Sunday, January 06, 2008

Candidates Meet

One of the more fascinating parts of last night's debate, was when all the candidates, from both parties, meet on stage. Check out McCain and Edwards (50 seconds), who greet like old college roommates.


Karen said...

You know Steve, I think this happens everywhere.

If you watch QP when the House breaks, just watch to see who crosses over to meet their friends.

I see Ignatieff cross over frequently though not lately.

I also see Hill, (okay a given) and Van Loan walk to the right of my screen.

Bloc walk to the left, Con's walk to the right and I think that at the end of the day it's a very weird game they all play.

It tells me I couldn't be a pol. I stick to my convictions. I'm nice and I have a few conservative acquaintances, but if I've just had a fight with them through honest debate, I wouldn't be able to "make nice" 2 seconds later.

Steve V said...


I think you're right. Remember when Graham announced his retirement? The affection, most surprisingly from Harper, was like watching an alternate universe.

Anonymous said...

I think it depends on how "personal" and demeaning attacks have been.

Harper knew he was on TV regarding Graham.

Harper knew Graham was well respected and well liked - hardly a scenario for partisanship at that point.