Friday, September 19, 2008


Well, so much for the contrast ads, this new one, apparently ready to air tonight, is just pure attack:

It's a pretty good ad, although it's not high signal, a hint of smear. I would have drawn more attention to the newsclips, detailing the government's failures on inspection, because I think it speaks to something deeper.

From what I'm gathering, while some people are outraged because of the tasteless jokes, some also don't think it ground for firing, alone. When you add in the cutbacks, the self-policing angle, far more see Ritz and the government in a poor light. While this ad focuses on the comments, I think it could have hit harder, had it also highlighted the co-relation between Conservative policies and inadequate food safety.


There is another new ad, which effectively addresses Dion's "leadership" challenges:


Anonymous said...

Not to add to your misery Steve but today Layton called for meat inspectors on the floor of every plant and focused his resignation call on the deregulation.

Steve V said...


I'm more interested in policies that actually have a chance of being implemented, in the real world. See, the difference, reporters will do a cost analysis of Liberal proposals, nobody even bothers adding up Layton's. The beauty of the perpetual theoretical.

Steve V said...

And, listen to the NDP guys, up 0.5% in the polls (still down from 2006, and they have the world by the tail. What a juggernaut!

Jeff said...

Not to add to your misery Steve but today Layton called for meat inspectors on the floor of every plant and focused his resignation call on the deregulation.

It would have been strong if we had an answer when asked how much that would cost, other than I don't have that information.

Jeff said...

Sorry, meant to say strongER.

Anonymous said...

Easter had already called for Ritz's resignation over his role in the outbreak and his failure to tell Canadians the truth. Then they added the jokes as yet another reason for him to resign.

These short ads need to be kept simple, which may be the reason for not emphasizing the policy and the government's role and lack of information.

Steve V said...


Jack knows nobody cares enough to actually cost it out, why would anybody waste their time? Sorry to be truthful.

I put up the other new ad, which I actually like, because it puts Dion in a favorable light.

Steve V said...


I'm not sure the concept I'm suggesting is complicated at all, the same news clips, just a different theme.

Blues Clair said...

Hey, Steve V. I don't like this new attack ad. I think it is walking a real fine line. And the narrator's tone ain't helping it one bit.

just my two cents.


Anonymous said...

Steve: If I remember correctly the costings were analyzed in the 2006 and the NDP costings were acknowledged as the most accurate of the three parties. Harper hadn't included the figures for fixing the fiscal imbalance and there was something(s) in the Liberal platform that put it offside in terms of numbers adding up. Unfortunately I don't have a link and I am sure you will say something snide since I don't.. sigh I will be so hurt.

Steve V said...

"sigh I will be so hurt."

Hang in there.

burlivespipe said...

A missed opportunity. And I'm thinking Harper is more than happy to leave this as a 'Ritz' issue. By setting the message about a half-cocked minister telling offensive jokes, instead of the CON's culture of dangerous deregulation -- tie in nuclear safety, lowering our pesticide standards to Bush's etc -- we've left this as not a kitchen table talk but water cooler chat.
We've got to do better.

RuralSandi said...

One of the journalists/pundits on Don Newman last night (I can't think of his name) said more is coming out on the Ritz thing and by his expression it isn't good news.

So, it isn't over yet.