Wednesday, September 03, 2008

All Aboard!

On a day when Conservatives MP's are fleeing a sinking ship, interesting to see the Liberal cause adding some heavyweights.

All aboard:
I have to think that convincing the up-until-yesterday president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture - who was publicly critical of the Green Shift just a few days ago - to run for the Liberals is going to make it a teensy bit trickier for Jason Kenney

I guess Bob Friesen liked the Green Shift modifications. So much for the "hurting the poor farmer" angle.

Speaking of silly angles, I guess the "Liberals in eastern Canada afraid to run on the Green Shift" theme might have to be scratched off too:
The deputy leader of Nova Scotia's Liberal party says she is considering a jump to federal politics.
Diana Whalen says she is strongly considering running in the federal riding of Halifax, which has been held by New Democrat Alexa McDonough since 1997.

She says she will mull over her options with advisors before making a decision at the end of the week — a federal election call is expected by the weekend for Oct. 14.

Yesterday, the "soft on crime" theme took a hit, now today's developments.

Positive signs indeed.


Babylonian777 said...

How many Liberals have taken early retirement with the Conservatives in Power, or better yet, since Dion became leader? Liberals are the last to talk about a sinking ship. Must be a really slow day for you guys.

James Curran said...

None that are current high-ranking cabinet ministers one week before an election call.

ottlib said...

I am having a chuckle at Conservatives today who are claiming the departures of Mr. Hearn and Mr. Emerson are not signs of trouble.

I distinctly remember their chortling when long-time Liberals decided they would not run again.

Of course as James points out they all decided not to run well in advance of any election as opposed to just a few days before an expected election call.

I am not reading too much into these decisions. The departure of Mr. Emerson was expected and Mr. Hearn has been in politics a long time so his departure is not really remarkable either.

I am certain both were planning on announcing their decisions well before an election call but Stephen Harper seems to have surprised many in his own caucus with his sudden need for an election.

I am still enjoying the squirming of Conservatives though and the fact they are learning that very important life lesson of "what goes around comes around".

Babylonian777 said...

"None that are current high-ranking cabinet ministers one week before an election call."

Good point. lol. I will be honest when I smell good coffee. But really........"sinking ship"??? This is not time for liberals to get arrogant. Your party needs a serious HUMILITY injection.

Steve V said...

Nobody is getting arrogant, quit attaching your own bias. What is relevant, all the former HOWLS about Liberals running from the Green Shift (see Sparrow), all the stories about how many people have retired. What we see here is merely a counter to that nonsense, not to mention the attraction of strong candidates.

James Curran said...

Don't forget Myron Thompson and Bill Casey and Garth Turner. Oh yeah. Bill and Garth were booted for not drinking the cool aid.....yes, yes, I DO remember Carolyn Parrish.