Friday, March 20, 2009

On Unintended Consequences

It really is an incredibly amusing reaction, because in the final analysis, all the Conservative focus on "gritgirl" does is elevate. Complaining, and the latest call to arms merely brings more attention, the Conservatives are perpetuating any buzz that existed. The bottomline, the Conservatives can always find something to solicit funds from the paranoid minions, their latest effort features the recurring theme of entity under fire from "powerful special interests". With that in mind, in using "gritgirl", a nebulous unknown, whatever monetary gain is offset by highlighting the offense in question. What is really indie, is in danger of becoming mainstream, because the Conservatives reaction amounts to free exposure.

In reality Mr. Finley, it's the Conservatives who are "sloppy" here:
Subject: Liberal hypocrisy is back.

March 19, 2009

Dear [Conservative supporter],

Liberal hypocrisy is back.

After having their Leader and National Director decry the use of negative political advertising, the Liberal "War Room" has been actively promoting television-ready anti-Conservative attack ads on the web.

Given that the style, sourcing and messaging of the ads are identical to attack material being generated by paid Liberal staff, it's clear that the Liberal "War Room" is test-driving ads.

What does this mean?

First, the Liberals are sloppy . The Liberal "War Room" has tipped its leader's hand by demonstrating that the Party's opposition to attack ads and shallow, manufactured outrage is nothing more than a lie.

Second, the Liberals will say anything to win . The ads being promoted by the Liberal "War Room" are full of errors. Time and time again, the Liberal attack ads misquote and distort the words of our Prime Minister

Third and finally, Conservatives must be ready to respond . Unlike the Liberals, we can't rely on powerful special interests to deliver our messages for us. We need to have the financial and volunteer resources to fight back.

Have the Liberals really tipped their hands? Seems to me, the Conservatives are chasing shadows. All the Conservatives have done is create more anticipation for the next video. Don't get me wrong, these videos have been a hit, but let's keep it real. The amount of views are large by certain stands, but miniscule in a general sense, you could walk on any street today, pull aside a thousand people and get nothing but blank looks when you mention this infamous "gritgirl". These videos are inside the beltway stuff, more about psychological warfare, than any genuine attack to shape public opinion. However, by reacting as such, the Conservatives are validating a threat, creating more intrigue, doing everything you shouldn't.

I have no idea the origin, but I'm willing to bet the Liberal war room is quite pleased with the Conservatives out of proportion, hyper-sensitive reaction to mostly obscure jabs.


RuralSandi said...

I bet they read the Blogging Tories and play on their stupidity and partisanship.

And, why are they (Cons) desperate for money when they have approx $21 million - don't they care that people have other money issues right now?

Steve V said...

They aren't desperate for money, which makes this plea topic a strategic error. There are a lot more people aware of gritgirl now, than before the Conservatives over reacted.

marie said...

Way to go Gritgirl, you have the fake Conservatives running scared. They are afraid that using the PM's words will come to bite them in their backside. Diane Findley is becoming quite a mouth piece isn't she? Well lady, if you string it out, you had better be prepared for all the flack your going to have to take. What a sorry image of a lady you make. She certainly has no appeal to the normal female.

Koby said...

I had to laugh when I saw this blog posting. During the 2004 and 2006 campaigns I heard these kind of accuations for Conservative party members all the time --- only they were directed at me. This was typical.

"Kobe - what are the local issues you're concerned about in N.Van.?? What do you think is the significance and irony of the big dig at Mtn. Hwy. and Lynn Valley Rd. for our illustrious former mayor Don Bell?? Tough to get a handle on any local issues when you live in the Big Smoke."

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the Con attack ads.

Are they chicken or what?

$21 million in their kitty and not willing to fight back. No positive ads or something of that sort.

Is Iggy made of teflon or what?

sjw said...

They are confused on how to proceed with regards to Ignatieff. It's typical bully behaviour. Stand up to a bully and more times than not, they will stand down.

Jerry Prager said...

Lot of wine and beer and other spirits here, the Cons are anxious and strike at whatever is moving, they're spooked, and getting goofy.