Monday, May 14, 2007

Dough Ball

Below, Stephen Harper proves you can still remain physically active in your third-trimester:


Erik Abbink said...

Who's gonna write the book "Stephen Harper is a Big Fat Idiot"?

Anonymous said...


"...Below, Stephen Harper proves you can still remain physically active in your third-trimester..."

That is cutting. Although funny.


Mark Dowling said...

I thought taking shots at Prime Ministerial physique had been put aside since the snide attack on Chretien. Not big or clever guys.

Anonymous said...

It's the trans fats between his ears that worries me more.

I must say though, other leaders work at keeping trim. Chretien jogged and his wife watched what he ate, Martin was up and down but at least tried to keep the weight off, Layton keeps in shape, Duceppe keeps in shape and yes, skinny Dion works out.

Steve better get of track - it's a high pressure job. You just can't sit all the time playing board game tactics - ya gotta move!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed the amount of obesity in the CPC caucus. Wow. I know all parties have some chubbies, but my God look at the CPC bench.

Must be living high off the hog on taxpayer money. I read they ate extremely well when jetting around - pork tenderloin, etc.

Serve up more salads, it's costing us a lot of money.

Steve V said...


Lighten up :)

Anonymous said...

Well aside from jokes... I am suspecting he is on some form of Cortisone medication /about asthma ??/ which would explain His Alpha male attitude in all things he is involved ...
Should we request some medical Checks on the public domain???/


Anonymous said...

Steroids don't fatten up the tummy. They bloat the face and make one puffy - the middle age spread is all his own.

ottlib said...


The Reform Party and the Progressive Conservative Party were rightly criticised for highlighting Mr. Chretien's face. Mr. Chretien got that crooked face as a result of a childhood illness. Hardly something in his control.

Mr. Harper on the other hand got his beer gut the way all men get their beer gut, he earned it.

So you are comparing apples to automobiles.

Although I agree that his physique is really unimportant in the grander scheme of things I would not consider criticising it to be inappropriate.

Steve V said...

The only reason I posted this picture, was because of the shading with Harper's button. It seriously reminded me of my wife, when pregnant. The only difference, on her it was very attractive :)