Saturday, September 19, 2009

All Rise


√Čric said...

I don't think it would be fair to call Duceppe a hypocrite, the Bloc had said all along they were likely to support this bill. They will still likely vote against the government in the non-confidence motion.

Steve V said...

It's more Harper's hypocrisy, than Duceppe.

ottlib said...

As much as I like the meme that the Conservatives are now in cahoots with the very parties they were denigrating 10 months ago I am not convinced Liberals should be pushing it too hard.

What we saw yesterday was a minority Parliament working the way it is supposed to.

Liberals have been complaining about Mr. Harper's inability to play nice in the sandbox so to make fun of him when he finally does so seems a little hypocritical to me.

Sure it is temporary and it was tactical instead of a change in approach but I still believe Liberals should be a little more circumspect in their reaction.

Lizt. said...

Mr Harper never plays nice..he does not know how to.....if it seems that he is, it is nothing but a smoke screen.

Gayle said...

What ottlib said.

THe LPC should just get one with opposing. Rather than deflect attention to their attacks on Harper;s hypocrisy, they should be talking about hy they do not support him or his bills. They should hammer away at that over and over again. They should be explaining how this EI measure the NDP are supporting does not go far enough. They should be complaining about how all the stimulus money is going to CPC ridings that do not need it.

They have made their point on the hypocrisy. Time to move on and show they are above petty childish insults.

Tomm said...


I can't believe I'm agreeing with you.

Is the sky still blue?

Get it, "blue". Haha.

Anyway... you are right. The LPC can use the vote yesterday to attack the BQ and NDP for hypocrisy, but right now in our Parliament, the least sin is the one of hypocrisy.

The people of Canada WANT the politican's to eat their own words and work together.

If the LPC has a case for why the ways and means motion shouldn't have passed, let's hear it. If they have a case as to why the EI bill shouldn't pass, let's hear it.

But to fall on their sword here will not be seen by Canadian's as honourable. It will be seen as reckless.

Oemissions said...

There will be other bills, right?