Monday, June 23, 2008

Canadians Ready To Embrace Economic Ruin

Try to wipe the smile off my face, just try:
A new poll finds suggests the Liberals could score votes with their controversial "green shift'' environmental proposal.

The first national poll since the Liberal leader Stephane Dion announced that he would impose a carbon tax to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions has found Canadians are beginning to pick sides.

While a majority remain undecided, 14 per cent say they are in favour and 17 per cent are opposed.

But once the policy is explained to respondents, the Canadian Press-Harris-Decima survey found that 47 per cent liked the idea and 39 per cent were opposed.

Significantly, the poll found that most of the opposition to the idea comes from Conservatives.

To be honest, that result is better than I would have thought.

More here:

The key finding, said pollster Bruce Anderson, is that Canadians who did not describe themselves as Conservatives were favourably disposed to the idea of a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

Two-thirds of Liberals, 59 per cent of New Democrats, 62 per cent Parti Quebecois supporters and 48 per cent of Green Party supporters said they were in favour of the policy – all, except for the Green Party, by wide margins.

The Liberal green plan is also finding double-digit support among women (48 per cent in favour, 34 per cent opposed), voters under 35 years of age (61 versus 26), and in voters east of the Ontario-Manitoba border (49 versus 37), all segments the Conservatives need in order to win a majority.

“It does have the potential to be a game-changer for the Liberals,” Mr. Anderson said.

Also interesting, a third of Conservatives like the proposal (I guess none of them are online ;)).

Howl away with your childish fear mongering, it would appear Canadians are smarter than you think. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of Conservatives scrambling.


Steve V said...

From the G and M comment section, I think one Conservative just inadvertently coined their new campaign slogan:

"no plan is better than a foolish plan."

Anonymous said...

I like Dion's plan. Alberta will pay the largest price because of its oilsands, people will get ticked and separatism will rear its head again. Maybe this time it'll stick.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that only a slim majority like the Carbon Tax after the question wording was so ridiculously biased in its favour. I'm surprised that it didn't get 99% support after a description that sounds like it was written at Liberal HQ. It makes it sound as if there was just going to be a tax on "pollution" (ie: a tax that someone named "pollution" will pay) that would not have any impact on the average person - and in exchange you get this huge income tax cut.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Wait until the Conservatives start to roll out hard numbers about exactly how much prices of various commodities will go up.

Steve V said...

"Wait until the Conservatives start to roll out hard numbers about exactly how much prices of various commodities will go up."

Oh, the "you just wait" nonsense. Whatever floats your biased boat I suppose. Seems to me, I haven't been able to get in my car and turn on the radio the last two weeks without hearing those ridiculous attack ads, and yet... The paper tigers roar.

You know what I think, people are starting to tune you guys OUT.

Anonymous said...

JUst you wait. Stephen Harper is the smartest strategist in the WORLD.

He will come up with a BRILLIANT response that will wipe all liberls off the map.

Did you know Julie used to be a man?

Blues Clair said...

Just you wait Steve V, just you wait... Harper's chessboard has been pulled from the shelf and dusted. Once John 'real action' Baird crunches the numbers and sends Oily to spread the message the shift is really going to hit the fan.

burlivespipe said...

Funny, these CON-heads are getting lamer and lamer. Harper's plan for the environment 'wait until someone else does it' is equal to a 'pay now and pay later' idea, as noted at Western Grit's blog.
Big Oil, good pals of Harper's, are going to harvest no matter what. However, if we are to redefine our energy consumption and sources, we need to take action.
When you tell taxpayers, maybe even ones in Alberta, that by the choices you make the more you will save, is it no wonder why Harper and his bleating sheep are crapping the sheets?

Anonymous said...

This poll reminds of one I saw back in 2000 that produced a headline claiming that Stockwell Day would sweep the country. It asked people how likely they would be to vote for "a party led a devout Christian who wants to provide tax 'relief' to stay at home mothers"

Northern BC Dipper said...


It looks to me that what this poll is saying, with the large undecided majority, is that the carbon tax debate will be won or lost on the depending on which side has the most effective communications.

The key to having the 47% for, 39% against is to have the policy explained. In order to do that, the Liberals are going to have to have an effective communications program explaining their policy. The question is: will they?

Steve V said...

"This poll reminds of one I saw back in 2000 that produced a headline claiming that Stockwell Day would sweep the country."

So, are you saying if Stephane stays off the jet ski, the Liberals are good to go? I like our chances.

Anonymous said...

Canadians will do like they always do. They will vote for what they think is in their best interest. If they think that they will be winners under this plan they will support it. If they think they will be losers they will not. It has nothing to do with the environment. It is a tax redistribution plan. Most people are already taking meassures to conserve energy because of the current high prices. The problem is that business will make the same decisions as individuals. If the US and other countries do not have a similar law they will make their location decisions based on what is best for them and it won't be Canada.

Steve V said...

"The key to having the 47% for, 39% against is to have the policy explained. In order to do that, the Liberals are going to have to have an effective communications program explaining their policy. The question is: will they?"

That's the unknown. I would say, we've already seen the first, heavy barrage and it's been a bust. The Liberals have been surpisingly nimble, and that suggests a gameplan for selling it. It also looks like they have some allies, which offsets the hysteria.

Steve V said...

" It has nothing to do with the environment."

Well, now you're just projecting, because many Canadians actually do give a shit about the environment, and to think that is insignificant simplies every voter. That doesn't disregard the economy, but if the cost is seen as marginal to doable you might just be surprised.

Frankly Canadian said...

I have to agree with the poll results, today at work I discussed the new Green Shift plan with a number of people, at first reponse the reation was very negative (this was expected as almost everyone at work has boats,jet ski's, summer cottages, R.V.'s, Quads, motorbikes, ect. and they all have large truck to tow the toys.) After reasonable debate everyone agrreed that the price for gas will continue to rise regardless of any carbon tax, the fact still remained if we want to continue our lifestyle choices we have to do things wisely. There was also a consensus about they way we treat the planet reflects on how these leisure activities are effected. The underlying fact remained we need to do something to fix the enviornment and that something is probably going to cost something, you would be a fool if you didn't agree. Here in B.C. there are still many homes heated by oil and propane there are also many municipalities that do not have vehicle emissions restraints, by curving these problem areas while giving these people the means in which to change, we secure our ability to enjoy our current lifestlye. The plan is quite logical and the topic is extremely important.

Anonymous said...

Just out of the starting blocks and Dion creates a political nightmare by violating a trade name (and potentially damaging their business irreparably),

of the very type of company which is, in reality, everything Dion purports to be.

It also appears based on discussions senior Liberals had with this company, and the fact that domain searches would have revealed their existence, that the exploitation of this small exemplary company was in fact intentional.

Knowingly violating a true green company to score cheap political points under the guise of appearing "green".......that's gonna leave a mark.

Anonymous said...

The AP full story confirms that the Liberals were well aware of the breach (of this stellar company that formed in association with a firm dedicated to helping the blind).

How weasel-ish are the libs being against this amazing company:

"A Liberal spokesman discounted the company's protests that the Liberals mimicked Green Shift's web domain name, by adding the article "the" before"

Gee, that would eliminate any confusion. They added the word "the".

The levels of depravity are many.

Anonymous said...

throwing the true environmentalists (and those who care for the blind)

under the bus for partisan gain.


Gayle said...

I see biff is back.

He hasn't gotten any smarter since his last visit.

burlivespipe said...

Is this on the scale of the 'Olympics' crushing down mom and pop businesses? Not likely. Is it a case of two completely separate operations - one selling ecologically friendly coffee cups, the other an idea? Most definitely.
Not quite on the same scale as using an artist's music as background for a negative ad without the artist's approval.
But never the less, this is something the party could do without.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I've posted a piece on what I think is an ideal solution to this thorny problem.

I suggest the LPC purchase all its summer BBQ supplies from They sell the very products the LPC needs when it’s out there promoting its plan this summer: non-toxic, biodegradable, cups, plates, bowls and cutlery.

I suspect a purchase like that would be the biggest sale the company ever made and it will spin off and generate more sales.

This is win-win-win: a win for the company, the LPC and the environment.

FWIW, I am involved with my local community hall. I will be advocating that we get quotes on eco-friendly products from this company, now that I am aware of its existence. We’d looked into it before and were unable to find a Canadian source for cornstarch-based cups, plates and utensils. We’ll also be looking at their cleaning products.


Steve V said...

Good idea JB.

The anon's howl, to bad nobody seems to listen.

Anonymous said...