Friday, September 26, 2008

Harper: Media Coverage "Balanced"

In response to a reporter's question today, Stephen Harper actually said, that despite the media not spending enough time on policies, he felt that "overall", the media coverage this election had been "balanced". Harper first looked over to Prentice and others on his left, paused, and with a hint of a smile, gave his judgement on the media.

If ever there was proof of media bias, then an endorsement by their arch enemy is it. If Harper admits balance, that means he is happy with the coverage, that means he and his handlers are content. Contrast that with Dion supporters trying to shout down the media today, and you see why Harper is satisfied. A politician only sees an objective media when he/she is having their way, when they are getting soft ball treatment, when they see a benefit.

As far as I'm concerned, the Harper verdict is the clearest evidence yet that my perceptions aren't merely those of a bitter partisan, too invested to be objective. Stephen Harper is fine with the media coverage translates to "thanks for the free pass" and "thanks for savaging the other guy". If the guy that has instinctual hatred from the media is giving them their due, you know something has gone astray.


JimmE said...

The snax & Kool-aid must be better on the Tory plane.
Either that or most of the press has been promised exclusive interviews; after the election.

They know it's Harper right?

Mark Dowling said...

It's easy to get balance when the RCMP block access to the people asking "unfair and unbalanced" questions

Beijing York said...

The corporate media's role is very reminiscent of how they behaved in the US 2004 election. Kerry couldn't buy a break.

I'm not partisan, well at least not this time around, and I am a socialist (thus not a big fan of Liberals) -- still I can see how unjust the media has been in covering Dion.

The rare times I catch him speaking, I am almost shocked by how sincere and eloquent he is. The media is not only doing Dion a disservice but also Canadians. We have a right to see him and hear him as much as all the other leaders.

Anonymous said...

I'm so pissed off at the Canadian media today, I'm considering saying things I might regret later.

The sad fact is that anyone who wants power in this country has to maintain some aspect of a positive relationship with the media (AKA the OWNERS of the TV & radio stations, and newspapers). We can scream at impotent columnists all we want, but its how news stations are run that are destroying democracy.

Anonymous said...

The media reporting that Dion is ineffectual and weak,

is like reporting that the sky is blue.

There are certain things that go beyond the ability to spin.

Beijing York said...

Once again, tag team trolls.

How about adding something of substance rather than flip and smug responses.

Anonymous said...

it's a real bitch when the shoe's on the other foot, eh?

Eric said...

Oh no! Those evil media types.. they're the reason you're losing. *sigh*

Look, the Reform/Canadian Alliance made the exact same argument for election after election and it was only until 2006 that the Tories finally felt that the media wasn't raking them over the coals and letting the Grits get by with fluff.

Beijing York:

He's eloquent and sincere only if you're not a conservative (the political type not the party). When I heard him speak all I heard was the same conservative=evil nonsense I've heard before.

So.. that's why the Tories aren't losing support in poll after poll. You can't convince someone they're wrong by first arguing that they are a moron.

Tomm said...


The media has been atrocious. They are trying to polarize people and take advantage of the polarization. Their pandering to the arts and culture cuts was an embarrassment. If those had been steelworkers, the media would have walked right by.

The media is spending all their time asking Dion why his numbers are so low rather than substantive issues aroiund his policies.

They should quit publishing polls for awhile. Force the media to ask real questions.

Politics for Dummies. I think it is why Dion has been getting questions asked by shills, supporters, and bewildered commoners instead of the media.

The media should be asking all the candidates decent hardball questions about their policies, promises, and paths, but they aren't.

They try to get Dion to admit to not doing well. They try to get Harper to say something outrageous and to use the "m" word.

They leave Layton, May and Duceppe pretty much alone.

The media is behaving badly.

Dame said...

I am barely able to watch any news any more . The media /and Big Money ...mostly oil money ../simply assasinated and killed Dion and democracy in plan sight ...
I really don't know what we the people can do now.


Steve V said...

"it's a real bitch when the shoe's on the other foot, eh?"

I didn't vote Lib in 2004 or 2006, but I do know that an independent analysis showed the Cons received better coverage than the Libs. That's just a fact, as opposed to your imported rallying cry, which shows no relationship to reality.

Steve V said...

"Oh no! Those evil media types.. they're the reason you're losing. *sigh"

I love how nobody acknowledges the post, they just go off on their own little boring tangents. What did HARPER say?? Doesn't that speak to anything? Hello in there hacksters, its so freaking obvious.

And, you're wrong, 2004 was decidedly favorable for you guys, and before that it was such a extreme party, how can you expect anybody to not notice.

Steve V said...

"How about adding something of substance rather than flip and smug responses."

Substance is toxic to this sorry lot of no minds. And, the sad part, it's not even witty or clever, it's just stupid, but then again look at the source.

Eric said...

So what if Harper thinks the media is balanced? Its not like they haven't taken pot shots at him from time to time as well. In this campaign and in the past.

I mean at one point in the past they were dragging up this former ex-candidate or that former volunteer saying 'we'll never win with Harper blah blah blah'.

I didn't think 2004 was fair, especially that whole abortion bit. The one where Martin and a Tory candidate both said the same thing about abortion but the Tories were treated like lepers for it. Or the 'do you love Canada' question, how 'fair' was that.

In 2006... well.. the media was definitely not favourably disposed to the Grits.

The Alliance wasn't extreme in its policies, it was right of center but by no means more extreme than say the NDP were and on a lot of issues they were pretty much the same as the Grits. The Reform *was* more dogmatic in their pursuit of policies which may come across as 'extreme' but is different entirely.

Harper was happy because it wasn't his butt on the grill these last few days and because he knows what it feels like to have the media hounding you over accusations of party infighting.

That doesn't mean the media isn't fair.