Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In The Dead Of Night

It's almost similar to Conrad Black removing documents from his office when the HEAT was turned on. I've marvelled at the overt Harper love fest that is the government Action Plan website, people might recall a screen shot or two, Harper PLASTERED everywhere, to the point of obscene (not to mention unattractive and creepy). In reality, this sudden visual CHANGE is an admission of guilt, because if the site content was never an issue, why the need? People were starting to FINALLY pay attention, and the Conservatives scurry to remove the irritant:
The Government of Canada website set up to promote the Conservative economic action plan had a leaner look yesterday: more than 30 photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper had been removed.

Critics have complained that the website, actionplan.gc.ca, looks like a partisan promotion – complete with a Tory-blue colour scheme, glowing third-party testimonials, more than 40 photos of Harper and repeated references to "the Harper government" rather than the Government of Canada.

References to the "Harper government" remained on the website yesterday. But photos of the Prime Minister were reduced to about seven, from the original 40-plus

Funny what happens when you shine a light on the egomaniac. POOF he's gone. Oh, and I heard more radio ads on swine flu preparation this morning than I have previously. Just a coincidence I'm sure.


A Eliz. said...

Is it not supposed to be Government of Canada, instead of the Harper government..won't they have to change that, also, as it is advertising for the megalomaniac.
Were the H1N1 ads from Ontario, paid for?

RuralSandi said...

And, it's should be Government of Canada NOT Conservative government action plan - and, using the phrase stay the course is a Con phrase.

Imagine Harper thinking we'd want our taxpayer monies spent to look at photos of him - is he nuts. George Clooney maby, but Harper?

Why hasn't this been taken up with the Auditor General, Ethics Commissioner and/or Elections Canada?

RuralSandi said...

I'll get in trouble for this one - a fellow passenger on the train hubby takes said "what do "Kim Jung Il, Saddam Hussein, Castro, Stalin, etc have in common?".

He then said think about it - no one responded so he said - they all liked and have/had photos of themselves everywhere people could see.


Steve V said...


Harper's favorite historical read is Joseph Stalin, a fact which was noted by staff in the past.

Dennis Hollingsworth said...

Quite the prompt admission of guilt by the Steve Stalin Wrecking Crew Party … there can be no doubt that they knew exactly what they were attempting in the first place … they were attempting to deliberately mislead Canadians taxpayers with their Steve Stalin propaganda, at the expense of Canadian taxpayers … the ultimate in sanctimoniousNESS !!!

Jerry Prager said...

Its Giornio's doing in the PMO, it's the Ontario Ministry of Transportation circa the Lack of Common Sense Reaction policy of claiming every piece of road work in the province in the 1990's was due to the beneficence of "Mike Harris: Premier."