Saturday, August 15, 2009

How Canadians View Parties

Angus Reid asks a series of questions about how we view our political parties.

55% Conservatives, 43% Liberals

48% Conservatives, 32% Liberals

37% Conservatives, 25% Liberals

24% Conservatives, 15% Liberals

17% Conservative, 27% Liberals

36% Conservative, 38% Liberals

Voters also see the Conservatives as more efficient, the Liberals more inefficient.


Éric said...
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Éric said...

Sorry, made a typo.

I've made a post about this over on which has more of an overview of the poll.

I find it interesting that the Conservatives and Liberals score so highly on negative attributes, yet still lead in the polls.

I suppose that Conservatives and Liberals attract more polarization, so that supporters of either are more likely to say bad things about the other party, while giving decent grades to the NDP and Greens - parties that aren't really a threat.

Patrick Ross said...

It's interesting.

The Green Party scored highest on "down to earth" and "out of touch".

I'm surprised by the former. Certainly not surprised by the latter.