Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Just Reruns?

I just saw the old "Just Visiting" Conservative attack ad on television. Is this the Conservative response to the Liberals ads we've heard talk of?

I knew the Conservatives would run negative ads, because they certainly didn't have any positive ones in the "can", especially on short notice. That in and of itself is quite telling, that a party has no positive ads at their disposal. But, if this ad I saw tonight is any indication, it would appear the Liberals have really caught the Conservatives flat footed. Old ads? Nothing says stale like a rerun.

"Just Visiting" is so yesterday guys. You can do better!!


Anonymous said...

Who is in charge of the Conservative campaign? Anybody know? Senator Finley? The Great Harper himself?

Prairie Kid said...

1. What's the difference between Harper's "sweater" ad and Ingatieff's "stroll in the forest"? Nothing. Yet you guys were all over Harper for those ads.

2. The Liberals would love to run negative ads but when the economy is rebounding nicely, people are happy and nobody wants another election, what are the Liberals going to say?

3. What would the Liberals have done differently than the Conservatives during the recession? Ignatieff hasn't said what he would have done, no Liberal MP's have come out and said what they would have done . . . so just chucking stones from afar ain't gonna win any elections.

Gene Rayburn said...

man you are bitter PK

Steve V said...

Oh slurp, slurp tumbleweed.

CanadianSense said...

I have not seen any Ads from the Liberals on the two channels CHCH and CTV.

The CBC won't be running either still?

Steve V said...

I saw the ad on CTV.