Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Conservative MP Takes Prorogue Vacation

Oh, this is more than a tad EMBARRASSING:
Despite the rally, Prince Albert MP Randy Hoback said the government's decision to prorogue parliament until March hasn't caused a flood of emails or phone calls to his office.

"Our constituents have more concerns on their minds," he said by phone Tuesday from California, where he is vacationing. "They want us to concentrate on jobs, get people back to work, and get the budget back in order. And that's what I'll focus on when I get back to Parliament and that's what I'm focusing on now."

Focusing on jobs, while VACATIONING in CALIFORNIA. You must have a pretty big set of BALLS to actually book a vacation the week you were supposed to return to Parliament. Reaching elephantitis-like dimensions to posit you're focusing on jobs while you're away from yours.



Apparently, the vacation was taken just prior to Parliament's return. Wasn't clear from link, but I should have checked original article. Apologize for error.


Tof KW said...

And the good citizens of Prince Albert riding will punish the Conservatives by voting ...Conservative.

It's not balls, it's the fact that the CPoC can field an orangutan in this riding and still capture 60% of the vote.

Steve V said...

This is true.

bubba said...

I live in the riding and randy is one of the hardest working M.Ps i have ever seen. I live in a remote community and he has been here at least 5 times with passport clinics, economic development announcements, always takes time to visit with constituents. Joined me for lunch one day out of the blue (happened to be in same restaurant) He deserves a break

Steve V said...

I think that proves your point KW ;)

Jay said...

So is Bubba saying that because he does the job he is paid for that he should get a 3 month vacation? He's been paid that's all that's owed. I do my job perfectly well and go beyond what is expected of me. Where's my 3 months vacation time?

Unknown said...

Must have found a great deal at prorogue vacations.com... :)


thescottross.blogspot.com said...

Bubba, Randy Hoback did not work through Christmas and this wasn't his first vacation this year. Please do not lie.

RuralSandi said...

Bubba not know that MP's have "staff" in their constituency offices that handle constituency needs? Duh.

If you have a Con MP, check out his schedule.

From what I've looked at so far, not much work being done.

An event or two? That's work. It takes 3 months to do a few events?

bubba said...

I have no Idea how many vacations or when . I just know he has worked very hard for my community and I am grateful. I have never commented on a blog before but felt compelled. Randy has personally been involved in many events that have bettered our community and I question if all communities can say the same of their M.P. he is the first M.P. that I felt wasnt on permanent vacatuion. just saying.

marie said...

I think what the Harpercons government has forgotten that the country runs 24/7 and accepting the job is part of their duties. That's why they get paid the big bucks and benefits. Not only when they want too which is what this sham Harpercons one is doing.

Paid leave for 3 months isn't part of the contract when they were elected. Canadians are telling
them that they don't approve the prorogation issues but they and the Media keep spinning the truth playing their partisan games. And the sad part is that the hateful Con parroting baboons are swallowing the whole spiel.
It is also time to parogouge the Media. Send them letters, lots and lots of letters so that they will understand that YES, Canadians do care and let them know that its merely the Media that don't. They forget that Canadians are their bread and butter and to anger them has dire consequences for them as well as for this government.

They are still not listening AGAIN. What will it take to shake them up? Media, bankruptcy and this government, continuous rallies to Parliament Hill and rallies to the Media outlets.

We must fight fire with fire. Forget trying to be the nice guy. This government and their supporters deserve all the crap that they will get and keep dishing out. Enough is enough already.

An its time Canadians start realizing that keeping the Harpercons in power is their own fault and deserve what they got by voting these misfits in. Tof KW. Right on. I agree with you on your 10:03 post. Time we quit being blind fools and vote this rabit government out soon.

And Bubba, everyone deserves a vacation once a year but a paid three month one is not what these people are worth or why they were elected in the first place. And Baabba, having lunch with you once is not doing a hard days workeither. He was merelypolititing again looking to shore up his supporters for the next election.

Steve V said...


For arguments sake, I'll take your praise at face value. However, you've basically ignored the issue. Your hard working MP is supposed to be in Ottawa. Your hard working Conservative government told us all that MP's would be BUSY in their ridings doing the work of the people. Given that your MP has already had TWO MONTHS off, to say he needs a vacation, at the same time the government says he's hard at work, you can appreciate the disconnect.

Jay said...

"I have never commented on a blog before but felt compelled"

Obviously, I've seen your original comment word for word copied and pasted everywhere today.

Sure you aren't having an affair with the guy?

Bismark said...

It seems "Bubba" (anonymous blogger since Sept. 2009) has taken a
"permanent vacatuion" from reality.

What events has Randy been involved in, pray tell?

Tomm said...


Don't you ever get tired of ignoring 50% of the news and posting the National Enquirer headlines?

Tomm said...

The only person that apparently lives in the riding in question is "bubba". He has given you his opinion, and also given it with some humility.

Yet he is swarmed by things like "...Sure you aren't having an affair with the guy?..."

Steve V said...

Oh Tomm.

Gene Rayburn said...

Apparently both Tomm and bubba are impressed by having lunch bought for them. They must be cheap dates.

I prefer my MPs to actually do their job but you know conbots...

I wonder what Tomm's conbot serial number is on his identity plate?

Stephen LaRose said...

That's the problem with Saskatchewan elections. The Tories could nominate Hannibal Lecter in this province and he'd get voted in even if he suddenly gained 35 pounds during the campaign and his campaign staff went missing.

Tomm said...

I'm glad you are all having a good chuckle.

I use to live in SK. It was run by the NDP and its own bureaucracy for 20 years and that was absolutely killing any new business. Brad Wall comes in and all of a sudden, there are jobs and opportunities.

I think there are about 15 Crown's there. 15 areas where there is no competition, no accountability, and no incentive for growth.

But it is not Alberta. In SK you can get elected as a right side Sask Party or left side NDP. People do have choices.

The Liberal Party has the same problems they have in Alberta. Zero credibility.

Gene Rayburn said...

okay who offered to buy Tomm lunch?

Tof KW said...

Tomm, I admit that NDP roots in SK run very deep, it is Tommy Douglas country after all. The Libs are nowhere provincially, and federally - well Mr Goodale is flying the flag at least. However Prince Albert riding is comfortably blue and has been decades, well except for the period the NDP managed to hold it for a while after Diefenbaker passed away.

Mr Hoback may or may not be a good MP for the riding, I can not judge being as I reside far from Prince Albert. I am certain he is a personable fellow and has probably helped a number of citizens in the riding. The problem lies in the optics of him taking a holiday while Parliament was to meet had it not been for prorogation. Also that this riding is comfortably 'blue', meaning if (and stress if) Mr Hoback was an MP who did little for the riding, he would probably still win re-election.

And yes there are safe Liberal ridings too, though those are not as safe as they once were (Outremont for example). And certain citizens whose ridings have never really changed voting habits since the depression (going PC to Reform to CPC does not count) should tread carefully before they criticize those red ridings.

Anyhow I stand by my original post as highlighting both a comical and cynical truth. Also I will agree that many of the posts here are going over the top and fall in bad taste. However the Grits have been getting this type of abuse from various CPC bloggers for years now since Harper’s come to power, so though distasteful, they are entitled to vent now that Harper’s pulled a bonehead maneuver.

bubba said...

he never bought me lunch just sat w me and explained what the gov't had going on in the community and asked my concerns. I dont care which party he represents. he is more visible in the riding and getting more done. if he worked one month a year. His results would still speak volumes . Results are what affecy me and my family.

Omar said...

I dont care which party he represents.

Just as long as that party isn't Liberal or NDP, right bubba?

Results are what affecy me and my family.

Perhaps you could enlighten us on what those results affecy you and your family are, bubba? Was there any substantial economic development to go along with the announcements you mention? How have all those constituent visitations resulted in effective governance for your riding? And while I'm not exactly sure what a "passport clinic" is when conducted by a Member of Parliament, having five of them seems a little extreme. The very same passport info can generally be found at your friendly neighbourhood Canada Post office.

Gene Rayburn said...

"if he worked one month a year. "

Don't worry bubba, if Harper keeps stepping in it and proroguing, he may just only work for a year. I'm sure Randy will find a way to book an 11 month vacation though.

bubba said...

Randy adressed the P.A. chamber on Jan 23 Do you wish to correct your untruth. For your charcter's sake I think it would be a good Idea to not let your untruths go uncorrected?

bubba said...

thanks for the update sorry i didnt see it before i commented

Steve V said...

Apologize for not checking original article.