Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Can Dion Do?

First you acknowledge the problem, then you figure out ways to change the perception. What can Dion do to improve his image, as it relates to the leadership question?

I saw the first hint of a strategy when Dion rallied MP's in caucus, with the requisite media access. An orchestrated event, it was important to let a suspicious press see Dion, center-stage, leading the charge. This little photo-op won't really resonate outside of Ottawa, but it could have some impact on the people that give us the information. A small step towards credibility, but the kind of thinking that could payoff in the long run.

I would plan a Dion trip to Afghanistan. Frame it as a fact-finding mission, a hands on attempt to better understand the situation. Meet with Afghan officials, Canadian military, reconstruction teams, humanitarian officials. Such a trip has a practical application, but politically speaking this trip could do wonders for Dion's image.

Speaking of travel, Dion should meet with some European allies, to discuss environmental issues. I'm sure Dion could get a meeting with Chirac, EU officials. Lead the charge on the revised Clean Air Act, let others know that the Conservatives don't speak for the majority of Canadians. Undermine Harper, elevate yourself, on a stage that speaks leadership.

In terms of marketing Dion, any ad campaign should put the leadership question at the heart. Cobble together any footage or stills that show Dion speaking to a large audience. Dion on the stage, others watch intently, as a leader speaks. Remind people that Dion has led, whether it be the Climate Control conference, during the last referendum, or even a simple rally. I don't think you can underestimate the power of imagery.

Any other ideas?


IslandLiberal said...

In advertising, I'd emphasize his work at Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs during the Clarity Act period, and how he always took on the separatists head-on. His work in that portfolio was what earned him such a stellar reputation among "those in the know," but it's not a job that attracts much attention from the general public.

During the leadership campaign, Dion's biggest assets were his integrity and intelligence. His biggest problem now is being painted as indecisive, and showing his history as a straight-shooter in government is a good way to start countering that.

Steve V said...


I think that is Dion's ace, that could play well in english campaign ads. Remind people that Dion's has shown himself to be a leader, at a critical time, showing resolve, fighting for Canada. That period oozes leadership.

knb said...

What can Dion do to improve his image,

Well, I'm not sure he has one yet, despite the poll, so I'd start there.

I'd agree with islandliberal, in that his assets have not been highlighted.

Without going negative, (btw I don't think the radio ads were), I think he has to counter every caricature out there, that the con's have developed.

He doesn't "flip-flop", to the contrary, he is quite convicted, but he does evolve with new information. Dispute the childness notion and assert that when information changes, we must evolve.

I'd be cautious about Afghanistan at this moment in time. I understand what you are saying, but right now, it's likely to be turned against him by the con's as a purely political ploy. However, I know there is a sincerity in his stance, so find a way to bring that to the masses. Are any of the NATO nations visiting Canada soon...meet with them and all other groups, pro and con, show that you are evaluating all evidence, not just that which you would like to hear.

Environment, hands down he's got that, but has to wait to see what "the Baird" is going to come out with.

I also think he needs more Ministers out there, disputing and articulating, his vision. Harper barely speaks, but has his people out there defending on every possible front. Dion needs the same, while trying to gain media attention too.

Stephen said...

I think you all make great observations. I think the important thing is that he presents a solid alternative to Harper by, as you say, going on some of his own diplomaitc jaunts, much as Nancy Pelosi did last week.

I wouldn't worry too much about Baird; he was just attacked by a leading climate scientist.

knb said...

Stephen, I saw just a clip of what came out today, but could you elaborate on how Baird was compromised?

Steve V said...

"it's likely to be turned against him by the con's as a purely political ploy."

They would know ;) I understand your point knb, but the benefit might outweigh the risk. Harper has turned Afghanistan into a wedge issue, a Dion visit reminds Canadians that no party has a corner on patriotism. It was a Liberal mission, Dion's presence could lend him some credibility when he argues a different path, as opposed to the simplistic "stay the course" rhetoric.

The American Democrats often visit Iraq, I don't think we should worry what the Conservatives will say, because really, they say it anyways. Dion is sincere and forthright, that helps quell any overt politicism. Harper has made Afghanistan his issue, Dion can send another message, in a way that actually gets some ink.

Just Some Poor Schmuck said...

Remember when many members of the so-called New Government praised Dion? Remember all the kind words spoken by leaders of the opposition and government of Dion while he was but a lowly Minister? Someone opined on a blog, perhaps here, that not long ago none of the other Party leaders had a bad word to say about Dion. They all said he was upstanding, sincere, passionate and truthful. They said he was a Nationalist's nationalist, and he was pivotal in keeping Canada united. These are the qualities so dearly and clearly lacking in our New Government setup, so let these (their own words) serve as ads for Dion.
When people say, "We don't really know Harper" (and many do say that, rightly so IMO) the flipside would be "We know Dion."
Where Harper designated people he refuses to clearly define as "a nation in a united Canada (a phrase which sent chills up my spine BTW) Dion stood fast for Canada, a Canada as one, all together. Period.
My 2 cents.
Just a thought.

Steve V said...


That's a great point. All those quotes must be put together in a montage, for an ad. What others have said about Stephane Dion, that would be powerful, given the characters.

knb said...

Steve, I'm perhaps reacting to the timing right now. Maybe you're right but I need to think it through.

Reading earlier that the homecoming of the 6 soldiers will not be on the news, (now it's at the request of families, not all but some), just made me think, Dion, don't go now.

just some poor..., good points.

Lizt. said...

I think the Media is not picking Dion up and telling it like it is..it is almost as if they do not like him.For Instance , where was Dion today.The Media has a love for Harper, and lets not forget he is very slick and gets one's attention. Dion seems almost afraid to speak up,. He comes across as shy..I hope not..just come out and tell it like it is Dion, and try to be in a place where there is plenty of Media

Steve V said...


I've been surprised how the media has reacted to Dion's early days. Dion was the media darling during the leadership campaign, the puff pieces were almost embarrassing. Build him up, tear him down. The good news, once down, they love to resurrect :) Watch for it.

knb said...

lizt. He's not shy of media, media are shy of him. They don't cover him because there is no controversy there. That's wrong, it tick's me off and I do not know how to change it.

I've written many a reporter, mostly I get terse f-off responses.

I'm not rude when I write, but I do ask questions.

I interpret that as, the status quo is working just fine. That's a problem imo.

joe said...

Dion needs to get rid of his political tin ear and start cheering for his country. A prime example Vimy Memorial rededication he should have demanded a ticket to Vimy and stood on the podium with Harper and the Queen. Where was he when Canada and all it stands for was being splayed across the networks? Dion = not a leader.

Sheeple said...


Putting the quotes together from other leaders into an ad has already been done. You can look it up on Youtube under the title 'Dion IS a Leader.'

You make another interesting point however, and that is your point here:

"When people say, 'We don't really know Harper' (and many do say that, rightly so IMO) the flipside would be 'We know Dion.'

The current thinking is that the public doesn't know Dion and that it does know Harper. But in an important way, it's actually the other way around.

We know Dion because he showed us his true face in a crucial moment in Canada's recent history. We don't know Harper because he hasn't shown us his true face or articulated his true vision for the country.

Isn't it remarkable that after more than a year in office, people still say they don't know Harper. I know that talk of a hidden-agenda is taboo, but the question largely remains unanswered.

Who is Harper and What DOES he Stand For?

We don't know, and that is the sentiment of many Canadians. Meanwhile, with Dion, what you see is what you get. Dion is forthright, honest and articulate about his vision for Canada. In a very important way, we DO know Dion.

Steve V said...


"We know Dion because he showed us his true face in a crucial moment in Canada's recent history. We don't know Harper because he hasn't shown us his true face or articulated his true vision for the country."

That's an excellent point. I've blogged on this angle, Liberals need to make federalism a key issue in the next election. Harper will try to be vague, Dion needs to be pointed, with all surrogates pushing the debate. Dion shines in this environment, and it directly confronts the leadership angle.


I actually thought of Vimy when I put up this post. That was clearly an opportunity lost, and I really scratch my head at Dion's decision. His handlers missed the boat, what could be more important?

joe said...

Better be careful with 'federalism' that train left the station long time ago. The Dion/ Trudeau vision of federalism is fading quickly and only has traction amongst the urban elitists especially in the major centres. Everywhere else the Harper vision of the devolution of power to the provinces is becoming the common wisdom.

Steve V said...


Obviously, Dion has to articulate a progressive view of federalism, but that doesn't make it taboo to speak for a Canadian identity. Tie the federal role, to the notion of equality, coming together, and I think there is an appeal. Besides, if you can't argue the federal role, then what is the point really, let's just carve her up and let tribalism rule. In an age where traditional barriers have been pierced, a world that gets smaller by the day, more international inter-connectedness, what a sorry state that Canadians embrace more divisions. Someone needs to articulate the vision, and tackle the "big bad" fed crap head on, once and for all.

knb said...

sheeple, you make a point. Dion has much to stand on that Canadians would recognise.

Re' Vimy, there is no way that would have made a difference. Dion would never have been on the same stage as Harper and if you watched it, that was clear.

That was not conjured up yesterday, that was a while in the making and even if Dion and others had been asked, they would have been in the front row, panned to twice, not on stage.

He was right to send Ignatieff who seemed to appreciate the moment, but the cameras were only on the stage.

joe said...

Were Dion to exercise his leadership and not listen to the Martinite clowns he would have been on the stage at Vimy. The restoration bagan under a liberal gvmt!! How bad do you think Dion could have made Harper look if he had tried to keep Dion off the stage?

Just Some Poor Schmuck said...

If Dion had attended the ceremonies at Vimy, his detractors would have had a field day with his dual-citizenship, and would have cast aspersions upon him as un-Canadian.

Dion outsmarted them all. Ignatieff is and was the best diplomat for a Liberal Canada that could have been sent. Who did the cons invite? Fortier. Representing Canadians without a Canadian mandate: unelected, unaccountable, unknown.

I do not believe Canada has left federalism behind. I think the anti-federalism rampant in this New GovernmentTM is borne from foreign soil, and it's not France. Fear not Federalism in Canada. Canada was intended to be parts of a whole, provinces in a Federation. Like brothers and sisters in a Family.
What Harper intends to do to this country is divide and conquer, and ultimately pit each against the other only to make each separate entity easy pickin's for the raptor he serves.
Harper didn't write the Firewall letter for fun, or out of stupidity, naivety, or ignorance of what Canada is. Harper wrote the Firewall letter as a cue to his Master that here was someone who would work for him. The Harper firewall letter was more a resume of Harper, selling his wares to the highest bidder.
Tell me Harper hasn't delivered a lot. Perhaps Harper has earned a Senator job under Bush thus far. But he's going for the gold: Harper wants to be President of the Northern Faction of the NAU.
Didn't anyone wonder why only Harper, in all Canada's history, would put forth legislation declaring certain people in Quebec as nations in a "united Canada"?
Harper is the sellout, the vendu.

All Dion has to do is be not-Harper. Harper, like Bush, thinks Canadians are maleable and mostly stupid.

Harper should have travelled more before he sought to become Lord of the Northern Faction of the North American Union.

Harper will go down as the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history.

Or, he might become President of the Northern Realm of the NAU.

It's up to Canadians to decide that.

Anonymous said...

Skip Afghanistan, he should get Gerard and the Trudeau boys to go to Darfur instead. Then there should be a stop at Gaza and Lebanon to underlie the plight of the Palestinian refugees.

He should then meet with other progressive leaders. In Europe, he should meet with Zapatero in Spain. The sad thing is that there are fewer centre left leaders in the Western world. Most are centre right and pragmatic compared to Harper when dealing with environmental issues. Yet, many do have a populist bent on multiculturalism and integration. More like Mario Dumont and Jason Kenney:(

Anonymous said...

Steve V.

What you say about Afghanistan makes a lot of sense; I would add that more moves that would tack a bit more to the centre would help. Frankly, more posturing with people who actually say we can be on target for Kyoto targets that we're 35%+ off (and the pertinent, averaging mechanisms kicks in in about 7 mos. now!) is NOT what M Dion needs. How about being able to speak to all those people--Chretien and Martin Liberals, fiscal conservatives--who are uneasy about a "big-spending" budget, or about "appeasing" Quebec? Harper can get away with so much because EVERY OTHER PARTY seems to want to make Ms May look too centrist. The result is a Harper who, whether or no he has a majority in the bag, will not be defeated in any election this year (I'm not convinced there'll be one, but the inane rewriting of the CAA may make one hard to avoid).

If I were Dion, I'd be trying to tack centre, though this will be tough given his rhetoric since the very night he assumed the mantle of leadership. In a similar way, other stigmas are going to be hard to shake. The Tory ads have, for the nonce, worked, and they are reinforced every time M dion says X is "unfair", every time a shrill bit player from caucus dubs Harper a "bully", every time an LPC VIP feels it necessary to demand an apology or launch another lawsuit. The most obvious way to turn things around is to play statesman , but since 1) M Dion has been hyper-partisan (O, he of the "mean-spirited, far-right Republican/neocoservative ideological agenda" that wants to "destroy Canada" and "paralyze the world") from his very first moment in the House, and 2) has been a VERY weak rhetorical warrior there (and, OK, I'll not be voting Liberal next time out--though I have done in the past--but I really defy anyone short of Cherniak to paint M Dion's performance in QP, say, as anything but, well, underwhelming), it's going to be a hard gig for him. The real poison for M Dion is that he, personally, has, through 1) and 2) and the antics of litigious and ostensibly UNLED confreres, lost the confidence of a whole phalanx of well-disposed, if not outright partisan media pooh-bahs, not to mention of those (somewhat fewer in number) who are partisan the other way.

To correct that, to be able to speak to those who are in fact disgruntled with Harper, if not for the literally fantastic reasons bruited by Mr Holland et al, would take a LESS partisan approach I'd say, and certainly one far more willing to re-engage all the blue Liberals whose swing actually got Harper to 24 Sussex, not to mention gettable small-c conservatives, who are not there for, say, talk of carbon taxes or critiques of farmers' rights to sell the products of their labour as they see fit which emanate from mPs from Quebec and PEI, ie., provinces exempt from that boon to humanity and servant of individual rights and liberties which is the Canadian Wheat Board.



Just Some Poor Schmuck said...

Buncha BS. If the RoC wants a Wheat Board, they can get one. The CWB took and kept Canada's bread basket in the international running for decades. Don't fix what isn't broken.
If border farmers want to sell to the States, let them. Pay the duties, taxes, freight etc. Go for it.
Canada can afford a few renegades who think they'll get a better deal. Short term stuff. Season to season. Go for it.
However, as a group, Canadian prairie farmers have said over and over again that their best bet internationally is to sell en masse. And the CWB is the vehicle to do it with. It's worked in the past, it will continue to work.
Why can't Harper leave it be?
Does Harper want to make every farmer dependent on the need or greed of foreign interests?
If not, Harper will leave the CWB to the Canadian Wheat farmers and not meddle, stack the deck, or put them through some numbered-ballot pretend "vote" process.
Why is Harper afraid to let the Canadian Wheat farmers have their say?
If Harper can't fair deal with Canadian wheat farmers, who can he he trusted to deal fairly with?

decoin said...

Suggest that Dion bring more Martin supporters in to his center of power - Scott Reid, David Herle etc - also get some contact lens and improve English skills - remember - the LPC is the Natural Governing Party of Canada!!

Stephen said...

knb said,

"Stephen, I saw just a clip of what came out today, but could you elaborate on how Baird was compromised?"

Here's a link to my blog post on it.

Anonymous said...


mayhaps one day you too will be too old or fed up with contact lenses and all that mucking about with cleansers and disinfectants to care what you look like in glasses. or perhaps too busy to care what you look like and think more about substance.
then again, perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

Dion has an wimpy image problem and Canadians won't vote for him until he resolves it.

First...stop fighting every issue.

Second...he needs to take Afghanistan off the table. The public knows that it was the Libs who put the military there and demands for a withdrawal looks like crass politics. It is a loser issue for him. He needs to meet with officials in Afstan as well as our military and then declare that he supports the mission on some level. This humility will show the public that he thinks about other important issues.

Third...he needs to stay out of the foreign policy domain. Foreign policy won't get him elected and he undermines Canada. He needs to seek allies here...not Europe. Begin with a small business federation and work with them to make things better for the small guy.

Anonymous said...

One point that people are missing I think - is a bit of his personal life. When I read months ago about what he went through to adopt his daughter I was impressed.

Harper tries to portray family values but he's never done anything as brave as Dion in this regard.

About the Vimy celebration - Joe Comartin and Ignatieff were there - I saw a quick shot of Ignatieff and nothing of Comartin. Do you think for a moment Harper would allow Dion and Layton to be photographed? Not in your life.

Now Harper and his cabinet have refused to speak at a celebration of the Charter of Rights - Chretien will be speaking at it.

Talk about petty partisanship or what. Harper can play his partisan games, but the Charter of Rights is a "historical" moment he can't deny, even if it was the Liberals that brought this in.

You get to see Harper with kittens - yet most people don't know about his events in Peru when adopting his daughter.

Anonymous said...

Dion needs to improve his English pronunciation. I'm English, speak French fluently & live in Ontario.
Every English speaking person I've spoken with has expressed EXTREME frustration at not being able to understand him.
He starts out speaking more clearly but then becomes more "garbled" as he becomes more passionate by what he is talking about. And that is where he loses his audience.
I love the guy but even I have a hard time understanding his English. This is, I believe, a very real problem for the average person.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd heard that Dion has an English teacher. He knows the vocabulary, but pronounciation is the problem.

Harper had to learn French so I find the double-standard about Dion irritating.

I thought Dion had improved since December. I couldn't understand him at all then and I do now. This is something he could really work on during the summer months.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I don't think it's just pronunciation. It's the way he constructs sentences with clumsy phrasing. Or in Dionese - It's the way with clumsy phrasing he constructs sentences.


Jim said...

Dion in A-stan! Hilarity ensues! What is he going to do, appease the Taliban? I don't think he will get much of a welcome from any CF personel.

The impression of Dion (at least in the west) is now set in stone. The perception is that he is weak and ineffectual. His catch words are now "unfair" and "bully". Good luck turning this around. The Libs had their chance to counter this right at the outset, but fell asleep at the switch.

I smell a Conservative majority coming, which will give the left a decade to rebuilt their party and form a platform.

Ask anybody on the street what the Libs stand for these days...nobody knows.

knb said...

jim, perhaps if some of you started reading something other than your own propaganda, you would know what the Lib policies are.

As it is, many conservative commenters seem quite content to revel in their own ignorance.

Jim said...

"Revel in their own ignorance" that is pretty funny coming from sheep who blindly follow a party that is PROVEN to have stolen millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to line their own pockets.

Liberal mismanagement has made a mockery of Canada, and it all started with that communist Trudeau.

As for the Liberal policies, all I hear is "Liberals, we must get back to power as soon as possible." To me, and lots of others, all the Libs stand for is the lust for power. The only other policy that comes to mind is social justice....what exactly is this supposed to mean? If it means letting criminals serve house arrest for breaking into my home or stealing my car, I am against it.

If you want to see what a true statesman and Prime Minister looks like, watch Mr Harper's speech at Vimy.

Natural governing party....HA, not any more!

knb said...

all I hear is "Liberals, we must get back to power as soon as possible."

I promise you, if you step out of your echo chamber, you'll hear the real world.

The only other policy that comes to mind is social justice....what exactly is this supposed to mean? If it means letting criminals serve house arrest for breaking into my home or stealing my car, I am against it.

Like I said, revelling in their own ignorance.

Gayle said...


It's kind of funny when they prove your point.

Jim said...

I understand enough to know that standing blindly behind thieves is wrong. The mention of social justice then moving to the comment of the soft on crime stance of the Libs was intentional.

But please keep in mind that all Canadians are not highly educated, elitist snobs as some of you seem to be. We are people that produce things other than empty rhetoric. We are the people that defend this country so that you can whine about it. We are people who decide how we should live our lives rather that have the government do it for us.

Have a nice long stay out in the wilderness, you have earned this "entitlement".

knb said...

Indeed gayle.

Jim, being uninformed and unaware need not have anything to do with education.

Your predictable use of elitist and snob, is as ridiculous as painting all Liberals as thieves, etc. I haven't looked back on the thread, but have you used the other highly original "flip-flop" yet?

Jim, I'm not a snob nor any of the other terms you wish to hang on me. I'm someone that enjoys a meaningful discussion and sometimes I just get fed up with the vacuous rhetoric of the right.

Jim said...

Well knb, I did not aim my references directly at you, so I am wondering why you feel the need to defend against them.

As well, I did not paint all liberals as thieves, merely the Liberal Party of Canada.

I am neither uninformed nor unaware, and I too enjoy lively political debate and discussion. I would however be cautious casting stones, as the left wrote the book on vacuous rhetoric as well as several chapters on incessant whining.

I am sure that you are a fine person and don't mean you any ill will. Politics is just a grand game after all, and right now the left is losing.

And BTW, I don't use the term "flip-flop"...I prefer ditherer.

Peace out and good luck with that Dion guy.

knb said...

jim, I defend whether it affects me or not, but to your point, we seemed to be the only ones having a conversation.

I wish no one ill-will and I think it is time for politics to stop being a game. Our country is at stake and no matter where you stand, this nonsense has to stop.

For the record, I was fine with the PC's, this particular incarnation of the Con's, is very disturbing to me.

I'm sure you're a fine person too, though if we sat at a table and discussed politics, well, everyone else would leave.

Thanks for your good wishes, I'm really comfortable with Dion. Civility and ethics are always big in my books.

Jim said...

knb, fair enough. I agree that the gamesmanship in politics is over the top at this time, and I would prefer to see things get done in parliament instead of the current partisan BS from all sides.

And to be honest, I would have no problem with a liberal government if they truly were what their name implies.

The liberals of today wish to guide my life from cradle to grave and they wish to ban and confiscate my personal property. This I cannot stand for.

By nature I am a libertarian, but currently the Libertarian party in Canada is too weak to be a force, so I am left with the Conservative party.

I like alot of liberal ideals...if only they would leave my property alone. In case you are wondering, I am talking about firearms. They are a Canadian tradition and were fine when I was in the CF. But now as a law abiding private citizen I am constantly under attack by the left for my hobby.

Anyway, it was nice to converse with you and your room clearing comment gave me a chuckle...it would not be the first time a room was emptied by a political discussion.

Be well, and know that my hope is for a better Canada...no matter who is steering the ship.


Steve V said...

"elitist and snobs"

I love that one, especially when the rest of your posts are pontifications telling us how the other half lives. "We produce, you whine". LOL, who are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

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