Thursday, June 26, 2008

End Of Parliament Awards

Susan Delacourt previews the "At Issue" end of session roundtable. Beyond the obvious answers, here are my candidates:


Watching Pierre Poilievre sheepishly apologize for his aborginal slurs, his usual smirk no where to be seen. How can that be the best moment? Simple. To my mind, Pierre represents all that is unseemly about our political environment. A cheap shot artist, a gross manipulator and downright disingenious advocate. Pierre was on the rise, further validating his gutter style, another bad omen moving forward. Having the poodle neutered, banished to the sidelines, is a net positive for the tone of any debate. Any roundtable, or MP slot, without Pierre is a bonus, the last thing Canadian needs is people like Poilievre front and center.


Harper suing the Liberal Party of Canada. Harper's bully tactics, his "libel chill" represents a naked attempt to stifle discussion. How any party with as vile a website as the Conservatives can have the audacity to cry foul escapes me, but hypocrisy seems a core tenet with this bunch. The real kicker, Harper never did explain what was on that tape, preferring as James Travers said "to hide behind the skirt of the legal system".


Peter Van Loan. Is Peter so charismatic, such a tremendous orator and generally compelling figure, that he deserves such disporportionate stature in this government? More a testament to a thin bench, Van Loan has hardly shone in his role as chief apologist, his limp, repetitive answers haven't exactly benefited the Conservative cause. Only within this ordinary bunch, could such an average MP rise to be essentially Deputy PM.


Dominic LeBlanc. Not sure if Dominic is underrated or not, but he was quite effective this session, on various tasks. Dominic comes across as thoughtful, intelligent and calm, a growing asset for the Liberals. Someone to watch in the future, could one day become a key minister.



Steve V said...

Mr. Baird received a "most overrated" vote for the second year in a row, an impressive feat. Bravo John!

Harper received two, and it was interesting to hear talk of the "chess vs checkers" mirage around Harper, a point which many of us have touched on.

Tomm said...

Best Moment:

The Residential School apology

Worst Moment:

The LPC's attempt to paint everything with feigned outrage and phony scandal from linking Harper to Muldoon, to Cadmangate, Naftagate, and Cleavagegate. It was shameful and not worthy of a government-in-waiting.

Most Over-Rated:

Jack Layton.

Most Under-Rated:

Stephane Dion.

I would also like to add that the juvenile behavior of the CPC and LPC Parties was truly embarrassing and the PM and the Speaker and the Leader of the Opposition should all get together and end this stain on our nation.

James Curran said...

Best Moment - THE Apology

Worst Moment - Hiding an Immigration Bill in a Budget Bill

Most Overrated - Stephen Harper

Most Underrated - Navdeep Bains/Joe Comartin

Most In-depth blog coverage by a Journalist - Kady O'Malley

Best Move by a Journalist - David Akin

Most Biased Journalist - Mike Duffy

Best Star Columnist - Susan Delacourt

Bonehead of the Year Award - Ian Brodie/Naftagate

Bold Political Move of the Year - Stephane Dion/Green Shift

Worst Political Move of the Year - Pierre Poilievre/The non-apology

Overrated Story of the Year - Couillard/Bernier

Underreported Story of the Year - Darfur - the fogotten mission

burlivespipe said...

BEST MOMENT (non partisan) - the Residential School apology.
BEST MOMENT (partisan) - Harper's sheepish, almost tearful announcement of Maxime Bernier's resignation, hours after he basically told questions to 'snog off'.
MOST OVERRATED (gov't) - Jim Flaherty, man in charge of our economy continues to show that he is poor at math.
MOST OVERRATED (opposition) - TIE - Garth Turner/Jack Layton: both just too in love with the camera/mic.
WORST CAMPAIGN IDEA - Splotchy, official gov't spokesstain for 'carbon is good!' campaign and known relative of Big Oil.
MOST UNDERRATED (gov't) - Lawrence Cannon; demonstrated decent political skills without the hackery or venom that seems to be required of Harper's minions.
MOST UNDERRATED (opposition) - TIE: Omar Alghabra / Nathan Culley: in a fractured house where true leadership was waining, both worked hard on key cases.
BEST POLITICAL MOVE - Stephane Dion on announcing his Green Shift platform.
WORST POLITICAL MOVE - The CON backroom boys decision to hold 'secret' meetings with certain members of the media regarding Elections Canada's enacting a search warrant; running down the stairs before the cameras likely was 'Worst Planned Escape Route.'

Mike said...

Funny thing about old Pierre....we got a mailer from him perhaps one every 2 to 3 months. Since his sheepish apology, and Randall Denelly's beat down on him, we have got one every week, 3 weeks running now. He is hitting all the usually Con "what to talk about to distract voters from what's happening" - crime, children and accountability.

The guy is shitting a brick.

And I am loving it.

So apart from that, I have no other highlights or lowlights.

Anonymous said...

How about the young MP's - just look at the difference between Poilievre and James Moore - not that far apart in age.

Most immature young MP - Pierre Poilievre

Most mature "young" MP - James Moore or Michael Chong

....look at these guys and Poilievre looks like a junior high school kid.

...I can't thing of any other young MP's at the moment.

900 ft Jesus said...

BEST MOMENT (non partisan) - have to agree with Steve on this - Poilievre's I-just-got-spanked-by-Daddy apology. Same reasons as given.

BEST PERSONAL MOMENT FOR ME - Seeing First Nations walk into the House on the day of the apology. Powerful moment for me, hadn't expected it. The apology as well. Doesn't matter if Harper wasn't sincere, the apology from the Gov. of Canada is what matters and may be the kick start for First Nations to move toward gaining what should be theirs.

BEST MOMENT (partisan) - Flaherty saying the last place to invvest is in Ontario

MOST OVERRATED (gov't) - Harper, of course. I don't buy into the "he's so smart, a brilliant strategist" bit. You need to understand your tools, the environment, and your opponents for that. Lacking normal human feelings, he understands none of those. A control freak who can't keep control.

2nd place - Jim Prentice - has managed to keep out of trouble, but I don't see what he has done that warrants the recent raves about him. If placed in DFAIT or DND, would he hold up as well? I doubt it. No one in Stevie's cabinet really gets to do much that hasn't been dictated to them. Success in that cabinet is being able to successfully sell Harper's ideas while deflecting questions without saying something too stupid.

MOST OVERRATED (opposition) - Sorry, NDP pals, I have to say Layton on this one. Not a strong leader, not a strong opposition leader. Used the Libs far too often as an excuse for sucking up to Harper, allowing some good legislation to die, then blaming the Libs for not tossing CPC out, as though they themselves hadn't supported the CONs when politically convenient. There are far better members in that party who would bring back some of the integrity Layton traded off. I think Payl dewar is very promissing.

WORST CAMPAIGN IDEA - That idiotic grease spot ad with the underlying mess about paying gas stations to run the ad. 2nd place - Layton backing Harper's talking grease spot. I think this will harm the NDP, and Layton in particular.

MOST UNDERRATED (gov't) - Tough one since CONs aren't encouraged to show what they can do personally unless it is how well they follow orders, so I'd say Michael Chong. Smart, speaks well, doesn't snap at ankles, and shows some independent thought.

MOST UNDERRATED (opposition) - Dion. Though his green shift isn't tough enough, it's gutsy and shows commitment. Dion understands a changing world and looks ahead in order to plan for what's coming. He may be too far ahead for many Canadians though, as they are still trying to come to terms with present realities of our world. Dion is also calm, steady, patient. Compromise is necessary in politics, although it is far too often presented as a weakness. In a global community, level-headed compromise is necessary. Dion knows this.

BEST POLITICAL MOVE - Stephane Dion announcing his Green Shift platform. Good plan for what can be done without striking too much fear into most Canadians and shows Dion isn't the chicken-shit Stevie tries to portray him as. Close follow-up on that is Dion's challenge to Harper to openly debate the plan.

WORST POLITICAL MOVE - Siding with the US on climate change. Climate change is always there, in our faces, won't go away, and will hit us all. Siding with the US shows: weakness of our government as it kisses US butt; placing greedy corporations ahead of health and environment; short sightedness and disregard for future generations; dinosaur attitudes and beliefs; disregard for, and lack of understanding of Canada as a responsible, global "citizen." Climate change will stay at the front since it affects nearly everything - human rights, poverty, war, terrorism, economies, health, security, international relations and rsponsibilities, even religion (birth control, for example)

This was fun, Steve V. thanks!

Tomm said...


Good idea. Thoughtul Comments.