Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Canadians Disapprove of Conservative Flyers

The Conservatives crafty release of PRE-campaign flyers, isn't going over terribly well with Canadians. It would appear people do understand that the Conservatives are effectively cheating, a fact which surely negates any impact, if they were bothering to read them that is:
49% view recent Tory MP flyers as inadmissible; 27% say they are acceptable.

The survey also found that almost three-in-five Canadians (57%) have received flyers from their MP during the last six months. Of those who acknowledged getting such flyers, roughly one-quarter (24%) say they read them carefully, almost twice as many (44%) say they quickly glanced at them and three-in-ten (30%) say they did not read them at all.

Interestingly, even Conservative supporters see a problem, with less than half of the faithful selecting "admissable", 36% see an issue. In terms of winning over converts, the flyers are going over like a lead ballon, with other voters overwhelmingly rejecting them. Even in Alberta, only 27% of respondents think the flyers are fine, although they do read them more than voter in other regions.

What might be telling, there appears to be a regional disparity in just who has received these flyers from an MP. In every region of the country, a majority have received flyers in the last six months, with the highest being Sask/Man at 81%. The curious part, Quebec is the only region where less than half of people say they have received the Conservative flyers. Whether that speaks to organization, or a calculated judgement on how people in Quebec might respond to these tacky flyers, remains to be seen. Possible relevant, the Quebecers who have seen the flyers are least likely to actually read them.

One has to wonder, if the supposed benefit of getting your message out, isn't countered by feeding the perception that the Conservatives bend election rules. It would seem that Canadians don't approve, and when your own people have doubts, the idea is probably a bad one.


Anonymous said...

We should face it. They just couldn't resist wasting the taxpayers money, viewing it as a technical "freebie" they could exploit.

It's part of their standing up for Canada philosophy.

Their propaganda is open and transparent ; ).

liberazzi said...

Stupid little comment, but does anyone notice that instead of looking straight into the camera that Jim Prentice tilts his head off to the side when doing a panel, his good side I suppose? It was really pronounced on Duffy on Tuesday.

liberazzi said...

I think there should be some rules to restrict how much parties can spend in between elections, especially those in gov't. The Cons are taking it to a whole new level, but I think the Libs have also been guilty of this in the past to be fair.

Steve V said...


I noticed that too, like he's posing for a grade six yearbook. It looks phony and staged. Keep it up Jim!

liberazzi said...


I think JP is trying to look prime-ministerial if you know what I mean.

A View From The Left said...

Apparently the Conservatives started sending out flyers this week in Quebec that attack Duceppe saying that he's threatening and disrespectful towards his caucus. So far the Quebec media doesn't seem to be impressed with the "American style" negative campaign.

Link(in french)

Beijing York said...

I feel left out and I'm in Manitoba. Did any of those flyers go out to Pat Martin's (NDP) riding? Are they only targeting ridings where a Liberal has a chance at winning?

RuralSandi said...

I've received my 7th flyer - 2 this week alone.

I've been saving them. I live in rural Ontario and our little local paper has been taken over by Sun Media. So, I've been waiting to see if there are letters to the editor, and more so if the editor comments on it....nadda.

When the writ is dropped I will write a letter to the editor for all to see and ask why no one has been bothered by this wasteful spending of our taxpayer dollars. Then I'll wait to see if anyone reacts by writing to the editor. No responses, I will bring it up again and again and again - throughout the election campaigning.

And, I'm going to challenge the editor as to why they haven't commented on it.

Steve V said...

Good plan sandi.

RuralSandi said...

Steve V - just found this little tidbit:

"This party will not take its position based on public opinion polls. We will not take a stand based on focus groups. We will not take a stand based on phone-in shows or householder surveys or any other vagaries of pubic opinion... In my judgment Canada will eventually join with the allied coalition if war on Iraq comes to pass. The government will join, notwithstanding its failure to prepare, its neglect in co-operating with its allies, or its inability to contribute. In the end it will join out of the necessity created by a pattern of uncertainty and indecision. It will not join as a leader but unnoticed at the back of the parade."

- Stephen Harper indicating that, if elected, Canada will join the US occupation of Iraq, Hansard, January 29th 2003.

So he said in "2003" not that long ago....we will not take a stand based on phone-in shows or householder surveys or any other vagaries of pubic opinion

Boy that nose is getting longer and longer.

Steve V said...


That's hilarious. Isn't it wonderful to compare the pure as driven snow Harper, with the callous, opportunist we see today.

I'm pretty sure, Harper has spent more on polls and focus groups that any PM in Canadian history...shocking :)

Anonymous said...

Does seems like cheating. Perhaps all those flyers should be mailed back to:

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
K1A 0A2

Beijing York said...

Make sure to include a slice of deli meat when you send those flyers back :-)