Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Searching For Gordon Campbell

I know you have a "good working relationship", I know you have the Olympics coming up and you want to stay near the federal teet, but it's time for Gordon Campbell to do something quite simple- stand up and defend YOUR policies. Does anyone doubt that part of the slippage in support for Campbell is a result of the attack ads from the federal Conservatives? You don't attack the Liberal Green Shift, without directly attacking the BC carbon tax?

Previously, the federal government has tried to massage their language, and avoid overt reference to Campbell's policy. However, last week Lunn went on the offensive, directly criticizing Campbell's policy, and now the Prime Minister is essentially say that Campbell is LYING to British Columbian's, claiming revenue neutrality:
He said that voters shouldn't trust politicians who promise that a tax will be “revenue neutral” – that is, that government will rebate to citizens all the monies collected from such a levy. Mr. Harper said nobody should believe politicians who vow a new tax will be revenue neutral.

“Every politician in history who wants to impose a new tax claims that it's either revenue neutral or it's temporary. It's not true,” he said, adding later: “The reason politicians impose a new tax is they need revenue.”

It's a jab that also applies to Mr. Campbell's government, which has firmly vowed that the British Columbia carbon tax it introduced will be revenue neutral.

“Everybody knows – especially in British Columbia – that that kind of a carbon tax is not revenue neutral on the average working family,” Mr. Harper said.

So Gordon, did you apply the new tax, because you needed revenue? Why is the BC government trying to trick constituents, with your disingenious revenue neutral nonsense? The Prime Minister thinks people shouldn't trust you, it's just a tax grab, your thoughts? Get off the sidelines, and defend YOUR law. Quit being such a timid wimp, not wanting to ruffle any feathers, Harper's attacking YOU, the Conservative ads question your integrity, they are calling you a fraud.

Will Gordon Campbell defend his ideas, or will he hide in the corner, because it's the politically expedient thing to do? Campbell's silence to date is disappointing, you want to paint yourself as a cutting edge leader, then you rise to a challenge.


Erik said...

He's got plenty of reasons to hide. How about this one, anyone?

Arguing for a reduction of carbon emissions while taking private jets?

It's a classic case of "do as I say, not as I do." - The Province got THAT right.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what he said . . . ; ).

A one-day story about how a Provincial PM got to an overseas conference (bottom line - "No, he didn't swim") to counter your post about the entire basis of a carbon tax plan to reduce emissions.

Eric needs to retake Political Zingers 101 and study that chapter on proportionality and applicability a bit more.

Steve V said...


Is Campbell available for media, or is he in hiding? Surely, some reporter (cough) would push him on this debate, draw him out somewhat.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, I don't know where he has been lately. He tends to do furious media dives - showing up everywhere on every topic for a bit - and then disappearing.

I don't know if he's been on vacation or in self-imposed exile lately. But 30 + days is a long time, I would tend to think he's going to have to answer this as some point. Maybe he just wanted to avoid the appearance of slamming back at Harper "Danny Williams" style since he prides himself on avoiding all that.

Or he could hiding - I am not defending him. I just haven't warmed up to Carole James and feel she's being disingenuous on the whole carbon tax debate out here. I don't see how she can rally against it constantly without acknowledging the provincial NDP proposed their own carbon tax plan. Well, aside from politics that is ; ). You may have noticed I actually don't like overt politics much though I follow developments closely . . .

Bottom line is I don't know why he hasn't been available for questioning on this. I sure haven't seen anything to date.

Steve V said...

One would think he'll have to answer, especially when the last week, Lunn, now Harper, taking potshots.