Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dona Cadman Verifies Authenticity of Zytaruk Tape

A very interesting tidbit has come out today, one that makes the entire Conservative argument unravel. Unless Tom Zytaruk is houdini, Dona Cadman essentially confirms that the tape, which Conservatives have spent thousands attacking, is what it claims to be, an accurate representation of Harper's words:
Dona Cadman, under questioning by Paliare, said that Zytaruk, who interviewed Harper outside her Surrey home, played the tape for her immediately after the interview.

She had earlier told Zytaruk about comments her late husband had made about the insurance policy and a list of nine other enticements the Tories allegedly presented to him two days before the confidence vote. Among the enticements was supposedly a spot in the Conservative caucus as deputy justice critic.

Harper has claimed Zytaruk did not begin the interview as portrayed in the tape by asking about the insurance policy. Sound experts he hired for the court case have filled affidavits claiming the tape had been altered, there was inexplicable added noise, and segments were possibly missing.

Donna Cadman testified that Zytaruk played the interviewed for her in her house that day, after telling her he had asked Harper about the insurance policy.
"When you listened to the tape you heard him ask that, and you heard Mr. Harper's answer," Paliare said to Cadman.

"Right," she replied.

"And that was the beginning of the tape that you heard," the lawyer went on.

"Right," said Cadman.

Later in the court examination, Cadman listened to a copy of the tape Harper claims has been altered - and told Paliare she believed it was the same tape she heard the day of the interview.

The above explains why the Conservatives are now attempting to delay the proceedings, and another sign that it might not be Dion that regrets his words, but Harper.

Zytaruk played Cadman the tape immediately afterwards, she has testified that the tape is accurate. To believe the Conservatives, Zytaruk must have altered the tape between the time Harper left and when he went back to Cadman's home, if so, then not only is he dubious, he's half man/half amazing. The Conservatives have put all their energy into attacking this tape, which is actually a testament to the fact that, should the words be true, they are very damaging.

Maybe a question or two from the media, if you can get around the RCMP, as to whether he agrees with his candidate in British Columbia, does he concur that the tape is accurate?


bigcitylib said...

Link is dead.

Interesting, though. No sign of tape in liberal campaign so far.

Steve V said...

Works now BCL.

Karen said...

Maybe it's true that the truth always comes out.

This has been obvious from the start though. Where is/was the media?

What a pathetic group they have become.

It's time to examine the wheels and then take them off the bus or airplane.

Good post Steve.

Steve V said...

This will get buried, but it might end up being on of those things the media says "oh ya" after the election.

Steve V said...

Dona Cadman got the memo.

Anonymous said...

How can this get buried? I cannot imagine this isn't newsworthy.

She may not want to speak about it, but surely it can be pressed in the Press by someone? We are in the middle of a campaign.

I'm feeling dense, but this sounds like a big development in the case to me. Am I missing something?

Jerry Prager said...

What you're missing Joseph is that the press don't care. And neither do the voters. Not that I would to call them stupid, it's easier for them to live with heads in the sand.

Gayle said...

It is up on the Toronto Star site.

They may be waiting until the hearing on September 22 before the media really run with it. IF the court rules the tape can be used that would be news.