Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ignatieff In Kamloops

I found a few snippets from Ignatieff's appearance in Kamloops today. Apparently, it was an excellent turnout of around 400 people, in a riding that the Liberals garned a lowly 9.8% of the vote in the last election:


The Mound of Sound said...

Farmer's are carbon sinks? Really? Do you believe that or is this the most crass pandering ever seen outside of a bog parish in Louisiana? "Yes, carbon tax breaks for everyone who votes for Iggy!"

C'mon KNB you know better. I know that and so do you.

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh,oh, one more. Just can't help myself after watching Iggy on Energy. Thank God the funeral director and attendants at my Dad's funeral were more animated than that! I'm not sure I would've gotten through it if they were all Iggy-clones. Actually it's kinda creepy.

Oemissions said...

Sorry to say: this man bores me to the point of despair.
Atleast Stephan had passion.
Why do I have to keep replaying to figure out what Ignatieff just said?

penlan said...

MoS wrote:

"C'mon KNB you know better. I know that and so do you."

This isn't KNB's blog or post - it's Steve V.'s. Are you, possibly, fixated on KNB?

Steve V said...


Mound just goes off these days, without much thought required, so cut him some slack. It's a crusade now you know. Who has the time...

Karen said...

MoS. I promise you that I'm not running two blogs,;).

RuralSandi said...

You know, MoS really needs something to do. His Iggy-hate fixation is rather scary. How one person can spend so much time each and every day spewing hatred for someone is sad. MoS you need a hobby or something.

MoS probably doesn't realize that people feel the same way about his obsessive rants as he does about Iggy. Again, truly sad. It's simple MoS - you don't have to vote for him.
Iggy clones? That doesn't even make sense.

It's the same bloggers that come out each day and attack. No life I guess.

Karen said...

I can understand disagreeing with Ignatieff policy, that's fair enough, but the rest of it I confess I don't get.

I think most of us just want to see Harper gone. I don't genuflect at the altar of Ignatieff, but I do still support the party. I don't see Dion running around like his hair is on fire bemoaning the demise of the party. In fact, Dion has appeared with Ignatieff and before anyone says, 'well what do you expect?', I still see Dion as a man of principle and I don't believe he'd do that just for appearances sake.

In fact, Ignatieff has said that he is looking at an International position for Dion on Environment.

Anyway, each to their own I suppose. Without agreeing with everything Ignatieff has to say, I'm still focused on Harper.

RuralSandi said...

KNB - I agree. In fact, Dion on the Int'l Environment is an excellent choice. He's respected, he knows his stuff and he's trusted.

It isn't just about Ignatieff here - it's about the quality of the caucus. You're only as good as the people you choose to work with you and it sure shows with Harper.

Management 101 - delegation of positions to real talent. The micro-management of Harper sure as hell isn't working.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry guys, my bad.

sjw said...

..this man bores me to the point of despair.

I dunno, I'm certainly not on any Iggy despising crusade and even I found the energy emanating from the great man in those clips about the equivalent of a 5 watt bulb. Wake me up before you go-go to the polls, Michael.

I remember going to see Preston Manning speak to a similar numbered crowd in Dartmouth, NS in the mid 90s. The interest generated by Mr Manning's east coast speaking engagements certainly didn't produce any seats in the HoC. Just sayin..

RuralSandi said...

Ignatieff popularity growing, Harper stalled, poll finds
Updated Fri. Mar. 27 2009 10:55 AM ET

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- A new poll suggests people are warming to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, while many still have doubts about Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey suggests the two men have similar levels of support, but Harper's negative ratings are much higher. It found that 44 per cent of respondents had a favourable view of Harper, while 45 per cent were negative.

Ignatieff got a favourable rating from 45 per cent, but only 26 per cent held a negative view.

...well, it seems Iggy is going over well with most.

Seamus said...

He's said that BC's lumber should be turned into products that are shipped out of the country, and that we should be developing new products instead of continually sending raw lumber out of the country so that OTHER countries can use our raw materials to make great products.

That's so -- common sense!! It's what I've always thought - why are we sending Canada's raw materials out to others to use? What are we going to be - servants to the rest of the developed world forever, handing them what they need to make themselves prosperous? Canada's wood has been leaving the country for too long and too cheaply.

It's too bad that too many people just regurgitate the usual anti-Liberal crap that the media is swimming in - instead of listening and thinking for themselves. This isn't your usual politician - he's spent a lifetime actually working for a living; and knows exactly how Canada relates to the rest of the world. It's my impression that he wants to haul Canada out of the 1950s, and into a position of more influence and more awareness of our potential power. It sounds like hope to me - if we can get our feet out of the mud.

As for Stephen - he looks like he should be driving a hearse with those cold eyes. And apparently he is - the Canadian hearse. I suspect that Stephen is fundamentally lazy; which is why he avoids the press. Ignatieff on the other hand, has worked hard enough to really achieve something in his lifetime - which Harper hasn't (aside from greasing his way into the PMO . . .) you don't write 15 books without doing some hard time.
I don't think Harper has ever worked that hard - hasn't got his book on hockey finished yet, and I don't think he's ever even played hockey.

Steve V said...


That's the kicker, we sell the raw lumber and then end up buying back the finished products.