Saturday, May 26, 2007

Angus-Reid Online Poll

Of all the polling, the Angus-Reid online one seems to generate the most scepticism. The issues of reliability have been argued, and this poll has proven to be an outlier. Well, I would still classify the findings as "wacky", but they do follow the same trend of other polling outfits. In fact, since the last poll, the gap between the Liberals and Tories has closed by 10 points:
Public support for the Conservative party decreased this month in Canada, according to a poll by Angus Reid Strategies. 35 per cent of decided voters would support the Tories in the next federal election.

The Liberal party is second with 28 per cent, followed by the New Democratic Party (NDP) with 18 per cent, the Green party with nine per cent, and the Bloc Québécois also with nine per cent. Support for the Tories fell by four points since late March, while backing for the Grits increased by six points.

At the very least, Conservative apologists are robbed of their favorite poll reference, Libranos at 22%. Libs up 6, Tories down 4, the numbers still don't match other outfits, but the pattern is the same.


New Ipsos poll, which is much the same as their last offering:
The Ipsos Reid survey, conducted May 22-24 exclusively for CanWest News Service and Global National, found that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative party was holding onto a steady lead with 37 per cent support, versus 31 per cent for the Liberals and 16 per cent for the NDP. The Green party also made some gains, rising to nine per cent support nationally, the highest level ever recorded by Ipsos Reid, while four per cent of voters remain undecided.

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