Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'll Say It

The PMO is manipulating a natural disaster for FULL partisan advantage, and I think it's despicable. Really, really, with all that's going on, the HORRORS, it's "URGENT" that reporters assemble so Harper can partake in an AWKWARD appearance at the Red Cross:

PMO never too busy for photo-ops

The practice of sending out official photos of the Prime Minister to the media was pioneered by the Harperites, whose commitment to ensuring the media has everything they need to do their jobs is so strong that no matter how grave the crisis there is always an official photographer on hand to capture the statesman at work. Perhaps I’m just paying more attention now that I don’t have Parliament to distract me, but this week it’s seemed particularly bizarre.

Update: I just received this message from the PMO marked “Urgent.” Take a read and then decide whether the PMO’s definition or urgency matches your own.

OTTAWA – Public event for Prime Minister Stephen Harper for Thursday, January 14th is:


3:00 p.m. – Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mrs. Laureen Harper will make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross.

Canadian Red Cross

340 Catherine Street

Ottawa, Ontario

*Photo opportunity only (cameras and photographers only)

I'm not trying to be cynical, but this looks like naked exploitation from here. I think it's actually disgusting, how much effort is being wasted within the government halls, worrying about APPEARANCES, rather than the issue at hand. There, I said it.


Chrystal Ocean said...

Am glad somebody said it.

And let me add, not to leave the business sector out, there are corporations doing the same. It's called oneupmanship. Disgusting on the part of Harper. Predictable on the part of corps.

In the latter case, at least the victims of the corps' largesse benefit from their exploitation.

Steve V said...

You get away with it, because everybody is afraid to dare suggest motivations. Come on, this is just crass at this point.

Omar said...

And because of such "naked exploitation", will Upper Canadians, who have drifted away from the HarperCons of late, drink the Kool-Aid and obtusely drift back? There, I said it.

A Eliz. said...

He is doing this , because he knows he can get away with it. He wants people to see how nice he is , the twerp, and get the people to forget the bad things and love him again. Every word you say is true.

Steve V said...

I was fine with it, until I saw that Red Cross appearance. Harper looked like the cat with the canary, it was very awkward.

JimBobby said...

I was fine with it until I saw that the PMO flagged this as "urgent". "Crass" doesn't adequately express how disgusting it is.

rockfish said...

CONs shouldn't be bothered that this crass effort causes us to wretch a bit, along the lines of what they did when Chretien tossed that one sandbag in Manitoba... Which i also found crass, by the way. Of course, Harper lives by the low-bar precedent-set rule.

Mark Dowling said...

I'm not generally in favour of the sort of photo-ops PMO puts on (Harper takes his kid to school, hockey, etc.) but I doubt it's unprecedented for a Canadian PM to do a "set an example" for the press - after all, why else would it be newsworthy to watch political leaders cast their own vote?

Mala Fides said...

Come on guys, when you see the Stever and Petey Mackay in light blue jumpers driving around Haiti hammering in Canada's Action Plan signs, then you can complain that they have gone too far in exploiting the situation.

By the way, did anyone see the Senate appointments that were just announced? Great timing, while no one is looking!!

Mala Fides said...

BTW, I was just kidding about the Senate appointments.

That would be just too cynical, if Harper made the appointments right now, given the situation in Haiti.

He'll wait until Friday at 5pm to make them!!!


Steve V said...

Sheesh, you made me look :)

Mala Fides said...

If I'm right and Harper announces his Senate appointments tomorrow, you owe me a case of beer in Windsor.

900ft Jesus said...

Even before I heard about the Red Cross thing, I found Harper's use of the Haiti disaster coldly self-serving. Been trying to put up a post with the very important PMO photos (H on the phone with Obama; H. on the phone with the UN; H on the phone; H, with a UN rep; H with the GG and a few others) but I've been swamped.

Each photo is carefully staged, so he took time to arrange for those amid a terrible crisis. He has that phoney look of concern on his face which is even more offensive.

It's ridiculous, insulting, a waste of money, and all for him. He keeps forcing these staged photos on us as if he believes that if we only see him often enough, we won't be able to help but be struck by his wonderful awesomeness.

Malignant narcissist. Absolutely. Can't ever do a sincere act of kindness without it being engineered to give him some benefit. Soudas says the phots are necessary because the press won't cover issues properly, and the PMO needs to keep us informed. With what? More photos of the great man on the phone?

Crass is right. Makes me want to spit, the taste is so foul.

Dana said...

Wanna bet Ms Jean told him to get cracking with the aid or forget ever phoning her again?

And then Harper said "OK as long as you appear on teevee with me and weep prettily."

Nah, I'm not cynical about those two.

Steve V said...

I genuinely feel terrible for her. Not her fault she's a constitutional puppet :)

marie said...

PMO never too busy for photo-ops

You got that right Steve V. My thoughts exactly. Notice his blue sweater acting job. Sorry Harper, We can predict your every move from your past behaviour.

Too dense to think we are not that easily fooled unless you keep this behaviour up to shore up your parrots from abandoning you too?

I might add Jesus words here because that is exactly what I mean by by assesment of this fake man. Each photo is carefully staged, so he took time to arrange for those amid a terrible crisis. He has that phoney look of concern on his face which is even more offensive.Yep! LIke a snake slittering through the piled up BS .

Brad Dillman said...

I'll disagree with you, FnW. I think he's representing the Government of Canada helping Haiti. I think any other PM would probably do as much.

When I see Conservative logos on the cheques I'll change my opinion.

Big Winnie said...

Thanks for saying what needed to be said Steve.

Steve V said...


I was prepared to give Harper the benefit of the doubt, until I viewed that Red Cross appearance. Harper's sheepish demeanor was quite revealing and made his motivations pretty self evident.

Mala Fides said...

Well Steve, you owe me a case of beer!!! --harper-senate-appointments

Steve V said...

Link doesn't work???

Mala Fides said...

LOL, I made you look again!!!

That's is it though. I won't do it again. I promise. I have humoured myself enough.

Steve V said...

You're evil!!

Why wouldn't I look, I put nothing past this crew. Cheers Satan ;)