Friday, January 22, 2010

Remember To Be "Impartial"

Am I the only one that has noticed, a certain underlying desire by SOME to see these prorogue rallies fall flat? I think it's important to leave the EGOS at the door tomorrow, and not try to re-establish what is an already refuted perspective- namely that nobody cared, prorogation wasn't on Canadians radar, not an issue that mattered. Despite what happens tomorrow, the evidence is in, this issue does matter and it's shuffled the entire political narrative. That changed dynamic is an objective fact, unless one must interject nonsensical consideration.

As I see it, the role of the media tomorrow is to report on the protests, it isn't an occasion to revert back to told you so. People got it wrong initially, let's move on with a clean slate, rather than a biased effort to downplay, based on said "first impression". Canadians aren't inclined to protest, we don't get our pitchforks and storm perimeters. As a matter of fact, I'm hard pressed to remember any serious protest, at least not one entirely driven by simple grassroots. Rather than belittle a "click of a mouse", much more insightful to recogize some level of resonance, a healthy fact in an of itself given rampant apathy.

I've been struck by a certain disconnect. Last year, when the coalition formed, we heard universal agreement of unrest in the land. There was no questioning of impacts, it was FACT, and I actually tended to agree. And yet, much of that "rebellion" was articulated in the simpliest ways- a phone call to a radio station, a Facebook page (which was used as indicative of WIDER anger) and yes rallies. Given that nobody questioned the real world angst in that instance, the hesitation here, despite as much evidence if not more, is perplexing. Again, it makes me wonder if personal bias plays a role.

Anyways, this should be required reading for all those ready to pounce tomorrow:
For those looking to somehow quantify whatever happens on Saturday…

According to a quick and entirely unscientific survey of already unscientific media estimates, anti-coalition rallies last December in Edmonton, Moncton, Ottawa, Victoria, Calgary, Toronto, London, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Windsor, Halifax, Regina, Fredericton and Saskatoon combined to draw about 9,600 protesters.

Pro-coalition rallies in Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, London, Vancouver, Moncton, Halifax, Regina, St. John’s, Montreal, Toronto, Windsor and Saskatoon drew, according to media reports, about 9,300.

That seismic event, the palpable anger throughout the country, mustered less than 10 000 protesters across the country (less than .0003% of Canadians, for those who apparently love such math). I never disputed the passion then, nor dismissed the resolve of those opposed. I saw those protests as indicative of great unrest at large. All I ask tomorrow, please don't view with the JAUNDICED eye, that entirely misses the relative realities. Many Canadians will be expressing their displeasure, we will stand in the cold because we care passionately. Count heads, I have no qualms, but an impartial observer never forgets the context or past reference. I expect the exact same coverage as the events of last year, leave the preconceived slants at HOME. This isn't France, never has been.


Dan F said...

Can we please schedule the next constitutional crisis for the summer, when the weather is warmer? Like, seriously, I think that another reason Harper keeps trying to pull this crap in the winter is because it takes a lot more passion to get large numbers out this time of year. (On the bright side, passion can also keep us warm tomorrow. Chant, sing, yell and jump around to keep warm, and you'll have the makings of a great protest)

Steve V said...

Maybe we could rally against the summer break!

Tof KW said...

Aw come on Dan, this is Canada. We're a northern people, we're tough ...and there's a Hortons on every other block to get hot coffee in us. My local forecast looks good.

Saturday: A mix of sun and cloud. Becoming cloudy in the afternoon. Wind east 20 km/h. High plus 1.

Hey for January 23rd, this is shorts weather :)

Brad Dillman said...

What would be a good message for a sign at that rally? Assuming I can spell, LOL.

Steve V said...

You're a clever guy ;)

Woman at Mile 0 said...

interesting Victoria's candlelight pro-coalition rally last year was not counted. I have video!

Steve V said...

CPAC just announced they will be covering the rallies tomorrow.

Tof KW said...

What would be a good message for a sign at that rally? Assuming I can spell, LOL.

Save Parliament
Prorogue Harper ???

My favourite pub is across the parking lot from my local rally. I just need the discipline to go there after the rally, and not before.

ottlib said...

"That changed dynamic is an objective fact,..."

Since when have facts been considered by our MSM?

The simple fact is there are many Conservative apologists in the media that have been looking for something, anything to change the channel or to give their arguments about nobody caring some plausibility.

That is one reason why those same apologists have latched so firmly on to the government response to Haiti.

It does not take a rocket scientist doing brain surgery to figure out that they will spin tomorrow's protests in favour of the Conservatives no matter what.

I have absolutely no faith in our MSM to report the objective facts tomorrow. They have already written the stories for tomorrow.

The only way they that changes is if 100 of thousands of Canadians show up to these protests in a dozen Canadian cities.

ottlib said...

A pub across the street lucky you.

Go to the pub before the rally and fortify yourself with some Bangers and Mash washed down with a couple of Irish coffees.

Afterwards, go back and have some Sheppards Pie washed down with a couple of stouts.

No discipline required.

The Editor said...

"What would be a good message for a sign at that rally? Assuming I can spell, LOL."


900ft Jesus said...

Even if we have a low turnout, this coordinated protest is already a success. Many people have taken the time to learn about issues they previously ignored; people across the country from all parties, of all income levels, disciplines, and degrees of education have been working together for a common good; a network (rough, but refining itself on a daily basis) has formed; sub-groups determined to pursue various concerns related to democratic reform have been created...

We can keep up the momentum as long as we don't look at this as an isolated event, but rather the beginning of a movement toward reform.

Regardless of numbers tomorrow, we need to remind ourselves of what many on the facebook site have been saying - how they feel empowered, how they are amazed that so many came together so quickly for a common cause, that we have quite obviously caused the government to take notice, despite their claims that we are nothing, and they are nervous.

We have some serious backers, here, ones with high stakes in how this turns out: unions, high profile special interest groups, support of the opposition. We have to remember not to let ourselves be used by them, and we can do it. I have seen hope for the first time this week in people who had given up until this happened.

We've already succeeded. But we can't rest on our laurels, the numbers reflected in facebook,

900ft Jesus said...

thanks for this post, Steve V. We need to be told these things.

Omar said...

It's going to be -10 and sunny tomorrow in Halifax. Perfect winter rallying weather. A good array of Liberal and NDP MPs are apparently attending, the Raging Grannies, a local comedian and free hot chocolate! I've been waiting all month for this and I can't wait to see what the turnout is going to be like.

marie said...

I completly agree ottlib but maybe they need to bring the protest in front of the medias building in all the dozen or so communites they protest at.

I have absolutely no faith in our MSM to report the objective facts tomorrow. They have already written the stories for tomorrow.

The only way they that changes is if 100 of thousands of Canadians show up to these protests in a dozen Canadian cities.