Thursday, March 26, 2009


I don't know if this is the Youtube Conservative response to "gritgirl"-the name "toryboy" suggests some attempt at a counter- but it's noteworthy for it's lameness. The quality of the video is high, but that isn't matched by the weak message. Worthy of attention, for the sheer inability to land a glove:

The talking points bring a genuine smile. A eighteen month old admittedly vague reference to a tax, a three year old mention of a dead policy and taking issue with the Senate passing a budget in RECORD time. For the Conservatives sake I really hope this isn't "black ops" response, because that assumes these are actually thought out attack lines. Sleep well "gritgirl".


burlivespipe said...

Empty. It comes across as a cheap imitation of Gritgirl's knockout punches, and like you said grasping at the lamest straws. I really wonder if this will even resonate with the Con-leaning public, who've watched Harper turn into a pretzel trying to look like a leader (or avoid it, perhaps?) in these tough times.
My guess is we'll see in the latest fundraising numbers the real answer if the CONs are desperate or not. Then the real heavy artilliary will come out, if any.

penlan said...

The "Liberal dominated Senate" passed the bill in record time so what is the point of this statement? It's plain lying-out-loud. If people believe this it's due to total insanity. Do people really not fact-check or listen to the news & already know?

RuralSandi said...

Huge difference here - GritGirl tells the facts and this garbage from the Cons tell lies.

Sounds like a good opportunity for GritGirl to do her stuff - telling the truth about the Con lies

Christian said...

Hey, leave John Baird alone! I'm sure he's doing the best he can.

marie said...

Who pays the price for Michael Ignatieff and the liberals? I say the leader of the liars club Stephen Harper and his clueless Pm's and Dim Jim. Canadians are not that gullible or clueless to when it comes to who's to blame in this whole string of events playing in Canada or across the world. They are very aware that Conservative governments bring deficits and Liberals tend to fix the problems.