Sunday, July 15, 2007

Breaking: Slow News Day

I'm all for some good government waste bashing story, but this one seems like a stretch:
"Taxpayers on hook for $4 million to fill seven vacant Commons seats"

You mean by-elections cost money? Politicians don't always serve their full term? Investigative journalism at its finest, or more aptly, jotting something down to justify a paycheck :) Yawn.

Another outraged voter.


Jay said...

Dear god.

Having a conservative government costs much much money. Lets shut it down immediately. Especially with Harper out there giving cash left and right for votes.

What a bunch of morons and people wonder why I never purchase a newspaper anymore. I see the shite they have on their websites. Why waste my money?

Anonymous said...

Canadian journalism lately is pathetic.

They should be talking more about Harper's latest spending spree and investigating if it's old or new money.

How about Harper's primper - haven't found out her pay yet?

Lazy pathetic journalists.

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter who's in power when it comes to our tax dollars, it will always be abused and thrown around in the attempt for more votes, never to those who need it, just those who scream for it the most as well as make a difference in and election. Liberals or Conservatives, it's all the same in the end.

Mark Dowling said...

Steve - I don't oppose spending money on by-elections, but I do wonder about people who are resigning mid-term. If you stand for election, it should be for the full term and not because you guess the government might fall early - medical conditions excepted, obviously.

With the current series of completed or impending resignations, I do resent people like Gauthier who does not seem to have an imminent medical problem or Lapierre and Stronach who took other job offers (I recall reading Belinda didn't know about her DCIS before deciding to punch out). Candidates arriving at the door in upcoming elections should be asked about their commitment to serve their full term.

Steve V said...


Fair points. The length of this minority is quite a historical anomaly, so if people have lost interest, I would rather they leave, then go through the motions. You can't really blame someone like Graham, who has served for a long tenure. A first time MP, that might be another matter.