Monday, September 15, 2008

Now We Are Talking

I love the new Liberal ad:

Quite smart, well produced, tight and focused. The ad strikes the right note, an attack ad for the first half, a sense of the Liberal vision in the second, which alleviates any lingering sense of "nastiness". Right between the eyes on Ontario, the Flaherty quote perfect (let's not forget there was a 20% swing in Ontario when Flaherty criticized the province, a reminder is shrewd).

If one person bellyaches about the Liberals going "negative", particularly a Conservative, please, please, let rabid laughter echo the halls. This is a high signal ad, and it does have a balance, quite a contrast from the grade two Conservative smear jobs. If there is such a thing as a classy negative ad, this one achieves it.

Great stuff, more of the above, and the battle will be joined.


liberazzi said...

Maybe the Libs have been reading the blogs and the blog commentators;) Poll numbers were more positive today, this ad is very good and Paul Martin gave a rousing speech. Plus, a radio commentator in NS was giving Fife and CTV the business today. A good day all round I believe, but I am sure the media will keep up with their negative spin, until we have more good days in a row. WK was pretty harsh on the war room, but a tough love is needed at this point. The election will be decided in the next week or so, so the Libs need to keep hitting hard.

Steve V said...

I saw the Fife link, nice to hear someone saying CTV is the FOX News of Canada, if only because it's TRUE.

Karen said...

Wasn't that line priceless Steve.

I actually tuned in to hear the guy on line, but had missed all of that.

I did get to him with our Halifax candidate though.

Anonymous said...

Yes a negative ad that works!!!!

It is old knowlege that if you want to be taken seriously if you are critical about something you need to have an alternative solution. With the poll today showing a continueing creep down of Harpers numbers since the start of the election if the Liberals get more agressive in forcing Harper to defend himself the future looks a bit brighter.

This election is 5 weeks not one week.

Steve V said...

And, somebody should tell Duffy's makeup person to back off on the rogue, he looks like a tomato again today :)

liberazzi said...

Even WK was impressed so that's something.

I think the Ekos projections are a bit off. At this point I still think it is Con 140, Lib 90 - 100. I would say 70 seats is the bottom, so I do not think the Dips have a hope in hell of taking second. The Dips numbers have not gone about 19% in any poll and they have polled as low as 13%, so I do not see where this narrative is coming from.

liberazzi said...

"the Dips numbers have not gone above 19%" is what I meant to say.

Steve V said...


I think it's the fact they started at 13%, everyone has shown some evidence of an uptick.

I think EKOS is off too, particularly in Atlantic Canada, find it hard to see that many seats for the Cons.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Where is the link to the radio commentary re Fife, CTV and Fox News? Would love to hear it!

Anonymous said...

I love it, too. We'll find out if my Facebook friend are really my friends because I sent it to all of them. :-) I figure this is THE MESSAGE to share.

Dame said...

This is a great Ad ... and I was missing badly the first week !! > go For the jugular Dion..
This is what we have the main subject in this election.
Everything else is nonsense .

Nfl Premier started to fire too.

liberazzi said...


The Dips were shown as latest as Friday of being around 13-14%. This idea that the Libs are tanking to the point of finishing third is absurd. The Dips are at their high water mark as of today, lets see if they can get above it, then the media can start making noises like that.

Your latest post is priceless, why are they not making an ad of that, along the lines of trust? Commentators are saying that there is no ballot question. I think the question is becoming Harper and whether you can believe what comes out of his mouth.

Anthony said...

I wrote this on another post but I will say it again here.

It is good to attack Harper on the economy, particularly in Ontario.

However, keep Bob rae out of the need to remind people of Rae Days