Sunday, May 06, 2007

There Is A God

Timing is everything isn't it? The Conservatives, desperate to change the channel and stop the bleeding, plan a return to old faithful, bashing Liberals, with accountability and transparency as backdrop. As the Tories prepare to mount the ethical white horse, the gods intervene and cast timely doubt on their pontifications. Maybe they should learn to follow their own rules before they descend the mount to free the people from the practices of the unclean. Human beings being human, they do walk amongst us, the virtuous crusaders. Cut off at the knees just before the sermon, perfect.

Below, a government aide gives reporters a preview of the latest accountability legislation:


Anonymous said...

The devil made them do it.

So, we have expense issues, Oda - sponsorship issues, detainee issues, polling issues - hmmm....

I also read they purchased more military equipment from the U.S. without anyone knowing....

It's May-day month for the Tories.

Anonymous said...

I took a boo at the Blogging Tories - they're not talking about this at all and think the SES poll has strange questions, etc.

They are in denial it seems.

Steve V said...

"they're not talking about this at all and think the SES poll has strange questions"

Well, I don't blame them. Conservatives surely can't trust a poll from Sun Media.

Sassy said...

Anonymous said...
I took a boo at the Blogging Tories - they're not talking about this at all and think the SES poll has strange questions, etc.

They are in denial it seems.

After reading this post I went to the Blogging Tories (for details) and it seems that the there is a wee bit of confusion over there - betweeen helping to rebuild and going to war.

Seems to me that in the beginning Canada's mandate was to help in rebuilding (correct me if I am wrong) but now --

Steve V said...

"After reading this post I went to the Blogging Tories (for details)"

I have some hand santizer if you need some.

Sassy said...

Thanks for the offer Steve, but I think I will be OK, as I had a good dose of reality before I clicked.

If not just take me out back and shoot me.


Anonymous said...

I checked front page of National Post and Toronto Sun - no mention of these issues.

Why am I not surprised.

Anonymous said...

No big headliner or even mention of it on Bourque today either.

Seems Conservatives want this to go away doesn't it?

Steve V said...

It would be nice if a reporter did a breakdown of internal polling expenses, compared to previous governments for contrast. I have a sneaking suspicion that the cost has risen.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Sounds like there were some tailor-made loopholes in the FAA. Sorta like the thing about lobbyin' not applyin' to John Reynolds and a few top Harper minions.

I didn't go to the Boogin' Tories this morning. Back when I pounded nails fulltime, I had a jobsite boss who had a good maxim -- "Don't make me mad on Monday morning. I'll be mad all week."

I seen in yesterday's TO Sun, Harper's head cheerleader Lorrie Goldstein is callin' for O'Connor's removal. Since the rumours were already flyin' vis-a-vis O'Connor gettin' the boot soon, I suspect the Lorracle's crystal ball is on the money.

Yeah... I raed in this morning's Brantford Suppositor about the $8.8 million on new armoured personnel carriers in an untendered contract.

Support the troops. Spend their budget secretly on untendered purchases.

Support the troops. Enact policies that force soldiers to contravene international law.

Support the troops. Sign 'em up as peacekeepers then send 'em off to make war.

Support the troops. Make excuses when trigger happy Merkans kill Canajuns.

Support the troops. Make excuses when trigger happy Merkans kill Afghanis.

The Cons support the troops just like they support accountability.


Scotian said...

My sympathy for NDP MP Pat Martin's expended political capital is nil. He was quite willing to tightly work with the CPC alone and reject all Lib and BQ amendments to the so called Accountability Act and made great political hay about it last spring. He went on and on about how the Libbys were trying to weaken this great work. So now he feels he was suckered by a government that is only interested in accountability when it is for everyone else and not themselves, something anyone that had been paying attention to Harper and the CPC literally from its inception should have already been aware of. Too bad, this is what you get when you make deals with devils.

As for the CPC, this notion that "accountability measures are for crooks, not honest people." coming from an official within the PMO should tell everyone exactly what kind of lying hypocrites the Harper CPC are when it comes to accountability. It is for *ALL* to follow without exception, there is no automatic presumption that any one political party is inherently honest while all others are crooks, not in the reality based community/world anyway. All governments have some honesty issues, it is inherent in both the nature of politics *AND* of human beings. This is why we implement such things, to prevent/minimize such temptations in the first place.

Well it seems that our clean cut Conservative government has shown itself to be at least as crooked/corrupt as the Libs they ejected, and when one considers how long it took for the Libbys to get that bad versus the CPC, well that speaks volumes indeed. Worse, the Libbys actually got real things done like deficit elimination and major debt reduction along with their corruption, they kept us out of Iraq against the clear desires of Harper himself, and contrary to the general CPC claim actually did far more in their 13 years than the CPC has done in their 15 months.

Am I at all surprised? Nope, this is exactly what I expected, rules are for other folks, the elites are special and deserve different treatment don't you know. Straussians and their arrogance and love of the noble lie and the belief that only the elites are fit to govern, elites like themselves of course. Given just how much they have modeled themselves off the GOP/Bushco and given the level of corruption exposed within the GOP/Bushco in the last year or so why would anyone be surprised? Indeed, it looks like a lot of the CPC chants of corruption while in Opposition were as much envy because they weren't able to act so and the projection of those desires elsewhere as much as being based in real Libby corruption.

Anonymous said...

Well, 12:00 noon and still not talk of this on Blogging Tories or Bourque.