Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cross Country Reality Checkup

Rex Murphy's column does offers some wise advice for the Liberals moving forward. A good read for sure. However, Murphy also sings from the new media hymnbook, that Ignatieff has been "livin easy" this summer. I promise to stop pointing this out, as soon as the media class stops with the lazy frames, that show little relationship to reality. Quite telling, that at the exact moment I was reading Murphy's piece this morning, Ignatieff was on the road again:

"Relaxing" in Peterborough at the Farmer's Market, before another summertime gathering this afternoon. You can just smell the lazy entitlement.

The plus side of all this esoteric, pass the narrative, exercise within our media, they probably all read Jane Taber. If so, they might actually stumble on more counter reality information:
Mr. Ignatieff is headed east next week on a major tour, hopping from province to province in a little plane. The leader, who has been criticized for being in hiding this summer, is stopping in Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick.

Let's start a new criticism. Why isn't Ignatieff spending more time developing policy in Ottawa, rather than wasting his time travelling around when nobody is paying attention anyways (it's summer you know)? Watch for it.


RuralSandi said...

And, damn it, he thinks when it's bad weather - imagine thinking. To me, that means he's not wasting time. If he can't be out there in the rain he's inside thinking and planning.

It's the non-thinkers that bother me.

Rex Murphy is really boring me. He's been on a tirade for months against Obama, against climate change against Iggy. Never talks about real issues, Layton, Harper, etc.

Steve V said...

This is perfect.

Jerry Prager said...

The thing is, all the people hat Iggy is visiting listen to and read national media, and the message they get from what you call the lazy media, is tjhat all these very real people are nothing but chopped liver, people who don't count. Nothing pisses people off more than being dissed by the media as unimportant. Given Harper's Duffyization of the Con message, the clusters of actual voters here there and every where who have been so dissed begin to constitute a constituency. Dig in Iggy, dig in. Stephen Haprer - too small for Canada.