Monday, May 21, 2007

Al Gore Likes Bon Jovi

Time magazine has a great piece on Al Gore that is definitely worth a read. A good portion is devoted to silencing the speculation that Gore will jump into the race, although Gore makes one curious comment:
"I have enjoyed the luxury of being able to focus single-mindedly on this issue," says Gore, back on the patio at his Nashville home. "But I am under no illusions that any position has as much ability to influence change as the presidency does. If the President made climate change the organizing principle, the filter through which everything else had to flow, then that could really make a huge difference."

Of note, Gore has lost a few pounds, which I concluded earlier might be a sign of an entry. However, it would appear from the article that health is the motive, not ambition.

Now the really bad news:
"Did some grilling last night with my friend Jon Bon Jovi," he says. "His new record is great."
We all have our faults ;)


Olaf said...

Ok, I have no idea what "grilling" means. Please don't tell me that I'm somehow less "cool" than Al Gore despite being like a third his age.

Steve V said...

Barbeque, Tennessee style.

Olaf said...

Oh... well I am of course familiar with that colloquial definition... I thought it had something more hip - as if "grilling" meant they were talking politics, or playing music, or at least snorting coke. Anyways, good, I feel better...

Steve V said...

lol. I do confess to a friend once teaching me the cords to "Wanted" on acoustic guitar :)

knb said...

LOL! You guys are young, and that was a pretty funny conversation.

Didn't someone else dis Gore recently? I'm not sure, Bono? I'm not sure why though.

"Wanted, wanted, dead or alive..."

Steve V said...

Bono did?

Actually knb, I had the misfortune of growing up when hair bands were king. I'm not that young... "I'm a cowboy" :)

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you expect. Global warming is taking away Bono's thunder, his ego-trip.

Less Bono would be a plus. He's a lot of talk and I have to wonder how much of his own money goes to the poor. Oh, just having this clown speak is good enough?