Monday, March 02, 2009

Bizarro World

It really was a hilarious spectacle. Three MP's from all the parties, appearing on CTV, discussing the Conservatives looming attack ads against the Liberals. Mention of the Liberal email fundraising response, Martha Hall Findlay explains the rationale. Tom Clark moves to NDP MP Chris Charlton, who apparently lives within the cave of purity, completely unaware of the most blatant hypocrisy she was about to utter, with added moral superiority inflection:
Tom Clark:

"Chris, you're sitting there shaking your head"

Chris Charlton NDP MP:

"I can't believe the conversation we're having here... I'm sorry Martha, you can't defend a fundraising ad. You're sending an ad for money, while Canadians are worried about having a paycheck at all. Both of these parties are unbelievably out of touch with what's happening in our communities. People are worried about their jobs, their savings, and you're sending them fundraising letters"

I agree Chris. It really is unbelievable, that during a economic crisis, parties would launch ATTACK ADS and FUNDRAISING PLEAS. Even more unseemly, if ONE party did BOTH, attack and ask people to foot the bill. Hello in there, knock, knock. Let's get back to the kitchen table, shall we?


RuralSandi said...

Meanwhile, during a political and economic crisis the NDP ran attack radio ads.

Oh the sanctimony of the NDP - purer than the driven snow. They've had their share of scandals too - O'Learygate, Bingogate, Spudscam to name a few. Although these were provincial scandals it shows they are capable too. They've never been the federal government so the slate is clean there.

What principles does Jack Layton have?

JimmE said...

For some reason, that old song:


Comes to mind.

Karen said...

That the issue of the Liberal party asking for donations even came up was bizarro world enough for me.

What? We are supposed to listen to the media tell us the Lib's have NO money every day and then we're supposed to feel guilty for because we ask for donations?

Seriously, Tom Clark is fighting hard to take Duffy's place.

As for the NDP...good catch Steve. A more self righteous bunch of hypocrites is hard to identify.

Anthony said...

As the economy plunged into crisis, the NDP was writing attack ads against Ignatieff.

oh NDP

always good for a few laughs

RuralSandi said...

Hmmmm....does this mean that the NDP have stopped all fundraising activities?

marie said...

Jack Layton is merely a used car saleman. He has no credibility. He is nothing but a good laugh now and again and has nothing going for him. He is a brown noser that's for sure.Right on the money KNb