Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Filling The Coffers

If anyone is wondering how the Liberal base has reacted to Ignatieff's firm stance yesterday, it would appear the answer is positive. From a "senior" Liberal:
"Online fundraising was four times higher yesterday than the rate we were tracking at before the speech. The base wants to put gas in the tank!"

I made a donation yesterday. If you're so inclined.


And no, I didn't get this from the big guy.


Steve V said...

More fundraising news to come:

A huge fundraising dinner, featuring former Liberal prime minister Jean Chr├ętien, is planned for Vaughan, Ont., on Oct. 1. It could provide the center-piece kick-off event for the election campaign, if the government is defeated then.

Mr. Apps has said that they hope to raise $1.6-million at the dinner that Mr. Ignatieff will also attend. It is for the “non-Bay Street GTA” Liberals and others.

As well, the party is planning another fundraising dinner with Paul Martin in British Columbia, some time later in the fall."

That's some serious coin. Wait for some "grasping at straws" NDP or Con supporter to point out the tornado victims.

Dan said...

My cheque's in the mail. Other Libs should get to it.