Sunday, July 01, 2007

Show Me The Money

On a day when we celebrate the federation, the regional inequalities are on full display:
If today's Canada Day parties seem a bit more festive in Quebec, thank the federal government.

More than half of all federal "Celebrate Canada" funding is directed to Quebec-based events, government records show.

The Department of Canadian Heritage says Quebec receives a proportionately larger share of money for holiday celebrations because its provincial government doesn't fund Canada Day events.

Why doesn't the Quebec legislature fund Canada Day celebrations? Last time I checked, Quebec is still part of Canada, so why the omission? Are the optics so bad in Quebec that funding Canada Day is politically undesirable? What a crock, particularly when you see things like the federal government spending 2/3 of the money for the Quebec City celebrations.

There's a thing about give and take, it balances and creates a fair environment. Someone explain the current give, all I see is the take and I find that disappointing. Sure, we will wave the flag, but we're not paying for it, you foot the bill. Nice.


Karen said...

That is odd Steve, but based on this article, one wonders where the money went?

Happy Canada Day to you!

Tomm said...


Good catch. So if where I live, we quit supporting Canada Day, the Federal government would come swooping in to save the weekend?


Steve V said...

Happy Canada Day! Leave it to me to post a negative story :)

Karen said...

Nawww, you didn't do that. I hope you and your family had a good one!

Steve V said...

You too knb :)