Friday, August 28, 2009

Truth Hurts

If former Reform MP Myron Thompson happens by, might I recommend you keep the defibrillator handy while viewing:

All hail the king:


Oemissions said...

I don't see it as kingly, altho I am sure he would relish a crown, such as this.
I see it as another pugnacious act which befits a schoolboy bully.

Anonymous said...

Good video.

I still like the irony of the Liberal's banging this particular drum.

Anonymous said...

The previous post was mine.


Patrick said...

I must be getting fairly disaffected because as a liberal myself, I frankly don't mind the senate appointments. Yea they're crass and clearly partisan, but truly... put yourself in his shoes, if you don't respect the senate, don't believe it should be around, why not appoint blatant hacks and make a mockery of it?

I'm left wondering after these last few days, where the hell is Ignatieff and the liberals? Now that Doer has been appointed Ambassador to the US, Harper comes out looking squeaky clean, the NDP gets a boost. Ignatieff is still quiet.


Jon Pertwee said...

Tomm finds liberal irony in Harper being the PM that has had more patronage appointments than any other PM in Canadian history? That's dyed in the wool conservatism without reality Tomm. Its more ironic that Steve said he'd never do anything like this and then created more patronage appointments than anyone else. What's sad is that Conservative supporters are such apologists they cant see their own hypocrisy.

Steve V said...

"I still like the irony of the Liberal's banging this particular drum."

And, I'm just loving the fact they look like the Liberals now. Ah, the sweet piety of opposition, so fainting when in power.

Gayle said...

Does anyone know if his term limit bill includes a limit to the pensions? If not, that is going to be mighty expensive since decreasing term limits means increasing the number of senators.

Steve V said...

That's a great point.

CanadianSense said...

On the issues of importance to Canadians regarding their daily lives, how does "stacking the Senate" rank?

Top 5, 10, 20?

Is this an example of "faux outrage" by the Liberals in opposition?

(The same "faux outrage" by the CPC when in opposition?)

If the CPC do stupid things in opposition and the Liberals repeat the same stupid unfair criticism, does it matter which party is seen as MORE stupid?

This entire Forest Gump, Groundhog Day schtick by the opposition is turning off Canadians?

Besides the MSM who crave ratings and need "faux rage", and hacks do regular Canadians really care?

Did I miss the protests and rallies regarding this "stupid, hypocritical" right wing party for stacking the senate?

Where is the discussion about the economy and the alternative ideas from the official opposition?

Cari said...

One thing I read , the Liberals may have put Liberal Senators in, but they also add ohers, as Independents and a Tory or two,(PC)

Jerry Prager said...

"You had a choice/" Mr. Harperl

Steve V said...

"If the CPC do stupid things in opposition and the Liberals repeat the same stupid unfair criticism, does it matter which party is seen as MORE stupid?"

Umm, when one party's persona is predicated on never being like those dirty Liberals, it's sort of noteworthy when they become what they hated. It's full circle if you will.

Gayle said...

The "outrage" is for the hypocrisy, not the people appointed.

I would not even call it outrage, but then I am not trying to exaggerate things to make some sort of point.

There is a point, however, in questioning why our government is spending so much time and effort on senate reform when it is apparently not that important to Canadians (OK, they are not making any real effort, but you get my point).

As I said elsewhere, my theory is that any movement on senate "reform" is really a fundraising tactic. If Harper wanted real reform he would put forward a real reform package.

Patrick said...

although I'm not entirely sure... correct me if I'm wrong. But don't the conservatives think that any senate reform package would fail simply because the senate would vote against it? So he needs to appoint enough of his loyalists before he puts through the legislation?