Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Day, Another Critic Of The Green Plan

If you listen to John Baird, Canada is embarking on an aggressive agenda that will lead the world, when it comes to emissions reduction. Baird spews and spews, throws out all the lofty rhetoric, attacks any critic, yet he can't seem to find many allies to back up his robust claims. Another respected expert joins the chorus, this time from Arnold Schwarzenegger's camp:
Arnold Schwarzenegger's environmental adviser suggests the Canadian government's climate-change plan should be terminated -- or at least significantly improved.

Tamminen compares our government to the Bush administration:
He says the Conservative government is making the same mistake as the Bush administration in the U.S. by failing to take urgent action.

"I don't think the plan itself is commensurate with the threat,'' Tamminen said in an interview.

"That's the same problem we have here in the United States. Our federal government is not responding when they talk about volunteerism and the kinds of timetables that it takes to reduce greenhouse gases.

"Our federal governments are, frankly, asleep at the switch.''

"Just like (in the U.S.), it's not the federal government taking a leadership role,'' Tamminen said.

"Both of our countries ... need to take this problem more seriously and we've got to develop more aggressive targets.''

The word "timid" doesn't quite jive with Baird's claim of "aggressive". The worrisome part for the Conservatives, they were so eager to get some environmental credibility, they actually invited the Governor and his entourage. What now, when the invitee compares you plan to the woeful Bush approach? Hardly the public relations event the Tories had in mind.

Every Canadian environmental expert imaginable, economists that you hired to trash Kyoto, all the opposition parties, representatives from the E.U, the United Nations, the man behind the most ambitious plan in North America, the Oscar winner in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize. Everyone is disappointed, expect for Buzz Hargrove, two oil execs and a writer from Sun Media. I watch with disbelief now, every time I hear Mr. Baird make his baseless claims, that are supported by no one and universally panned. Seriously, if you plan was as ambitious as you claim, would people really use words like "timid"? Baird has become absurd, like Baghdad Bob, with no relationship to reality.


knb said...

That's hilarious, yet Baird is out there again today lying about our plan being the most ambitious in the world. What a joke.

Whenever he is interviewed though, he's not challenged, so it sounds like it's true. I don't expect every journalist or commentator to have the expertise to challenge him, but I wish one of them did.

I just finished reading what Dion went through at the UN meeting in Montreal. Fascinating. I confess to not being that close to what was going on at the time. He really did pull something off then, in spite of practically everything being stacked against him.

The difference between these two, Dion stares reality square on and deals with it. Baird may stare at it, but then he concentrates on shifting reality to fiction.

It's got to catch up with you. It is and I would say that their entirely fictional based platform is dissolving into exactly what it is, thin air.

Oh, of course you know that every rightie will be saying that Schwarzeneggar's not really a Republican. LOL.

Steve V said...

I heard Baird today, emphasizing the "absolute" reductions aspect. I understand why Harper chose Baird, he is actually quite good at staying on script, going on the offensive, and repeating things ad nauseum in the hopes they will stick. That's the strategy, just keep saying the buzz lines over and over and over, confuse the voter and get traction. All the criticism gets lost in the noise and people aren't sure what to believe.

knb said...

That's the strategy, just keep saying the buzz lines over and over and over, confuse the voter and get traction.

I'd switch buzz lines for lies. It's time more of us started calling this what it is. They lie in the House, they lie in scrums, they lie on panels and they lie during announcements. They are liars and you're right. They believe if you tell a lie long enough, everyone will believe it.

Sadly, there is truth to that. It won't work however if more people called it what it is.

Steve V said...

Knb, the Luntz model has come to Canada. The truth is irrelevant, it's the packaging. Did you read Wells today? Strong language, and entirely true. I actually watched QP after I read his post, and it was just amazing. It's hard to believe these people ran on returning honor and dignity to elected office.

knb said...

Indeed Steve. I'm thinking they have either had Luntz up here again, perhaps at their war room, or, he trained people, or his people trained people and they are on staff, keeping everyone on message.

I envision there Wednesday caucus session to be the "big brainwash".

I'm curious to know if there are people within that caucus who are tired of this. I mean, they sound like "Stepford People". That has to damage your ego? I guess that's the point.

Wells was dead on. He's leaving for France though damnit! He's one of the few who calls it.

Let's hope he is given a big party and he throws down the gauntlet, "Tell the truth people and keep them accountable". Okay it's a dream, but a good one, :).

Steve V said...

Dare to dream :)

Scotian said...

"Baird has become absurd, like Baghdad Bob, with no relationship to reality." Steve V last sentence in post

This is exactly why he was given this ministry in the first place. This man is such a committed partisan he can and will say anything no matter how unsupported/indefensible to make his government appear good even when the reality is the opposite. The environment is an issue for Harper to neutralize politically, not actually do something about, that much has been clear from the outset. Harper was the lead political voice of opposition to Kyoto since its birth, and the idea that he suddenly converted right after Dion became Liberal leader and the death of his first so called Clean Air Act was obviously nonsensical, especially based on the complete lack of basis for it aside from obvious political calculations that to stay on his consistent path any longer would cost him any chance at majority and potentially minority in the next election. The idea that his government would deliver anything more was nonsensical from the outset, and Baird being the most aggressive and rhetorically capable partisan shill in this government filled with partisan shills was his point man for this political neutralization.

This is the first government in my lifetime where my worst case scenarios regarding the motives and the actual actions/inactions of the government (as opposed to their rhetoric) invariably prove out to be either accurate or actually understating it. This file is no exception, and given the importance this is seen as by within the wider electorate this is a very dangerous game Harper is playing and Baird is facilitating with all his might. As I have said many times before, my comments about the Harper government are not motivated by any political partisanship, they are solely motivated by what I see in this CPC party and government from watching the major players within it for many years now. I have never known any other government of either PCPC or Liberal persuasion that has caused this level of fear for the future of this nation and the destruction of the Canadian identity/culture in me, not even close. At times I feel like Cassandra, but at least unlike her I know I am not alone on this.

This is the most propagandistic government I have ever seen on the federal stage in my lifetime, and one of the most disturbing aspects of it is how openly blatant they are about it. Baird on the environment file is a classic example/illustration of this. This is a government that routinely misleads, misdirects, hides, and lies to the citizenry routinely because the noble lie is a justifiable belief by those that lead this party. Is it any wonder it is so driven by expediency alone? It is one thing to seek power for an end, but these folks are a combination of those that seek power for ends they know the public opposes based on prior election results or they are in it solely for the trappings of power itself. Either way this is the kind of government Canadians neither wanted/voted for nor should tolerate. It will be interesting to see just how much the "New" government of Canada has become seen as the old corrupt POS they claimed they would not only replace and clean up after but demonstrate a far higher standard of ethical government than (instead of delivering arguably worse). Well, we have all seen what that reality is literally from day one with the Fortier appointments, Emerson's buyout with a cabinet post, and appointing a lobbyist for the defence sector to Defence.

I think Harper, Baird, and the CPC seriously underestimate the intelligence and the goodwill of Canadians. Harper and the CPC have been given a fair chance with the time in power to date, and I think they have squandered pretty much all of the benefit of the doubt most voters are going to be willing to give. This business with Baird may if not be the final straw breaking that back still be close to it, especially given how fair and apt the "Baghdad Bob" comparison truly is.

Anonymous said...

No country in the entire world has done anything to meet the ridiculous goals of the Kyoto scheme, none. Rhetoric abounds, but no action has been taken by any country, and none ever will be.

This American guy who campaigned for Al Gore can criticize the Canadian government's environmental plan all he wants, the fact is that his government, state or federal, will not do as much as the Conservatives will do for the environment.

knb said...

the fact is that his government, state or federal, will not do as much as the Conservatives will do for the environment.

Some of us dream, some of us are delusional.

Steve V said...


I just proves there is an audience for propaganda, they lap up what they are told, despite no objective source to verify.

ottlib said...


I would urge you to look to Europe.

All of them have implemented programs to meet their Kyoto requirements and they are well on their way.

Contrast that to this government which has done nothing and continues to do nothing except to try to neutalize the issue politically.

So, as usual, a Conservative has lied. Sorry, maybe that is too harsh. Perhaps you are just another Conservative that refuses to look past the Conservative.ca website for your information about the world. So you would not be lying you would just be ignorant.

Take you pick.

Canada is the only country in the G-7 that has not taken any steps to meet its Kyoto requirements. The US never ratified the Protocol but even they are doing more than Canada. It is by accident of course as the states decide not to wait for George Bush to get his head out of the Iraqi sand.

It should be noted anonymous that the measures taken by California to reduce ghg emissions are much stricter than anything this government has come up with.

Frank Frink said...

Hey knb,

The CPC has indeed taken advice from Mr. Luntz. Harper has met with him.

From Liberal MP Mark Holland's website:
"In using misleading language to spin their environmental message, they have obviously paid close attention to U.S. Republican pollster, Frank Luntz, a close associate of Harper's who met with the Prime Minister in May 2006 at a meeting of the ultra-right-wing Civitas Society, where Luntz was guest speaker."

Also mentioned here:
"After an affable meeting with Harper, Luntz went on to speak at the Civitas Society, an influential Conservative group whose members include Harper's chief of staff Ian Brodie and his former campaign manager, Tom Flanagan.

"Luntz's links with the Canadian right go back to the days of the Preston Manning-led Reform party, but he characterised himself yesterday as a 'casual observer' of Canadian politics," the Toronto Star reported."

And the original piece by Bill Berkowitz at MediaTransparency from May, 2006:

Antonia Zerbesias also reported it when her blog was still active - May 10, 2006:

Yep. They have taken direction from Luntz.

Frank Frink said...


I think we're at a point now where we should stop apologizing for or agonizing over calling Harper, Baird, Flaherty, Clement, Van Loan, O'Connor, or any of them on lies, or as liars.

Time to call a lie a lie, and a liar a liar, as Paul Wells at Macleans just did.

It's no longer a question of 'civility' or 'balance'. Time to be truthful.

Frank Frink said...

Oopps sorry, knb. Sometimes I scan through a bit too quickly and just now noticed that you speculated about a 'return visit' by Luntz.

If anything, though, those links might serve as a reminder to others.

ed king said...


I recently discovered Senator Elaine McCoy's excellent blog. She posted today about the manoeuvres the Liberal senators employed to outsmart the Conservatives and get the Kyoto bill, C-288, past the committee stage. I wish the media would report these stories.

knb said...

That's okay frank frink, I appreciate the work getting those links. Thx

I can't think of anyone lower than Luntz, except perhaps those who employ him.

knb said...

ed, did you see Baird react to this in QP? He is not a happy camper. "Those sleazy senators from Alberta..." Nice parliamentary language.

It was reported on, but only from the Conservative side.

Steve V said...

Thanks for the link Ed!

Anonymous said...

The Europeans have promised they will do something in twenty years, that's impressive!