Monday, May 28, 2007


Depending on which news article you read, you get contradictory information.

Canada is in:
The Conservative government will side with the European countries against the Bush administration by endorsing a call for greenhouse gas reduction targets at a G8 summit next week.

Environment Minister John Baird said Canada would endorse those targets, which the U.S. has apparently refused to back.

"We strongly support the . . . European proposal to have a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases by 50 per cent," Baird said.

Canada isn't in:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper distanced himself Monday from a strongly worded international statement about fighting climate change, explaining Canada is trying to craft a consensus to include the United States and China in a new pact to tackle global warming.

Baird today called our plan the "toughest", yet provincial governments disagree, except one(guess who?)
Baird put on the defensive

Environment Minister John Baird was put on the defensive Monday after an attempt to sell Ottawa's greenhouse gas reduction plan to his provincial and territorial counterparts was met with a chorus of disapproval.

A number of ministers emerged from a closed-door meeting with Mr. Baird saying they were disappointed with the government for failing to set a hard cap on industries that produce greenhouse gas emissions.

Critics point out that the latter number sets targets for big business based on their industrial output, rather than placing a hard cap on their emissions. Intensity targets would allow emissions to continue rising along with industry output.

Among the few to emerge with optimism after what some described as a “very lively discussion” was Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner

Environmental groups scoff today, provincal counterparts criticize- another banner day for the Green Plan. I can't wait for the G8 summit. Baird will surely shine, given the strong backing from all quarters.


knb said...

I do hope the summit is covered by the media, properly.

I want to see Baird's speech and of course the reaction.

I'm not sure how we could look more ridiculous on this front.

Total aside, did he dye his hair? Not that there is anything wrong with that, but he just looked different.

Steve V said...

"Total aside, did he dye his hair?"

LOL, I wondered that too.

"I do hope the summit is covered by the media, properly."

I wonder if it will be streamed anywhere?

burlivespipe said...

Hey don't comment on the dippity-do in his hair. The Tory-bots are particularly sensitive about comments on environmental ministers' hair products.
But when you're spewing so much hot air, I'd expect that alone could frost a few follicles...

Steve V said...


I forgot about that :)

Mentarch said...

This confusion stems out of the fact that Harper and Baird keep lying in order to watch the back of BushCo.

Their (neo)con games keep on going and going and going ...

Steve V said...


Baird referenced the EPA today. Baird said he had been talking with officials, and actually applauded the EPA for its smog regiment, saying "Canada has alot of catching up to do". The EPA, under the Bush administration has become a complete and utter joke, which makes Baird's praise both telling and strange.

BTW, great site :)

Anonymous said...

Amazinly stupid. Nancy Pelosi and the Dems are demanding that Bush get involved in the EU programme. Harper's going along with idiot Bush who only has 1-1/2 years left and probably the Dems will win next election.

Also, Baird getting involved with attacking Gore very stupid. What if, just what if, Gore happened to run for president and won - whoops, so much for US/Canada relations if Harper is still in.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.