Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Wonder If It Has Anything To Do With Quality?

As the government ponders aid for life support publications like the National Post, it is quite telling, not to mention beyond embarrassing, that this "paper" can't even snag ONE NOMINATION for the Newspaper Awards. To be fair, NP did receive a nomination, in the highly respected "Most Absorbent Bird Cage Liner" category:
TORONTO — The Globe and Mail leads the pack of finalists with 13 nominations in the running for the 2008 National Newspaper Awards to be announced May 22 in Montreal.

The Toronto Star has 10 nominations, followed by Montreal's La Presse with eight.

The Ottawa Citizen, Calgary Herald and Hamilton Spectator each collected four.

The Canadian Press earned three nominations and the London Free Press, Montreal Gazette and Winnipeg Free Press had two each.

The Barrie Examiner, Brantford Expositor, Edmonton Journal, Lethbridge Herald, North Bay Nugget, Prince George Citizen, Reuters, New Brunswick (Saint John) Telegraph-Journal, Simcoe Reformer, Toronto Sun, Vancouver Sun, Victoria Times-Colonist, Record of Waterloo Region and Windsor Star have one each.

The "guru" has more commentary on the journalistic beacon that is the National Post.


sjw said...

I'm sure it's some sort of conspiracy.

Steve V said...

Must be, it always is you know.

JimmE said...

Ouch! the Toronto Sun got one - that really must hurt! Wonder how Con-Rad is taking the news; like he cares a rat's rear 'bout such things now a days.

RuralSandi said...

Well, it helps to have journalists instead of partisan right-wing bloggers (of little quality) contribute as their journalists - and, Jonathon Kay is a little bizarre.

Steve V said...

It's so sad, even the Toronto Sun has a nomination.

Northern BC Dipper said...

Wow, you know you suck when the Prince George Citizen get more nominations that the National Post.

...And one of the biggest complaints I hear about the PG Citizen regards its low quality (and declining more everyday).

P.S. and you know I suck when I can't spell "suck" correctly the first time.

Steve V said...

Reminds me of when I called someone a moran :)

√Čric said...

La Presse and The Gazette were the only Quebec papers to get any nominations, and La Presse the only French-language?

Any world where The Gazette is more highly regarded than Le Devoir is a world that shouldn't exist.