Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Edwards Hair

John Edwards has taken considerable flack for his well groomed hair. Last night's appearance on Letterman provided a funny moment:


Karen said...

The vid I saw initially was longer and Edwards took on a Tom Cruise kind of laugh and look for that matter.

It is a bit weird that he looks so young...but this was good comic relief in the midst of serious stuff.

Boo Hoo, Thompson is gone. Guiliani, please be next. Frum's got his back and look at how that panned out for Bush.

Steve V said...

"Boo Hoo, Thompson is gone. Guiliani, please be next."

Thompson might have been the laziest candidate I've ever seen. Guiliani is fading fast.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Barack Obama's lead over Sen. Hillary Clinton in South Carolina has shrunk by four points overall and by nine points among black voters, during the last 24 hours of polling, but he retains a sizable edge, the latest Reuters/C-"SPAN/Zogby survey shows.

Obama in in front with 39% support from likely Democratic voters, followed by Clinton at 24% and John Edwards at 19%.

Key finding: "Obama still has a healthy lead among African American voters, but lost almost nine points since yesterday, dropping from 65% to 56% support among that group. Edwards, who registered no support from black voters the day before, picked up five points and Clinton added about two points to reach 18% of black support."

Obama's numbers were bang on in NH, what happened was that Clinton's numbers were under reported to pollsters.

There are two other polls out today (not on Real clear politics funny that, one by ARG and the other by Ebony magazine showing Obama with a 9% and 10% lead respectively, similar to what he had in NH.

What is interesting is that 22% of respondents for the Ebony poll were undecided. Undecideds tend to break with the familiar. They have also, except in Iowa, broken for Clinton.

I also fully believe that Edwards support will not materialize at the ballot box, making up to 30% of the vote still up for grabs.

Another interesting point, pollsters are showing a decline in blacks who intend to vote, from 48%to 45% over the last few days, and a swing to Clinton, even by zogby as mentioned above.

At 40% black turnout, Clinton and Obama are tied, even with the higher numbers of black supporters of a few days ago. at 45% black voters, and a slight lowering of that support even to 60-65%, Clinton wins.

I still predict Clinton wins SC. I know you will call me names and make fun of me, but its already tied with NH in the polls for Obama's lead and it's going down, with a larger number of people undecided and a collapsing Edwards vote. Yes his poll numbers have gone up after the debate. I still think he'll be lucky to pull 10%, probably 8%.

You just keep calling me names ok.
Oh by the way, A report card of all the polling companies for the primaries shows Zogby near the bottom for accuracy, I believe off by an average of 8.1%. That's alot.

Anonymous said..."

here's another reason

Steve V said...

"You just keep calling me names ok."

No problem dipshit :)

Look, if I had to bet at the moment, Clinton would get my tentative nod as nominee. With that said, it is pretty clear that the campaign is conceding South Carolina, Hillary is in New Jersery today- HELLO IN THERE!!

slag said...

Many of us are still optimistic for Edwards. Those of us who know how the primary system works know that we can support Edwards and let him give his delegates to whomever he wants in the end. Many of us don't see much difference in Obaminton, so we might as well toss a coin. This means that, luckily, Edwards can still make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Two new polls for NBC/WSJ, Obama at 8% lead in SC, Clinton leads nationally by 15%.

Another poll out today shows Obama ahead only by 7%.

So today's polls out for SC recap:

Obama ahead by 9%, 10%, 8%, and 7%, with the rolling Zogby at 15% down from 19% and Survey USA at 16%. Watch those numbers go down over the next two days. They've already gone down.

Remember Some surveys have over 20%undecideds, or unwilling to give their answer of course.

Steve V said...

Hey genius, if you actually look at those numbers, you will see Clinton stagnant, and Edwards picking up whatever erosion there is from Obama. For the first time today, I read two columns that actually posited a third place for Clinton- this might explain why she decided today to go back to South Carolina for the rest of the primary.

You're seeing what you want, per usual. As a matter of fact, feel free to just go away, it's boring, mindless propaganda :)