Saturday, September 05, 2009

Rae's Day

Congratulations to Bob Rae:

Quite a tribute to make it to the frontpage of Way to go Bob! For those keeping total, that's 4 Liberals, 3 Conservatives and 1 stunned dude.


LobbyCanada said...

Did you know that points to Globe and MAil?

Anonymous said...

What I find funny is the heading photo of Harper's family with all that trash-talk with cartoonish characters underneath.

It reduces them . . . really. I'm surprised they create a single disjointed image like that.

It makes them seem petty personally. We know that about Harper, but it brings the Loreen down as well.

Steve V said...

That's a great observation.

I must say, with this emerging theme, not much in the way of vision or aspiring, looks like a low rent RAG. For the first time, I think we might be a step ahead of the mood. Let's see if this ad contrast helps make the distinction.

Steve V said...

"Did you know that points to Globe and MAil?"

There's probably some obscure irony there, given this post, if you think who's base might have done such a thing.

Steve V said...

Just a stylistic point on the smear evolution. The Dion shrug photo they used forever was effective, image wise, lots of negative connotations. Not so sure this photo they seem to have settled on for Iggy is particularly effective. Oh look, there he is smiling and waving. Not angry, no brow, not awkward, just your basic grinning. Weak backdrop image.

Tomm said...


It is kind of busy. I wonder who the stunned guy is... A Young Tory? or just some guy off the street?

I'm glad its not MY son, anyway.

I'm not sure if this is off topic or not, but what was Bob Rae thinking when he said those words on Rutherford?

Anonymous said...

Amazing to me they are desperate enough to be willing to rely on such an obvious lie.

Sending this from my blackberry. It is an experiment.

Cannot sign in.

Tomm - Rae said the truth. Rutherford ius the liar.


Tomm said...


I heard the exchange via internet audio feed. Rae said that Ignatieff never signed anything with respect to a coalition and never spoke in favour of the calition. How can this be twisted to indicate Ignatieff didn't support it?

Rutherford even prompted Rae by reminding him that Ignatieff made that well known quote of "a coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition" last January. Buy Rae still didn't budge.

Anonymous said...

Rae said Ignatieff did not sign anything relating to a coalition with the Bloc - and that is true. The Bloc were not parties to the coalition. You have to listen to Rutherford's questuon to understand Rae's response.


burlivespipe said...

Anyone who spends too much time listening to Rutherford obviously isn't familiar with reality, nor the idea that truth isn't what comes on a CON 10-percenter.
By the way, is Rutherford bothering to talk about Harper's own deal with the Bloc back in '05? I'll wait while Tommy digs that up...

Gene Rayburn said...

"I wonder who the stunned guy is... A Young Tory? or just some guy off the street?"

Neither, he's a stock image from a photolibrary. The same pic has been used to promote a spring break in Florida a couple of years ago and a few American waterparks.

Steve V said...

Really Gene?

Original as always.

RuralSandi said...

They look like a sales flyer for some second hand junk store or Bi-Way.

Gene Rayburn said...

Yeah, I've been looking at stock libraries for years (because of my job) and when I first saw the "freak out your prof" series I knew it right off the bat. Its an entire series by one photog. Dang! Now I have to see if I can find it.