Sunday, August 02, 2009

Where's The Media?

On vacation, huddled in an office in Ottawa, over in Europe? I mean, there's this leader of the Liberal Party doing a Quebec blitz and I can't seem to find a thing on it??:
SATURDAY, AUG. 1 MONT-JOLI, Que. _ Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff speaks to supporters. (10:45 a.m. at Aeroport regional de Mont-Joli, 875 Blvd. Jacques-Cartier, Suite 101)

AMQUI, Que. _ Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff gives a speech at a lunch gathering. (12:15 p.m. at Club de golf Revermont, 146, Chemin du golf)

MATANE, Que. _ Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff speaks to supporters in Matane, Que. (5:30 p.m. at Riotel Matane, 250 aveneue du Phare Est)

SUNDAY, AUG. 2 GASPE, Que. _ Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff participates in celebrations to commemorate the 475th anniversary of Gaspe. (9:45 a.m. at Musee de la Gaspesie, 80 Blvd. de Gaspe)

CASCAPEDIA-ST-JULES, Que. _ Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff takes part in a ceremony commemorating the peaceful co-habitation of the three founding nations. (2 p.m. at Musee de la Riviere Cascapedia, 275 Route 299)

BONAVENTURE, Que. _ Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff speaks to party supporters in Bonaventure. (4 p.m. at Centre Bonne Aventure, 105 av. Grand Pre)

Maybe there will be something in tomorrow's papers and newscasts about how Ignatieff is a publicity hound, wasting his time during the heat of summer. So, let's get this straight. It's only newsworthy if we can't see him, but if we do see him it's a waste of ink. Quite fascinating, and illuminating, isn't it? Part of the problem...


RuralSandi said...

You should send your blog to each and every media hound who's only interest is analysing Iggy, or wondering where he is and ask THEM what they are doing with their summer besides lazy reporting, at best.

Ask them why they aren't paying attention.

ottlib said...

Since when did the media ever let facts get in the way of a good narrative?

william said...

Read the French papers (Le Soleil, regionals) - there is coverage there...and that is the most important coverage possible for these events...

Anonymous said...

Reading the French papers isn't enough. They're accusing Iggy of hiding when in fact he's been busy. The rest of the country should know he's been busy - not just Quebec.

Éric said...

These are all towns in the Gaspésie, and they are all small. It isn't really national news, though it is Quebec news and was mentioned in La Presse.

Do you know how far and isolated the Gaspésie is (where I was born)? I have trouble imagining anglophone journalists following Ignatieff to the Gaspé to cover a few Liberal riding association meetings.

Regional francophone journalists? Yes, and it is being covered by them.

You guys should be careful. This kind of talk about the MSM sounds a lot like what you hear on Blogging Tories.

Steve V said...

That's great that the Quebec media is covering Ignatieff, but I seem to recall the ENGLISH media fixating on Ignatieff being absent. One would think since it was newsworthy to talk about NOTHING, it might be newsworthy to mention SOMETHING.

Steve V said...

Another point, isn't it sort of newsworthy that Ignatieff is going into the Bloc heartland? When was the last time a Liberal leader did such a thing? Inquiring minds need to know...

Éric said...

The region does have some history voting Liberal at the provincial level, and one of the Bloc MPs in the region won't be running for re-election next time. Since he only one the riding by a few hundred votes, it is winnable for the Liberals - though I'd say unlikely.

It's just that the bias stuff is unbecoming. I've always found the Liberal blogs to be the best, in that they have the least nonsense in them. The Tory blogs are always blaming the media for something and the NDP ones are often anti-Israel. I'd hate to see the Liberal blogs drift into stereotype as well.

Steve V said...


With all due respect, you're missing the point entirely. If the media wants to put out this narrative that Ignatieff has been AWOL all summer, even though they know darn well he's been busy, then they are obligated to mention a tour- you know the kind they wondered why he wasn't doing? That has nothing to do with the moonbats on BT's, it has to do with a certain integrity. I have no problem calling out the media, unless of course we're just supposed to passively lap up whatever they deem worthy.

Steve V said...

Like, look at this crap in TODAY's LFP:

"Politicians at this time of year go into a kind of hibernation.

They hit the odd barbecue or summer fair. They arrange to be photographed in bucolic settings. They gird their loins for September.

Fine. They're entitled to a bit of vacation time. But must they be quite so obvious about recycling old material?

Take Michael Ignatieff. For weeks he's been off the radar -- playing Stratego at the cottage, perhaps

Hehe, so clever with the "stratego" jab, uttered at just the moment when Ignatieff is touring Quebec. That's embarrassing.

This dud yesterday in another paper:

"Where is Waldo” Ignatieff?"

Where was Michael Ignatieff all summer?

Nevermind, the summer isn't even half over, we just see this story build and the media just keeps piling on because they're bored. It's really quite sad, you see on columnist concoct a narrative, then all the lazy jump along with their own juvenile nonsense, before you know it, it's fact.

Éric said...

I can accept that. But, sometimes you just have to take it as part of the game. It probably isn't deliberate, and it can be dangerous to start guessing at motivations.

For example, Chantal Hebert (who I think we can all agree is one of the best analysts out there) was for a few months referencing a CROP poll that was unfavourable to the Bloc and support for sovereignty, despite the fact that newer, more favourable polls had been released in the interim.

Was she deliberate ignoring new information that didn't fit into her argument? Was she purposefully trying to down play Bloc support? Or was she just uninformed or forgetful?

Sometimes the media chooses to be incompetent, sometimes they just are. Better to take it as a given.

Cari said...

All bets are on ..When Harper goes to the Arctic, for his photo ops..we will hear all about it.

rockfish said...

I'm among the conspiracy theorists who feel the CONs have seeped their deep pockets into the upper chambers of the media houses to 'help' guide the editorial content. No to little coverage on Ignatieff that conflicts with the 'just visiting' faux theme, burnishing their own mastheads into CON messaging, including 'be happy' (while burying real journalistic stories in the B or Z section) memes that help Carney carry the CONs water through the fall.
Just as the media has little responsibility to self-correct or even reflect on its tone and message (ie Kerry, the gaffe interview with Dion etc), they show no measure of concern over how their shading of current affairs shapes the future. Well, why should all the CONs and their 'left-wing media conspiracy!' farts have all the fun?!

Oh, and I work in editorial side of the media for one of the worse offenders.

Anonymous said...

Let me give you something about Quebec that we should be concerned about.

We still do not have a candidate for the Riviere-du-Loup by-election.

This is Mario Dumont country. But if the Grits are really strong, they should be winning this.

I suspect the grassroots for the party is weaker than we think. There are three by-elections coming up and we may finish third in all three. The New Democrats may even win Bill Casey's old riding thanks to Darrell Dexter's troops.

Steve V said...

They should be winning this? We finished a distant third, 31% behind the Bloc with a whopping 15% of the vote. Let's not get carried away my friend :)

Marie said...

What is wrong with Ignatieff getting local coverage at local events. The majority of the ones you listed were with Liberal party supporters - there are 308 MPs out there doing the exact same thing. Why does reaching out to the local grass roots have to be heralded in the national news? Like, who cares? Unless he was announcing something of national importance aside from -Harper bad, evil, stupid and incompetent blah blah blah why should the rest of the country even care.
Harper going to the Arctic is of national importance as he is the PM and represents the government - not just the Conservative Party.
Big difference don't you think?

Northern PoV said...

you are being very patient with these numskulls who are either deliberately mis-understanding your point or just plain too thick to understand it.

I have watched these 'where's Iggy' stories building over the summer (from all the usual suspects) even while our guy gets national press let alone the regional stories you showed. And it caused cognitive dissonance. Poor me.

but your little expose here is giving comfort

too bad the blue-meanies will likely win this latest skirmish and this silly narrative will stick

Marie said...

But, Ignatieff WAS in London England to deliver a speech about his book on Isaiah Berlin on July 8th.
THAT is a fact. How many days after that was he in Europe? Not that there is anything wrong with it - his daughter lives there, he has property in Provence to check on and his wife's relatives live in Europe.
Why be coy?
He went to Europe - he came back. Guesstimates have him there for about two weeks - and then he said he was at home in Ottawa - "thinking thoughts" because it is raining.
There should be no secret about a well deserved two week personal why is there a preceived coverup? That is the real question don't you think?

RuralSandi said...

Marie - where's Harper been since July 7th??? Huh?

Vacationing - and having Con MP's there for fun and frolic at "taxpayer" expense.

Marie - you are trying too hard and looking quite foolish. Imagine thinking only Iggy can't have a vacation while all other do - unbelievable.

Fact - Iggy was making a speech on Liberalism in Europe - that's called working my dear.

Now, go out and play.

Marie said...

I believe that the PM has been working on government business as are most other members of the government.
Not much time for politicing or doing Conservative party stuff.

Ignatieff's sole job is to work for the Liberal Party at the moment and the people of his constituency. I am sure he is doing just that along with "his people" who were supposed to have a new Liberal Red Book ready by June.
Just because individuals are not reported on by the national press does not mean they are not working.
Nobody said Ignatieff was not working. On his twitter he said he was taking a break to read a novel by a Canadian author..and then having a rare day at home thinking thoughts because it was raining.
So, he too is busy.
My MP is all over the place this summer at local events and the constituency work is neverending. No doubt Ignatieff has consituency office work to do as well.
So, he was away for a few weeks - again I say - so what?

Steve V said...

"So, he was away for a few weeks - again I say - so what?"

Exactly, so what indeed. You're actually reinforcing the basic argument, albeit in a very twisted way.

Anonymous said...

Well, Marie - it hasn't been all work and no play for Harper - he was at taxpayer funded Harrington Lake and had taxpayer funded fun and frolic attended by Con MP's like Poilievre - having a grand old time on OUR money - thems the facts girl.

Marie said...

Well, I don't begrudge anybody a vacation and a chance for some R& R, family time and getting together with friends.
Not Ignatieff either. His trip to Europe was a personal one - not a Liberal party excursion, not on behalf of the Government of Canada and he collected speaking fees for his own personal use.
So, I am certain that no taxpayer money or Liberal party money paid any of his trip's costs and just his own personal taxpayer paycheque which he personally earns would cover that.
He does not need high level security to go everywhere with him like the leader of the country and can also fly or travel public on his own dime.
Nothing wrong with that at all - his trip, he paid for it and it is okay. Just, why the secrecy is all?

lept said...

Was too!
Look at this : )
Watch the coverage he gets in the coming week - this type of local stuff is important.
(I didn't go and see him today even although he was in town - Bonaventure).

Steve V said...


I actually thought of you, because I know you've wondered when a Liberal leader would ever make the trek. It is important, and I'm sure it will get local coverage. I'd just like to see our english media acknowledge :)

Anthony said...

The French papers quoted James Moore telling Ignatieff he shouldnt be touring and he should be working to make Parliament work.

As for the Liberals winning Mario Dumont territory, they have about a similar shot of winning Medicine Hat.

jarrid said...

"Where's the media?"

Right now they're getting more and more impatient with Mr. Ignatieff Steve. A case in point is Jim Travers, if Ignatieff doesn't do something soon, like articulating some policy and an alternative vision to the Tories, he's going to turn on him just like he turned on Dion.

Jon Pertwee said...

Oooh Jim Travers.. Is he going to stomp on buildings a la Godzilla screaming Ignatieff's name? Should I build a shelter to hide from the wrath of Jim Travers? Like I care what he thinks.

Woman at Mile 0 said...

Great post Steve. It makes me so angry and afraid for our country. The amount of coverage the opposition gets in Canada right now compared to the US is downright criminal.
For several weeks now all I have seen is out and out lies from the media in google searchers about where is Iggy and it's so frustrating I want to scream. Now Macleans is at it. Nothing about what Ignatieff has said or done. Just "oh he's off in la la land somewhere" dreaming about something intellectual in nature. Most of the themes are he doesn't tell us who is is and yet they won't report what he says. How is this democracy?

Anonymous said...

I hate stepping in with a comment after so many have been made. But I couldn't let this statement go unrefuted:

"Chantal Hebert (who I think we can all agree is one of the best analysts out there ..."

Yes, unless it has something to do with federalists. In which case her analysis is absolutely CRAP. She hated Chretien and every analysis she made on the man was negative and almost always wrong.

Éric said...

Chantal Hebert is from Ontario, and has written scathing articles about the sovereignty movement in the past.

If she's wrong about federalists, it isn't because of any bias.