Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Those Crazy Kids

Gee, I wonder if it's a good idea to have an angry little guy in the corner, holding a semi-automatic.

If you hit the link, you go to a very old video of Ignatieff. However, if you don't happen to realize that the little angry guy with the semi-automatic provides a link, you are left with the flying puffin, Dion, and the angry guy with the semi-automatic. Terrific imagery, Dion with the "I give up" stance and the ANGRY LITTLE GUY WITH THE SEMI-AUTOMATIC looking like he's ready to openfire.

What a disgrace.


RuralSandi said...

I don't believe Harper at all with his pathetic apology.

They call him decisive? Really, this kind of stuff has been on that site for well over a year - the only reason he apologized was because of VOTES and angry people.

He just can't be nice - it's just not in him. When interview by Lloyd Robertson, CTV (what a soft soapy interview that was) he was asked about being a family man and Dion - he said "he assumes Dion's a family man".

Nope just couldn't be nice and fuzzy without a dig.

Anonymous said...

Someone from the party should actually point that out. Isn't the basic ad still up, just removing the crap (so to speak)? Not literally obviously since the whole concept is crap.

Steve V said...

The puffin just flies by, no poop. But, how can anyone not see that having a little figure with a gun in the corner is dreadful imagery.

Gayle said...

Graham RIchardson, who I generally like, described this as a "fun little site" on Duffy this afternoon.

Adam Radwonski (sp?) had a slightly different impression in his blog at the GandM.

Personally, I hope many voters look at this site. It is juvenile and just plain stupid. Sane and mature voters should be turned off.

Just as an aside, I am also less than impressed with the LPC site that models itself on wikkipedia (not sure what they call it).

Steve V said...

Gayle, I'm not overly impressed either, but it pales in comparison to the two year assault, reaching this crescendo. That is a reaction, this is the source.

Gayle said...

Oh, I agree Steve. It is just that the site is pointless.

Karen said...

Gayle, I think the Scandalpedia site was meant as reference point, like Wiki. No more, no less. Great coup? No, but no loss either.

As to this site and what Steve has pointed out, well, Ignatieff with gun consorting with what may be the Taliban? Shooting at the centre of the screen, which is the image of Dion?

Come on people. What other motive can there be behind this? Did you click on the image?

This is crass, perhaps a tad subliminal political advertising at it's worse.

me dere robert said...

has anyone in the media picked up on the video?

Oxford County Liberals said...

Aaron Wherry of Macleans took the CPC War Room to task for it here

Anonymous said...

every moment in this short campaign in which we focus on harper's ads, little cartoon birds, and how our feelings are hurt, is a moment wasted. we're down in the polls and we better be on our game with OUR MESSAGE.

Yes it was petty, and childish, but its no major scandal, let's move on WITH WHAT DION STANDS FOR. If we don't do that we won't win. It's that simple.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Jordy: It's just a good example to show Canadians how they're engaging in gutter politics. The more of this the do..the more they negate all those warm and fuzzy ads of Harper last week that got them this little bounce in support.

Steve V said...


Please. A moment wasted? Are you kidding me, it threw Harper off, Dion scored some points, not a bad day at all. Nobody says this about the entire campaign, but all you need to do is ask yourself this- are the Cons happy about this story today?

Dion is taking about what he stands for, not our fault Harper stepped in it today ;) We had the better day, good, that's how you move the polls back. You don't ignore a gaffe, like turning down free lunch. Policies yes, positive yes, but exploiting errors, everytime.