Monday, July 30, 2007

Chiled Out

I posted on the international controversy, surrounding the poor Chilean soccer team, wherein Canada's reputation was tarnished because some spoiled brats were bad losers. Well, the much awaited report is out, and it paints a far different picture than the initial reports suggested:
Investigators spoke with numerous witnesses, including security officials, members of the Ontario Soccer Association and the Chilean bus driver.

The officers involved were punched, kicked, spat upon and kicked in the groin," said Blair.

"During the violence, Chilean players dismantled the armrests and footrests of the bus seats. They smashed the windows of the bus to throw these -- and spit at -- the officers below them.

"They also threw D-cell batteries at the officers, clothes hangers and cans of deodorant. Four officers were struck by the projectiles thrown."

In total, 21 armrests and footrests were damaged on the bus and the windshield was smashed. Repairs are estimated to cost $35,000.

Earlier, a Chilean soccer player who was part of the brawl admitted that a teammate punched a female officer.

"I don't know who hit her, but yes, someone did hit a female officer," Isaias Peralta, who was tasered by police during the melee, told Chile's El Mercurio newspaper.

I guess we can amend the "unjustified aggression" to "lucky they weren't charged". It appears the only victim was Canada's reputation.


Karen said...

Sad isn't it? I heard some right wing comment on this today...they don't believe the police? Why? Aren't they pro cop at every turn? (not to suggest I'm anti, I'm not) I don't get it though. I wonder what Antonio will have to say, ;).

Completely, O/T, but if someone could help me out, I'd appreciate it.

My blog seems to have reverted to the old format. Is that my computer, (which is fairly new), or the blogger system? Whichever it is, any suggestions on how to fix it? Very annoying.

northwestern_lad said...

I don't get throwning the D-Cell batteries... you can put those back in the freezer to charge them back up... such a waste

Steve V said...


It sounds like they relied on more than just the police (i.e the bus driver). If a cop was punched in the face, then the use of a taser looks reasonable.

It is funny, normally us on the "left" are anti-cop, supposedly. This whole incident stunk from the beginning, and seemed more a pr war, than actual brutality. Can Canada expect a formal apology?

I can't help you on the tech side knb, I can barely turn this thing on :)


It gets worse, they were re-chargeables :)

Enjoyed chatting on Saturday.

Karen said...

It was a female officer that was punched in the face. Call me old fashioned, but a 19 year old kid, ticked because he didn't win, punches a woman in the face?

What do you think the chances are that Chile will apologise?

northwestern_lad said...

LOL!!! So not only were the Chileans being violent, but now they were being against the environment by throwing away rechargable batteries... Lets' get David Suzuki on the case

I enjoyed the chat too on Saturday... It was a nice day

Tomm said...

Somehow the whole thing just reminds me of the depth of hooliganism in soccer and the spoiled generation of athletes.

Kids growing up to be Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, or any number of narcissistic dumb asses.


Steve V said...

"It was a female officer that was punched in the face."

LOL, I left that out on purpose for fear of being sexist ;)

Karen said...

Nah Steve...even sexism has boundaries,;).

Tomm, you have a point. Sad isn't it? Though, they aren't the majority...they are just in our superficial news.

I really, really, want serious reporting back.

I'm not going to live to see that, am I?

Steve V said...

"I'm not going to live to see that, am I?"

Maybe if reverse aging takes off ;)

Tomm said...


You said:

"...Tomm, you have a point. Sad isn't it? Though, they aren't the majority...they are just in our superficial news.

I really, really, want serious reporting back.

I'm not going to live to see that, am I?..."

No, I'm afraid we're not. We are living with a spun media, spinning us. Everybody makes sure we don't see the full truth, only the reflection of what is useful and/or necessary.

The closest we are going to get is to cling to blogs we trust and columnists that appear insightful.

We will never even know if Cal Ripken Jr. (Mr. Perfect) was so. Or if Michael Vick is really and truly a villain, or a victim.

What was it Paul Simon said, "these are the days of miracle and wonder".

Perception has become more important than truth. Once global travel becomes too expensive and too inaccessable to the average citizen, we will also be forced to trust the media to tell us what is happening in Berlin, Bangkok, and Cairo.

For example, does the average person in Santiago have any idea that their soccer players aren't little darlings? Do they have any way of knowing what we know?