Friday, May 11, 2007

Mr. Duplicity

Stephen Harper today:
"Last month, nine soldiers from Petawawa were honoured for their work in Afghanistan, but sadly the attention has not been on them,'' he told the military community at CFB Petawawa.

"Those soldiers did not receive the attention they deserved because their story has been eclipsed by quarrels in the House of Commons with respect to allegations about detainees.

"I sincerely hope their story will come to light when the Governor General officially gives them their decorations.''

What gall, not to mention hypocrisy. According to Harper, the nation should focus on the sacrifice of our soldiers out of respect. This sentiment, from the same Harper who just last year did everything in his power to turn the lens of public attention away from soldiers sacrifices.

"Peace Tower flag won't be lowered for military deaths"

The federal government says from now on the flag atop the Peace Tower in Ottawa will not be lowered to half-mast in honour of fallen Canadian soldiers

"Harper on defensive over media ban on return of dead soldiers"

Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended his government's decision to ban the media from covering the return of bodies of soldiers killed in the line of duty

Apparently, soldiers deaths are a political football, with the viewpoint contingent on one's particular predicament at the time. When Harper was worried that support for the war could wane with casualties, he intervened to eliminate any troubling reminders. Now, to defend his clusterfuck on the detainees, Harper has the audacity to tell the nation that we should be focusing on the "fallen". Lower the flag then, draw the nation's gaze, you duplicitous hack.


Lord Kitchener's Own said...

It's worse than that.

He's addressing a support the troops rally and his speech is essentially "The troops are great. Now let me tell you about what those bastards in the Opposition benches are doing...".

The opposition attacks the mission in the House of Commons, a place to debate the issues of the Nation. The Prime Minister attacks the opposition at "Support the Troops" rallies, a place to support the troops, and he pretends that the opposition doesn't support the troops. He'll go on and on about a supposed lack of support for the troops at a rally designed to raise moral and suppoprt the troops.

The Conservatives (and Hillier frankly) are always saying, really quickly, how great the troops are, and what a great job they're doing, and then waxing on and on about how terrible it is that they're not getting enough support, or how pissed they are that there's a debate about the mission back home.

I'd imagine that the troops would barely notice the opposition and the debate, it's just that the PM, the Defence Minister and the CDF won't stop bringing it up and disengenuously framing it as a lack of support for our soldiers!

It's the Tories who morph questioning the mission or its execution into a lack of support for the troops. It's a myth of Tory invention that there's significant opposition to the troops. Pretty much EVERYONE supports the troops, and it's only the Conservatives who desperately want you to believe otherwise. The three people most liklely to give a speech which makes you think there's a lack of support for the troops in the country are Harper, Hillier and O'Connor.

Frankly, I'm pretty sure most of the troops don't fall for it.

Steve V said...


Well said!

knb said...

This man is slime. I didn't think I could dislike him any more than I already did, but when I heard him today, I could feel my blood pressure going up.

I have never been so disgusted and embarrased to say that he is our PM.

Oh, I feel that way when he is in the HoC, but I expect him to be weak and rely on rhetoric rather than take concrete action, there.

To use our troops to score political points is beyond the pale.

lko: It's a myth of Tory invention that there's significant opposition to the troops.

Actually, it's mirroring the myth that was invented by the Republicans. That whole strategy is going south, so it's beyond me why Harper thinks it's smart.

Think back to before he came into office, I NEVER heard anywhere in this country, anyone imply that Canadians didn't support the troops. In fact, they have been a source of significant pride for most Canadians.

He's ruined all that, just like he is ruining everything else I love about this country.

Anonymous said...

It's time to take action as citizens - writer Hillier with as many signatures as possible and copy in Harper and have copies delivered to the troops.

Let them know we do support them, that we've NEVER NOT SUPPORTED THEM, that we are insulted and disgusted that Harper is trying to portray Canadians that way and really disturbed that he's using them for political points.

We have to do something. Copy in the newspapers even.

Something has to be done - he can't get away with this sham.

knb said...

anon, I agree with you. I'm just not sure how to go about it.

I will be writing papers this weekend, but that is not enough.

Edward G. Hollett said...

If memory serves, the soldiers he refers to were actually from Atlantic Canada, specifically Camp Gagetown.

Steve V said...


Embarrassing is the right word.

Red Tory said...

Absolutely disgusting. And Hillier and O'Connor sitting behind him with shit eating grins on their faces while he did it... God, I hate these people.

knb said...

Steve, upon reflection, I'd say ashamed.

RT: I hate these people.

Hate is not a word I use often, but in this case, I agree. I loathe them and cannot think of anything or anyone that has made my blood boil like them and him particularly.

They disgust me and if my grandfather and uncle were still alive, (WWI and WWII participants), I cannot imagine how they would react. They were Liberals btw.

Red Tory said...

KNB — I don't use the word lightly.

sassy said...

knb said...
anon, I agree with you. I'm just not sure how to go about it.

I will be writing papers this weekend, but that is not enough.

7:00 PM, May 11, 2007

My Monday morning follow up with that idea. - I have just written the two people who brought "Red Friday" (the idea of wearing red on Friday's to show support for our troops serving in the Canadian Forces) to the Petawawa base east of Ottawa.

In my email to them I have asked that they share the following (below is just a summary of my email) with the troops they know.

"Although I do not agree with the current government’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan, I do support our troops"

As there is most likely an expectation of privacy (should either one of these people respond back) I will only share the tone of their correspondence.