Monday, January 07, 2008

Clinton Gets Emotional

You have to feel sorry for her, on one level.


Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for her, but how can anyone compete against "a phenomenon"?

If this process ends before it begins with a "rock star" racing ahead, the Democrats will sorely regret it come next fall.

If Obama wins, I want it to be on true, deep-seated strenths and policies he can defend. Othewise, there's a far drop to normal mortal status.

He even said today to one of his crowds that he was just riding their wave. Sounds good but a little sobering.

Wave's break, and there had better be some substance left standing when the water recedes.

Justin Beach said...

What way would that be?

Steve V said...

"If this process ends before it begins with a "rock star" racing ahead, the Democrats will sorely regret it come next fall."

I don't disagree, and I appreciate the "needs to be vetted" arguments. I'm just not sure that happens here. It might, if Obama wins big, then their may be the "inevitability" scrutiny. We'll see.

Steve V said...

"What way would that be?"

Well, I'm not sure what is happening now is entirely fair. A candidacy unravels because of Iowa, seems a harsh reality.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Oh, my god.

Yeah, I totally feel sorry for her. I wouldn't vote for her in a million years, but man...that's gotta hurt, and she's a human being just like the rest of us.

Karen said...

It's not so much that I feel sorry for her, but I recognise just how much she wants to redirect her country and how she feels the impact of the Bush regime.

To be honest, there are days that I feel that way about Harper, though I'm not running for anything.

Apparently Edwards really smacked her down over this. I just lost a ton of respect for him and have to say I'm surprised.

Anonymous said...

Edwards tries the emotion thing and presses his heart and says it's in his heart - the middle class or whatever he said - Hilary gets emotional and she's criticized. Edwards comes back with a president has to be strong -uh - Hilary is strong - look at what she's gone through for years.

Edwards - mummy wife goes on TV shows and cries if people don't pay enough attention to her Johnnie or criticize him - yup, he's a real he-man - mummy wife is fighting his battles. Besides, Edwards doesn't have a job - he should have more energy than the rest.

Lou Dobbs made a comment tonight - he thinks the media are ridiculous - the votes so far account for only 120,000 of the 300million Americans.

Disturbing to watch - people on the street type interviews crying after hearing Obama speak - ask about his policies - they didn't know.

This is what gets the Americans in trouble - Bush, uniter not a divider, clean up Washington, etc. etc. - they keep falling for this stuff.

Obama has been tested yet and doesn't really say anything substantial - just words of inspiration.

People need to settle down.

Steve V said...

"Lou Dobbs made a comment tonight - he thinks the media are ridiculous - the votes so far account for only 120,000 of the 300million Americans"

I am so sick and tired of Lou Dobbs and his GIGANTIC ego. Listening to him talk about a possible Presidential run was almost comical. Shorter Lou Dobbs, "I don't like brown people".

Just to clarify, I'm not a huge fan, but Clinton was genuine in that moment, so sorry if I feel some empathy :)

berlynn said...

It bothers me that anyone takes flak from anyone for being an emotional being. It really bothers me. But what bothers me even more, is that it needs to be an issue for anyone.

It seems to me that one of the great problems of North American culture is the eagerness to suppress emotion. Bringing Hillary's display of emotion to the fore smacks of sexist attitudes toward displays of emotion.

Steve V said...


I'm not sure how to take your comment, is that a smackdown for bothering to post this video?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hillary is beginning to realize one thing in this campaign. Personality and authenticity matters a lot. Why would Iowa GOPers went with a creationist than a well polished Mormon?

I don't know. Triangulation and the Third Way are issues based ideologies. Hillary knows about policy more than most politicos in the world. However, we still don't know who she is. I am not sure she does either.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I have to call you on that call, Mushroom.

What kind of mushy statement is "we don't know who she is"? As if we know who Obama "is"? And we know Huckabee? Or Romney? Or McCain?

It just seems everyone has taken that as some kind of inherent truth . . . no one knows the "real" Hillary? Even herself? (maybe we should ask her on that last one)

I just think it's an inherently weak argument. I don't think we "know" anyone in politics, unless we married them or were born into their family, or maybe roomed with them at college for 4 years.

I, like many people, have watched Hillary during her entire public life. I've never seen her display any great deception. Long before her own political aspirations took root in a public way, I saw her interviewed. And everything then and what I've seen since she ran for office shows me she's about as consistent as anyone I have witnessed in public life. She hasn't changed her tune or adopted assundry and radically different basic philosophies on policies or governing ideals. And what I have seen of her semi-private life has mainly displayed a genuine respect - though a little anger - with her husband (for obvious reasons) and a devotion to her daughter's well-being (who seems to arrived in adulthood amazingly balanced and well-rounded).

So this argument that she is a great manipulator or "triangulator" of the public just doesn't seem to have much basis in truth.

One thing the past week has shown me is she probably can't win the election because the labels have all been plastered on so hard that she can't possibly escape them. No matter what she says or does, there will be round of catcalls from everyone from their own cemented opinions.

But I think that says more about the US public than it does about her personal value or strengths. She's done a hell of a lot more than most will ever bother to take on, and will probably keep plugging away however she can. And I think she's done it being herself.

I "know" her as well as anyone else in public life. And she hasn't thrown me for a loop with inconsistencies the way most have.

And, Steve v, It's just my opinion but I didn't take that one post as being a complaint on you as it was just the whole media circus on this one rather mild moment today. I just didn't read it that way, but maybe they will let you know.

Steve V said...


All the baggage about authenticity, is really Bill's legacy. Hillary didn't "feel your pain", as far as I can tell she has been consistent, frank and genuine. The media have always morphed the Clintons, but when you look at the seeds for all the cynicism and suspicions, Bill is the source, she is an extension and she suffers for that.

Dame said...

I have the feeling Hillary is the strongest and steadiest among the frontrunners .
Edward would be happy to be VP.
And I would be really worry if Obama is the Commander In Cheef .
He Will Not Be president
everybody wake up NOW !!!!! the Dream is over

/I am getting emotional too. /

Anonymous said...

One thing we don't have here and I think we should - in the US they have on the shows a guy who comes on with the "Facto-metre" (I believe it's Politico) - anyway they do extensive research on what the candidates claim and say and Hillary has mislead very little. Edwards screws up his facts, especially when it comes to figures. Guiliani just blatantly lies. I've haven't heard anything on Obama.

I think it's a sexism issue quite frankly.

Anonymous said...

Being emotional sometimes help but i don't think it will help on someone running for President...People wants someone who they think will help them and that they can depend on not someone who will depend on them...