Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's Left?

On the heels of maybe the most obnoxious set of Senate appointments in recent memory, interesting to hear more "feedback" on that other CORNERSTONE Conservative principle- the "open and transparent" government:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives have failed to boost government transparency, despite pledging years ago to improve Canadians' access to public information, says the retired Quebec judge who oversaw an inquiry into the federal sponsorship scandal.

Enlarge Photo David SmithJohn Gomery "The current government ran for election in 2006 on a platform promising integrity, accountability and transparency," John Gomery said in a speech on Wednesday.

"On the transparency issue, its promises have simply not been fulfilled.

"I do think the record of the current government is very bad," he later told reporters. "I think, frankly, the government needs to be criticized for that."

Not so-so, not more needs to be done, not bad, but VERY BAD. In other words, a complete and utter repudiation of the supposed core tenet. We remember well, the pius white knights who would transform Ottawa after years of dirty Liberal rule- make it open to Canadians, make it transparent, no secrecy. Surely it must pain the faithful to know that in practice, the Harper government has ruled with a Stalinist grip, access to information has stalled, at every turn obstruction and delay.

I'm curious, what's left for the principled Conservatives? Not much it seems, the odor of overt hypocrisy is simply PUNGENT.


Anonymous said...

What's left for them will be a round of lies and scaremongering gleaned from the american republicans for the next election.

Tomm said...

"...obnoxious set of senate appointments in recent memory"

...and thgen moving to a quote by John Gomery.

Let me get this straight, you are a blogger blogging in support of the Liberal Party of Canada? Do you have no shame?

Obnoxious Senate appointments are the sole domain of the LPC. At least these guys are all agreeing to an 8 year term. The Liberal Senators... not so much. When does Grant Mitchell quit sucking on the public teat?

And John Gomery, who basically denounced the Liberal Party of Canada and its entire leadership (including Martin and Dion) as beyond entitlement. As a Party that was unable to separate its private existance with the Dominion of Canada, or taxpayers money, is somebody you want Canadian's to listen too?

Or only have Canadian's listen to THIS Gomery soundbite, not the other 800 pages of comment.

I suggest you utter the word "hypocrisy" out loud and see if lightning crackles near you.

This post is proof positive that you are a Liberal right down to your soul.

I suggest you run (not walk) to the nearest church and ask for some soul cleansing guidance.

Steve V said...

"Obnoxious Senate appointments are the sole domain of the LPC."

Not anymore Tomm, pay attention, you've become what you used to despise. Sorry I didn't read the rest, but I'm sure it was riveting.

Steve V said...

Some light reading for the faithful:

In his own words: Senate Harpocrisy

"We don't support any Senate appointments."

(Stephen Harper, Winnipeg Free Press, January 29, 1996)

"Despite the fine work of many individual Senators, the Upper House remains a dumping ground for the favoured cronies of the Prime Minister."

(Stephen Harper Leadership Website, January 15, 2004)

"In the 21st century, those who want to sit in the parliament of a democratic state should have a mandate from the people."

(Stephen Harper, February 7, 2006)

"A conservative government will not appoint to the senate anyone who does not have a mandate from the people."

(Conservative Party website during 2006 election)

"As everyone in this room knows, it has become a right of passage for aspiring leaders and prime ministers to promise Senate reform - on their way to the top - but once they are elected, Senate reform quickly falls to the bottom of the Government's agenda. Nothing ever gets done."

(Stephen Harper, Speech on Senate Reform before Senate Committee, September 7, 2006)

"I don't plan to appoint senators; that's not my intention."

(Stephen Harper, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, January 14, 2006)

"Stephen Harper will cease patronage appointments to the Senate. Only candidates elected by the people will be named to the Upper House."

(Stephen Harper Leadership Website, January 15, 2004)

"I challenge Mr. Martin, once he becomes Prime Minister, to turn a page on the past, and appoint only elected Senators to the Upper House."

(Stephen Harper, Canadian Alliance Press Release, July 4, 2003)

"Canadians from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia remain ashamed of Canada`s senior legislative body. They are ashamed the Prime Minister continues the disgraceful, undemocratic appointment of undemocratic Liberals to the undemocratic Senate to pass all too often undemocratic legislation."

(Stephen Harper, Hansard, March 7, 1996)

Double ouch.

RuralSandi said...

Tomm - doesn't get it, or doesn't want to. He listens to Gomery when Libs are attacked - why won't he listen to him now?

....shaking my head in disbelief.....

CanadianSense said...

Steve V,

I read your posts and can understand how the decision of the PM to appoint senators does not sit well with you.

Is this issue important or another distraction for the Liberal Party?

"You spend all your time chronicling the government's many sins - every hint of arrogance, every scandalous expenditure, every missed opportunity. You have a mental note of every misstep by its underqualified ministers, and every mistruth they utter. You're on the receiving end of every underhanded tactic to consolidate the government's hold on power. After a while, you become convinced that there is nothing more important than replacing it at the earliest opportunity."

"Then you make the mistake of thinking that your average voter - who doesn't have the same vested interest, and isn't immersed in the government's day-to-day foibles - feels the same way."

Steve V said...


I am absolutely LOVIN the Con sympathizer rationalizations across the blogosphere. Very, very entertaining.

Steve V said...


I've already said we need our own vision. You can beat this horse if you want, but pardon me for noticing the sheer hypocrisy coming from the Conservatives.

Don't forget who rode into town on their ivory steeds. They've betrayed their most basic tenets, everywhere you look. You seem to be suggesting we ignore?

JimmE said...

Newly elected US Senator Al Franken published a very entertaining book entitled: Lies (And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them).

Since early in his mandate I've often wondered if the present PM has ever read the book.

Jerry Prager said...

JimmE why would Harper read Franken's book, it's his life story. Harper seems incapable of integrity or truth, much like the last two term Con PM.

Steve V said...

He'll probably get to it when he's done with his favorite literary topic, Joseph Stalin. According to his inner staff anyways.

rockfish said...

Hey tomm, i've not read any signed agreement -- if its Harper's word or some CON hack that you're taking, regarding an 8-year position, i think you better stay away from the computer until those wildly generous Liberian ex-governors with their promises of grand riches have left the building. You are too crazy to be believable, but don't change. Harper has screwed another of your precious talking points over, and all you can mumble is 'but the Liberals did it too'... Classic.

Steve V said...

"all you can mumble is 'but the Liberals did it too'... Classic."

Which pretty much means all is lost, considering that this movement was all about being different from the Libs. It's actually kind of pathetic at this point.