Sunday, May 06, 2007

Albertans Reject Baird's Green Plan

If anyone would be sympathetic to John Baird's Green Plan, you would think it might be Albertans, given political persuasion and economic base. However, Albertans, to their credit, give Baird the big thumbs down:
An overwhelming majority of Albertans believe the central plank in the federal governments new environmental plan isnt tough enough to deal with greenhouse gas emissions from their provinces largest industry, a new poll reveals.

The survey, commissioned by an Alberta-based environmental think tank, found more than two-thirds of respondents believe industries should be forced to make absolute reductions in their levels of pollution, instead of being required to reduce the intensity of their emissions.

But only 20% of those surveyed said they agreed that targets should seek to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions per barrel of oil produced, even if total emissions continue to increase, which is the definition of an intensity target.

On the other side, 70% said targets should seek to reduce the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions below current levels even if it costs industry more. Nine percent said they had no preference, according to the poll which is considered accurate within 4.4 percentage points.

The poll also revealed that 92% of Albertans supported mandatory regulations for oilsands companies

This is a significant result. The whole intensity target regime is overwhelming a Alberta first issue. The fact that Albertans reject the concept as fraud undercuts Baird's entire economic doom and gloom argument, not to mention the notion of unfairly punishing certain segments of the economy. Even those with a direct self-interest can see through the Conservative environmental mirage. The question then becomes, does John Baird have any supporters?


knb said...

Only the oil companies and that was clear on day one.

This really is interesting though isn't it?

I saw Baird this morning, going on and on with his lies. The person interviewing him, countered nothing and obviously did not know enough about the subject to do so.

Baird continues to get this kind of "face time", undisputed. It's obvious to me that he will not appear with anyone else, someone who actually knows what they are talking about. It must be a case of, if you want to interview Baird, it's Baird alone so he can do a commercial.

Nice try, but even that is not working.

Steve V said...

Don't forget Buzz Hargrove :)

Baird is pretty good at deflecting criticism. When a reporter asks a pointed question, he doesn't miss a beat and continues on with the propaganda. I've never seen him in a debate style appearance, which makes me believe he refuses to go on air with anyone else. I would love for some news organization to sandbag him and bring on an expert to adequately challenge the misinformation.

knb said...

I would love for some news organization to sandbag him and bring on an expert to adequately challenge the misinformation.

Frankly at this point, I'd pay to see that.

Scotian said...

"I would love for some news organization to sandbag him and bring on an expert to adequately challenge the misinformation.

Frankly at this point, I'd pay to see that." knb 7:50 PM, May 06, 2007

You and a lot of people I suspect, especially after the last few months of bellowing Baird.

Anonymous said...

You know .. people of Alberta must realize they are embedded in a toxic stew and all this More and more and more oil doesn't give them directly more and more and more goods...

They have children and they have to look at the future not just a few more "Ralph Dollars" so to speak . It is not worth it.

The industry has to be forced to "invest " the insane profit and find ways to work out a methode what is much much cleaner ..
It just shows Albertans are no differen then the rest of Canada reality checks in..

marta from Vancouver

Anonymous said...

Albertan's are a strange folk. We are presumed to be the most conservative in the country, but I find that's not the case. Populist, that's possible, but I doubt it.

If you want to see a good overview of Alberta read The Other Alberta: Decoding a Political Enigma by Doreen Barrie, a professor at the University of Calgary.

You'll get a better understand of Alberta Politics.

Anonymous said...


Most of Canada's pollution doesn't come from the oil sands. It might be the sector seeing the fastest rise in pollution, but it's not where most of our pollution comes from.

The number one place it comes from, well our automobiles. Oh sure the oil is what we pump into them, but that's our choice. We do have other options:

How many people take public transit, even when the option is available?

How many of people live in big suburban houses, eventhough we have the option of living in a densely populated, mixed use community?

How many of people drive big SUVs, eventhough we have the option of driving a smaller vehicle?

Europeans have chosen not to make the above choices and they are seeing significant reductions in emissions.

These are not the oil companies, these are simply choices which we have made. Climate Change is the price we are paying for those choices.

Scott Tribe said...

You know... Baird can go on and on and on with what he says... but even if he isn't countered by someone, as Knb complained about 1 particular reporter - Canadians aren't obviously buying what he's trying to sell (to their credit).

Anonymous said...

Poor old Buzz - he's running from party to party to get their kudos.

Fact is - the auto industry has had years and years to deal with a change to fuel efficient cars and can design them for looks if they want to.

I'm having trouble feeling sorry for them.

If they took a chance and built nice looking fuel efficient cars that were really affordable I bet there would be a "boom".

Anonymous said...

Oh No I was making a note on Albertans as people as the poll was ponting out the "surprizing" numbers.. "I lived in Alberta More the ten years so I am not a staranger I have family there ..I am not anti Albertan ./

I know NOT all the pollution is coming from the oil sands .. But a Huge amount does .... and they are poised to icrease the activities and oilproduction...

I am saying it is great But first find out how to do it better ways and they must invest some of the profit..for a cleaner production..
It is the Government what has to be the force ...

It is the job of the government to be the force..
And this is what practically kills the Harper government..
It is ironic they are just got in /from the West/ and now they have to to seriously regulate the oilproduction ...

Life is a Bitch.. lololo


What was that I read about the Norwegian Co.. buying up some oilsand prod. in Alberta .... and in the news there was a sentence about THEY HAVE A CLEANER TECHNOLOGY to use???
so there are some solutions just have to adapt it?????


Steve V said...

I hope the opposition JUMPS ALL OVER this poll, because it really speaks volumes about the universal rejection of this plan.