Monday, January 28, 2008

Breaking: The Sky Is Blue

In a shocking development, Harper has endorsed a process he engineered. The funny part, Harper's emphasis on "if", trying to present a choice, when really its all a ruse:
“The government accepts the panel's specific recommendation of extending Canada's mission in Afghanistan if, and I must emphasize if, certain conditions are met,” Mr. Harper said.

The first big "if" is more of a "when", as Harper later comments:
The report, which found security in Kandahar is deteriorating despite the efforts of 2,500 members of the Canadian Forces who are stationed there, also set the purchase of medium-lift helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles as a condition for the mission's continuation.

The government has already placed its order for helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles and is working with allies to secure them quickly, said Mr. Harper.

Fingers crossed ;)

The other "if", securing those elusive NATO forces, which everyone knows are already in the mix. I'm willing to take wagers on NATO (the Americans) finding some way to come up with 1000 (quite a massive force we demand) troops. We shall overcome!

Harper endorses Manley, the sky is blue. Anything less, now that would be news.


Raphael Alexander said...

I linked to your post today but it didn't show on your links for some reason. Anyway, nothing of surprise here as you say, but this certainly was: get a load of this in the Torch...

Mr Harper was asked about the Manley panel's demand that new medium-lift helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) be acquired by next February to support the Afghan mission. He replied that these are "on order" and mentioned difficulties in securing delivery places on already-committed production lines. But neither the helicopters nor the UAVs are "on order".

Steve V said...

Very confusing, are they on order or not??

Raphael Alexander said...

They are not.