Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Speaking of DUDS

Earlier this week, Conservative cheerleader Ian MacDonald offered up some more bird cage liner (very absorbent). Criticizing Ignatieff for playing it safe:
He has also been campaigning in safe Liberal ridings, such as Sydney in Cape Breton. A leader's summer tour is supposed to focus on competitive seats.

When I read it, I knew it was bull, but frankly I didn't want to waste the time detailing the ignorance. However, David Akin has a detailed examination of the leader's summer tours, titled On summer tours, Harper on defence, Iggy on offence?. A good read, just the facts please.

DUD is right, but luckily some columnists are rarely subjected to the same scrutiny as their PREY. Oh well, the buggie is happy.


Jerry Prager said...

Noticed that myself, that would be Iggy the digger.

Calgary Junkie said...

Steve, have you seen this article by Lawrence Martin ? ... Iggy needs a makeover

h/t Roy Eappen

Steve V said...

He might make some valid points, but I have a hard time taking any thesis seriously that uses the Ipsos poll as impetus. Please.