Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Not Worth The Risk"

That is the Conservative Party website's new favorite line, in reference to Dion. I marvel at the way the Cons develop a talking point, and with Borg-like zeal, the troops begin to utter in unision. There are signs that "not worth the risk" has become the new Conservative mantra, which can be used in almost any circumstance.

In responding to Dion's Afghanistan comments, Jason Kenney offers:
"Either way, he is out of his league on the world stage and not worth the risk.

Proof that the phrase has made it to the minion level, an Anon commentator offered this to one of my posts:
You do not remember that the Conservatives already have an eco trust plan as we speak for the exact same thing...Dion...too little too...late...Dion is NOT worth the risk

Repetition is a Conservative strategy, indoctrinating the faithful with the catch phrase is key. The new election slogan?


ottlib said...

No, but you can expect that phrase to be prominently featured in all of the Conservative attack ads when the election is finally called.

Jeff said...

I thought he wasn't a leader? Now, is he not a leader AND not worth the risk, or have they flip-flopped and decided he is a leader, but not enough of a leader to warrant the risk being taken upon him?

The Conservatives really need to stop dithering here. The mixed messages of their grade-school taunting will confuse the electorate.

Karen said...

Oh, expect it to be used whenever and where ever they can.

Kenney on QP used it as a non sequitur 3 times.

I think they will apply it to many issues. Economy, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Environment, etc.

Steve V said...


It's actually a combination now "Stephane Dion- Not a leader. Not worth the risk."

Steve V said...

With Kenney back on the circuit, does this mean he has finally given up on the "ethnic outreach" initiative?

Ti-Guy said...

Also from the link:

NDP defence critic Dawn Black also noted that NATO is a military organization and called on Dion to retract his "misguided'' comments.

Heh. "Ditto! Ditto!" cried the little Dipper.

Anonymous said...


Kenney sees Dion's quote as an opening for the Cons to target the Pakistani community.

Of course, Kenney does not know the voting patterns of Pakistani Canadians. Most vote Liberal, but their loyalty is not based on any affiliations to Dion whatsoever.

Steve V said...

Kenney has been spinning his wheels for two years, and now with Wajid heading to jail, the whole strategy has unravelled. I agree, he is trying to make inroads here, but.....

Anonymous said...

It's sad really...the catch phrases, repeated use of out-of-context imgages, the "we inherited all these problems from you" excuses...It shows a real immaturity, both in governing and in personality.

What's more sad is watching it happen. I worked as a political aide for the CPC some years back. It was hardly the ideal gig, but it was interesting to watch this politricking go on behind the scenes. Grade school taunting is the correct assesment.

Needlesstosay, I no longer work with the CPC.

Anonymous said...


I guess the Prime Minister and John Baird will have to wait a while for a whole new fleet of environmentally friendly government vehicles purchased from Dufferin Mazda or expedite it before Wajid goes to jail.

Mike said...

Travelling the world? Don't go because DFAIT can't protect you from torture anymore.

Its not worth the risk.

I say throw it right back in the pig faces.

Karen said...

Here's the sad news folks. What they do works.

The Liberal position is complex, thus difficult to reduce to catchy phrases.

The Con's have us on this and it is time for us to do this too. Obviously not as simplistic and juvenile as the Con's but we must get the message down to sound bite, imho.

Tomm said...


The LPC is the master of the sound bite denigration so don't pretend you have to learn this from the CPC.

Or have you forgotten "...hidden agenda..."

How about "...Bush like..."

"...Bush lite..."

Just curious, but what does the LPC plan to do as a anti-American put down when Bush actually leaves the White House?

Anonymous said...

"The Liberal position is complex, thus difficult to reduce to catchy phrases."

No, we are the Official Opposition and cannot oppose using sound bites. At the same time, our position is under wraps until the election is called. The party is also short of cash to run attack ads and we may be in trouble being "swiftboated", if we don't respond.

Ironically, Martha Hall Findlay said last weekend that the Grits need to take the high road and let the Cons punch themselves out with attack ads. The truth is that in the Willowdale by-election, she is running on her own record and the Liberal brand. In a general election, the themes may change and local candidates are tied to Dion's leadership.

burlivespipe said...

Hey pinball wizard Tomm, I'd be more concerned about what so-called Harper will do when his icon leaves the oval saddle. He's lost (moe) Howard and about to lose his inspirational soulmate. I guess he'll start calling provincial premiers 'small-minded' and 'so sue me' to get his aggression out.
Ooops! Been there, done that...

Sean Cummings said...

Pretty sure the phrase "Stephen Harper is scary" was used ad nauseum during both the 2004 and 2006 elections by Liberals. Heck, it was almost a mantra. Not that I am taking sides here. I'm just offering a friendly reminder of well established facts. (Okay, this is where partisans defending the Liberals now put in comments that Stephen Harper is this, that and the other thing, thereby justifying attempts to demonize the guy during two successive federal elections.)

So from where I sit, it would seem that Tories and Liberals have long engaged in this kind of rhetoric. It's really white noise for voters though... we hate both parties equally.

Steve V said...

In the last two years, we have seen a distinct pattern in the polling. As soon as polls show Harper nearing majority terrority, the next batch see a correction, as voters digest the realization of a possible majority, they conclude "it's not worth the risk".