew she hada blog but here it is

JimmE said...

Attention all Deniers and other Present PM Apologists!!

Your Dear Leader has a new & improved publicly funded partisan commercial!!


CanadianSense said...

Would those apologists include the Liberal party who voted 79 times in support of their policy?

BTW I was against the GM bailout, but the Liberals are more upset about unsexy comments, bodybags.

JimmE said...


I love your funny, funny comments!

BTW, perhaps with this treatment you can see the sky the same colour as the rest of the humanity.


CanadianSense said...

Jimm E

thanks, it is a shame some people get really upset over very little.

Harper is not scary and Iggy is not incompetent.

If we have an election the "faux" outrage can return about each party destroying the country.

An old song for each leader:

Anything you can do, I can do better.


Kim Leaman said...

To Canadian Sense, who Asked:

"Would those apologists include the Liberal party who voted 79 times in support of their policy?"
That is why Ignatieff has to point out Harper's record. In this case he Holds the Record for Most NonConfidence votes by a PM. It was Harper who decided that Parliament was to be a perpetual House of Cards. (HOC)lol

Do you actually think there is nothing 'unusual' about the Huge Number of Votes of Non-Confidence under Harper's 'Leadership'?

This behavior by the PM practically defines the word 'Dysunctional'.

CanadianSense said...

How is the HOC dysfunctional?

Nothing has been passed in four years?

Each party takes turns passing the baton in support of the government for many reasons.

In Sudbury Sept 1, 2009 Michael called it a principle.

Not the new members or the $ 6 million raised.

Were those 79 votes unprincipled?

Is EAP now wrong? Those projects no longer worthy?

GM bailout unethical?

What Bill or policy is now without principle?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tomm. I appreciate your concern, but I think I can handle data without having a break-down. It's called having a life. I'm just curious. I think something called an "election campaign" would be the biggest factor anyhow.

But, to satisfy my curiosity, does anyone have any insight on tracking polls this week? Apparently no one is publishing anything, that I can tell.

Kim Leaman said...

To Canadian Sense, who Asked:

"How is the HOC dysfunctional?"

Why do I get the feeling that you are somehow resistant to this obvious Fact!

We both know it to be dysfunctional, and we both know why. It's no surprize!

Stephen Harper has a dysfunctional relationship with; the Opposition, the Media, the Court System, his caucus, his Ego and his id.

He is just not up to the job.

His vision of Canada is not good enough, and the more time we take to examine his Record on; the Environment, Women's rights, the Economy, and the Rights of Canadians abroad, among a host of other issues, the better understanding we will have of this Vision. Add his Government's Contempt for the Court's Mandate to steer the Government of Canada in the direction of the Rule of Law, and the more we see his Record is lacking and his vision is flawed.

Is the House of Commons Dysfunctional? Ask Harper, you seem to believe whatever he says, no matter how absurd it is.

And now to lighten the mood a little, I leave ya this thought.

by Cheech and Chong 1972,( excerpt fr. "Basketball Jones")

" My Record? ... Whatcha wanna bring Dat up For???...... "

CanadianSense said...


Every political party leader is complaining. (Sux for them)

Harper wants his opposition to roll over more!

Opposition want more hugs and cooperation.

The voting public already returned Harper with a larger number of seats in October 2008 and delivering the Liberals with the lowest pop in over 100 years.

So we have a whiny PM, opposition leader who both are NOT happy!

Who care these leaders have hissy fits and want more power or a change of address.

The Polls show we are not interested at this time. They also show Harper scores well above Iggy.

So again who cares if Harper and Prince Caspian don't agree or like each other?

Are they passing bills? Yes

If the opposition can't tolerate the Government they can vote against them on the way and means motion, or introduce a non confidence motion next week.

That is how it works. Pearson never won a majority. A small number of francophone voters in Quebec did not feel warm to his leadership.

If Pearson could not win a majority why would Harper be able to secure those francophone voters?

Harper has ony won 57% of the seats outside Quebec. Quebec is interested in sending a regional party insead of a federalist party.

So relax and Harper will be stuck being a dictator without a majority.

Steve V said...

Windbag, nothing more.

Malcolm+ said...

Mar. Marie, Marie.

The Tories have done nothing, and admitted it.

The Liberals did nothiing and lied about it.

The Tories may have (relative) honesty in their favour, but neither party has ANY credibility on this file.

After all, it was Count Ignatieff himself who, in a rare moment of Liberal honesty, said, "We didn't get it done."

CanadianSense said...

Steve V,

I have been responding to questions asked.

Can you find the Environtal Policy that David McGuinty is pointing too.

I can find any policy on the Liberal Website.

Where are the alternatives?

marie said...

The Tories may have (relative) honesty in their favour, but neither party has ANY credibility on this . Malcom, thanks for giving us a ha ha. I think you have that all backwards. Harper is the king of lies and there is no question about that. Maybe someone has to list all his lies but they wouldn't fit all on one page. It takes a liar to not recognize a lie when it is put out especially by the Regressive SO called Con Party.

JimmE said...


Sheesh! Pity you ain't got a sense of humor. Your Pillow must suffer a great deal!

Got some ISSUES and some stuff?

Seriously, Dude, get some PROFESSIONAL help as you are looking like you are moving to some kinda breakdown.

I'm often Jokey Smurf but you have some wacky $hit that looks like some kinda BREAK.

I'm serious, I love reading your non sectors, how you change the subject & make mole hills into mountains. I often don't reply to your goofs but; YOU NEED HELP!

After looking into your cave; I'm guessing you needs Mummy to wash your Jam-Jams more often, & she also needs to VACUUM your room more often.

Have you ever seen the SUN!!???

Malcolm+ said...

Keep spinning, Marie.

The Tory record on the environment is a complete failure.

The Liberal record on the environment is a complete failure - with the added sin of having lied about it.

A pox on both your houses, Marie.

Iggy cares for the environment like his grandfather cared for the serfs.

Tomm said...


That was some withering commentary.

I think we should all just remember that we're here for the children. The ones that go to private crappy Edmonton daycares and the cadillac taxpayer funded daycares for yuppy Montrealers. The ones that have one parent and the ones that have one stay at home parent. The ones that think the world will end in 2012 and the ones that think they will live to a ripe old age in a brutally hot caricature of the present world.

If we just remember the children, we will pull it all together for a better Canada.

Oemissions said...

34 to 37% of Canadians support this Climate Change denial approach of Harper and Co. They don't like Carbon taxes and they don't like Coalitions.Because of Dion's attentiveness and policies, he attracted to the party many Greens and in my constituency a big load of NDPers.You don't get more green than Dr. Briony Penn who ran and lost by a few Green and NDP votes to our Sporty little Minister Lunn.
Briony and her replacement, Renee Hetherington were part of a team that wrote a comprehensive policy and resolution that was passed at the Liberal Convention in Vancouver.
Ignatieff and the Liberal elite are the problem with the Liberal Party. They are even trying now to shaft Dion right out of his riding.
Here in the Gulf Islands/Saanich riding, Elizabeth May has plunked herself in the race. Stupid move . It will assure that Lunn will remain unchallenged. NDP supporters won't vote for her.Not will many Liberals.
But then, how many concerned environmentalists have curbed their driving habits? And they already have their wood stoves going.

Fabio Van Manly said...

There is no doubt that the problem with the LPC are the ghouls who haunt the backrooms of the party from coast to coast to coast. Should have held a proper leadership race. Should have pulled the plug on this government in June. Should never have made silly promises that had to be reneged in Outremont. The gaffes and miscalculations continue to pile up. Forget about who is playing chess and who is playing checkers, this is a game of billiards and the Liberals are about to get snookered.

CanadianSense said...

Global Warming Climate Denial?

The CPC are making changes requiring the infrastructure is improved to deliver safer drinking water.

The estimates are around $ 10-12 Billion.

Voters want
A) Carbon Offset Points in stock
market program


B) Clean drinking water

Perhaps we want real progress, no more talking at summits. Yes I must be an oil sands CPC right wing global warming denier!

Malcolm+ said...


We won't do squat for the children if all we do is return to power the party that signed Kyoto and then did exactly nothing, the party that promised a national childcare program and then did exactly nothing, the party that slashed social transfers farther than Mulroney had ever dared or Stephen Harper could ever have dreamed.

Sorry, Tomm. I'm not buying your Liberal "but we really mean it this time" BS.