Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Razor Thin

I thought I would compile a list of all the ridings that the Liberals were within 5% of winning in the last election. There are a host of ridings just outside this criteria that are entirely winnable, but this gives a sense of potential "easy" (you know what I mean) pickups. To be fair, I didn't include all the Liberal ridings that were won by less than 5%, of which there are plenty:


Egmont 62 votes (.4%) Con


West Nova 1594 votes (3.8%) Con


Miramichi 1449 votes (5%) Con

Saint John 495 votes (1.4%) Con


Ahuntsic 142 votes (.3%) Bloc

Brome--Missisquoi 1225 (2.4%) Bloc

Gatineau 1039 votes (3.7%) Bloc

Jeanne-Le Ber 1198 votes (2.4%) Bloc

Haute-Gasp├ęsie 609 votes (1.9%) Bloc


Kitchener Center 339 votes (.8%) Con

Kitchener Waterloo 73 votes (.1%) Con

London West 2121 votes (3.7%) Con

Mississauga-Erindale 239 votes (.4%) Con

Oak Ridges--Markham 430 votes (.6%) Con

Sudbury 2066 votes (4.9%) NDP

Welland 2543 (5%) NDP


North Vancouver 2819 votes (4.9%) Con

Saanich-Gulf Islands 2621 votes (4%) Con

The current average polling puts Liberal support up 7% from the last election, Conservatives down 5%, NDP down 3%, Bloc down 4%, Greens up 2%. That means many, many more ridings are in play, obviously, but I thought it interesting to highlight the low hanging fruit.


Jerry Prager said...

I actually believe that with a strong message based campaign rooted in a clear direction for the country, Canadians would love nothing better than to put the boots to the little tinpot dictator strutting around Ottawa. Stephen Harper - too small for Canada.

Anonymous said...

UMMMM we won Brossard.
Our MP is Alexandra Mendes.

Steve V said...

Opps, bad source material :)